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Saturday, 3 June 2017

10 Free Dofollow Backlinks for Your Blog-starter Links

Posted by Samba Siva
Do you want some free dofollow backlinks for your blog ?

Tired with blog commenting, Guest posting and other techniques like Broken link building ?

If yes, you are one of the luckiest persons in the earth. Because, Today I am going to help you in getting free dofollow links for your blog's which helps you to improve your website rankings on Google for free.

Huh, Tired with these introductions, But there are some formalities right. If I won't write introductions, It is really hard for me to reach the first page of Google.

So, Starting with the introduction, Don't get bored.

Building links is an essential task for every Blogger, as Backlinks judges your ranking which indirectly judges the exposure and traffic of your blog.

But, Building links is not as easy as taking care of On-Page seo aspects. Link building is a part of Off-page seo which has nothing to do with your admin panel of your blog.

So, It is really hard ( But essential for every blogger ). In this blog post or article ( Which thing sounds you great ), I'm going to give you free starter links

What is a backlink ?

A backlink is a hyperlink ( Clickable link ) which connects two websites.

For example, Blog-A needs a high quality resource or article for giving more information to his readers.

Blog-B written an amazing article on the same topic which Blog-A needs.

So Blog-A links to the article of blog-B, thus a backlink generated for the Blog-B.

In this process, Blog-A losses some authority, If they links to a low quality blog. That's why, they will add a nofollow tag to the link.

What is a Nofollow and Dofollow link ?

Nofollow links:

Nofollow is a HTML tag which tells search engines not to pass link juice ( authority ) to the linked site. This would be very helpful, If you are linking to a low quality resource.

If the webmaster won't add nofollow tag when he links to a low quality resource, He will lose some authority in the eyes of search engines.

Example of Nofollow:

<a href='' rel='nofollow'> Anchor text or link text </a>

Dofollow links:

If you won't add a nofollow tag, it would automatically be considered as a dofollow link.

A dofollow link passes link juice ( Authority ) to the linked site.

An example of Dofollow link:

<a href=''>Anchor text or link text </a>

OK, we have seen about dofollow and nofollow links. It is the time to know some more tricks to get high quality free dofollow back links.

High quality free Dofollow backlinks

1. Backlink from Forums

Forums are the best way to build links and driving traffic to your blog.

Some forums accepts signatures which can help you in getting dofollow links with your targeted anchor text.

Signatures are the best way to rank micro niche and event blogging sites as your desired keyword would be the anchor text.

Here are some forums which can help you in getting dofollow links

1. Warrior forum

2. Site owners forum

3. Submit express forums

2. Links from comments

Blog commenting is one of the best way to get free dofollow backlinks. But, All the blogs wouldn't give dofollow links. So we will have to find them.

This list of High PR dofollow commentluv enabled blogs can help you

And here is a technique to find dofollow blogs and Forums for free

3. Link from

Copyrighted is a free alternative to DMCA which can help you to protect your content, Images and other files.

But, we can get a link from Copyrighted in 5 minutes. Guess what, A PR 5 link in 5 minutes

To get links from copyrighted:

1. Go to and sign up

2. Click on protect content

3. In the URL box, add your blog link and click next

4. Now, Copyrighted asks you to store backups or not. Select no and click next

5. It will give you a HTML code, add it to your footer

6. Hurrah, you got one of the free dofollow backlinks from Copyrighted.

4. Link from Imfaceplate

Imfaceplate is a web 2.0 site which we can use to make links and some branding.

All you need to do is, sign up and start writing an article which has at least 350 words. Then link to your main blog.

Hurrah you have got a link back for your site.

5. Link from Infobarrel

Infobarrel is a revenue sharing site which helps you getting an Adsense account easily.

But, Infobarrel is a powerful high authority site which we can use for getting links.

All you need to do is sign up for Infobarrel and write a high quality article which contains link to your main blog.

Hurrah, you have got one of the powerful free dofollow back links for your blog.

But, Infobarrel is very strict when it comes to giving links. If they found you are doing spam, You are done. Your links and your content would be removed.

6. Link from Blogadda

BlogAdda is an Indian based blogging community and directory which hosts Win Awards every year for Indian bloggers.

But, we can get dofollow links from Blogadda too.

All you need to do is:

1. Sign up for Blogadda

2. Add your main website URL

3: Wait for an approval

After you will get approved by Blogadda, they will list your blog in their directory. They will provide a dofollow link for your blog.

7. Link from Codeacademy

Codeacademy is a perfect site for learning coding related skills.

But, We bloggers can take advantage of Codeacademy to get a PR 7 dofollow link.

All you need to do is Sign up for codeacademy and input your blog URL in your profile section.

8. Link from

One mission is a human edited blog directory.

You will need to be a editor of one mission, if you want some backlinks.

Don't worry, You need no qualifications for being an editor.

All you need to do is signup for onemission editor account using this URL.

Go to an appropriate category and click on add website.

Give your blog name and URL, that's it.

9. Link from Techpatio

Techpatio is a dofollow commenting blog which helps you to get links easily.

All you need to do is go to, read and article and comment with your blog URL.

No need to spam it by placing your link in comment body.

You can get free dofollow backlinks by just commenting on techpatio.

10. Link from IntenseDebate

IntenseDebate is a commenting system which powers the best commenting plugin " Commentluv ".

You can get free dofollow backlinks from IntenseDebate by just signing up and adding your blog name, URL in the profile section.

Yup, you got a backlink.

Note: All the above listed websites except Codeacademy gives dofollow links. Please stay tuned as we remove Codeacademy when we find an alternative. Bookmark this page which can help you notifying when the page is updated.

What next

After using all the above websites, you will need to make them get indexed in Google.

If you just build links and sit, your rankings won't be improved. Google can take more than 3 weeks to index your links.

Here is an article from our side for helping you to index new backlinks quickly on Google.

Wrapping Up

Hope you enjoyed this article and start building links from the sites.

According to me, links which comes easy aren't effective when compared to those which comes really hard.

But, you can get free dofollow backlinks from the above websites, but ranking is not guaranteed.

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8 Best CPM Ad Networks For Indian Traffic Blogs To Make More Money

Posted by Samba Siva
Want some Best CPM ad networks for Indian traffic blogs ?

Are you an Indian publisher like me ?

Monetizing a blog is not so difficult, But it need so much traffic and Content because CPM, CPC ad networks like Adsense won't give an approval for low traffic blogs. Even though, you will get a approval, you will not able to make more money with Indian traffic. So the topic is with Indian traffic. Indian bloggers get a very low CPM and CPC. Even though there are some ways to improve the CPC of adsense, They won't work sometimes. So bloggers must check some other and high paying ad networks. But they have to be genuine and give good support for their publishers.

 But we won't guarantee you that you will be approved for all ad networks listed here. But give them a try. Because all of these are real and high paying ad networks for publishers. So, Today we compiled a list of Best Cpm ad networks for Indian traffic blogs.

Best CPM ad networks for Indian traffic blogs


1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the undefeated streak in the category of Ad networks. Google Adsense has the best rates in the industry. But getting an adsense approval is very hard. Adsense pays good rates for Indian traffic. Because there are so many advertisers who are looking for Indian visitors. Here at Pro Blogger How, we get 90% of Indian traffic and for a single click we have made $0.3. It is very low if we compare it with US, UK clicks but it is the best CPC rate for India blogs. Here we get a average CPM of $ 1, But there are some blogs which are getting $ 10 per 1000 visitors. Anyhow Adsense will remain undefeated when it comes to CPC and CPM ads.

ALSO READ : how to get adsense approval for small blog

2. Tribal Fusion

Have you ever heard of this network. There are some bloggers who told me about this network. They said that they got an CPM of $30 which i consider the best Cpm for any blogger. But it is US traffic. For Indian blogs, they pay an average of $1-$10 which is the maximum rate.

But why they are paying that much ?

Because they reject more than 99% of blogs. To get approved, the blogs must have quality content and huge traffic. There are many stories of rejection.

But they pay very good rates for their publishers. They are also the best CPM ad network for Indian traffic

3. Infolinks

Infolinks is the best intext ad network. We written a detailed review about this network.

Read it here : Infolinks Review for bloggers .

Infolinks has the best CPM rates in intext ad networks. There are many bloggers who use infolinks to monetize their blogs. Because it pays a good CPM for any traffic. The approval is not so tough, just you need some good content and medium number of visitors. Even though there are some people who complain this network that they pay very low rates, i won't agree with it. Based on my experience, this is very good CPM ad network for Indian traffic.

4. Popads

Popads is a best pop ad network ever. I have a very good experience with them. Even though popads irritates users, you have the right to lower the amount of pop's on your pages. We written a detailed review of popads.

Read it here : review

Popads pays a rate of $1 - $5 for indian traffic which is very decent and they don't have so much restrictions like Adsense. The approval is very easy. Just add a blog with good content and you are done. They approve blogs within 48 hours of submission. Popads is a best CPM ad network for indian traffic.

5. Propeller ads

Propeller ads network has many ad formats which help you in earning more and more from your blog. Their video ads are the best and they pay very high if you get traffic from UK, US and Australia. According to propeller ads they have lowest rates for indian traffic. But it isn't low. It is very good. They have an average of $ 0.01 - $5 which i consider as very good rate in the industry. We don't written a detailed review on Propeller ads, but we will write about it in future. It is a legit and paying sincerly for its publishers.

6. Adsoptimal


Adsoptimal is one of the best Ad network and Adsense alternative. I used them in this blog and got very good results. It is one of the best CPM ad network for Indian traffic. they pay very decent rates. But they are fully mobile optimized, if your blog receives a good amount of mobile page views, Go with this network. And get a good CPM for each impression. They support their publishers by offering a signup bonus  of $10 . But the problem arises when we see the minimum payout. Because they have a long minimum payout of $50. Otherwise this network is the best.

7. RevenueHits

RevenueHits is one of the best CPM ad network for indian traffic blogs. They pay on CPA basis. To get paid, the person who clicks on your ad, needs to do a action. Actions include Signing up, Download, Watching etc. They pay $1 - $30 per action. Revenuehits is the best CPA network ever. 

8. Ad-Maven

Ad-Maven is one of the best ad network with 15 years of experience in the industry and pays higher CPM rates for their publishers. Ad-Maven is a Popunder ad network. That's why, it pays high CPM rates for any country traffic. That's why, it is considered as one of the best CPM ad network for Indian publishers. It pays an average CPM rates of $1-$7 for their publishers. The minimum payout of Ad-Maven is $50 and they pay via Paypal


These are the best CPM ad networks for Indian traffic blogs. In the above networks, i have tried Google adsense, Infolinks, Popads and Propeller ads. But i didn't personally tried Tribal Fusion, but it has very good amount of positive feedbacks in the internet. Do you know some more ad networks which pay more rates, please share with our readers.

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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Index your New Backlinks Quickly on Google for Free

Posted by Samba Siva
Wanna Index your backlinks quickly on Google for free ?

Building backlinks is really a must do task for every blogger. Well, there are many other bloggers, Who totally depend on Social media. If you are also one of those Bloggers, You won't get any success, according to me. Because, Traffic from social media is a temporary task. After sometime, when some people share other stories, Your blog post will be out.

Instead, Search engine traffic is not fully a permanent nor temporary task. You can drive stable amounts of traffic regularly to your website.

But, If you want organic traffic, You need some backlinks. But wait, Building links is not only the task. You need to make them get indexed on Google.

That's why, In this blog post, I have included some workibusiness ds to index your backlinks quickly on Google for free.

Index backlinks quickly on Google for free

Note: There are nothing called Instant indexing. If something gets indexed in seconds of building, They aren't permanent. All the techniques listed here can't do any magics. So you need some patience.

1. Submit your backlink giving URL to Google

If you want to index your backlinks faster in Google naturally, This is the best method to go on. As it is officially provided by Google, it will surely help you in indexing of your links.

To submit backlinks to Google:

1. Go to the Crawl URL link

2. Input your backlink giving URL in the box and verify the challenge

3. Click on submit URL

Then, Google will crawl the page within 24 hours. If there are no issues in indexing of the link giving URL, they will index it.

For example, if the link giving URL has a noindex tag, Googlebot will avoid it.

Must read: Index new blog post in 1 minute ( White hat )

2. Build links to the link giving URL

It is better to build link to the link giving URL, If you are in a need of getting your backlinks indexed in Google. I know, it is hard to build links to a page or a site.

But there are few ways to build links that helps you in Indexing.

1. Social bookmarking

Bookmark the page which is giving you the link back. All of the social bookmarking sites are really active and gets updated frequently. So they have higher crawl rate. So, If you bookmark the link giving URL, you can index it easily.

2. Use web 2.0 sites like Imfaceplate

Imfaceplate is a web 2.0 sites which can help you to index your backlinks quickly in Google for free.

All you need to do is Sign up for an account and start a new site/blog

It will give you a subdomain like .

Start writing an article related to the link giving URL and give a link to the link giving URL. When Google crawls your new web 2.0 site, It will also crawl your link giving URL. Thus, your limits get indexed.

But Imfaceplate has some restriction like minium words length, Unnecessary linking etc.

If you don't need any restrictions, You can create a new blogspot blog and paste all your link giving URL's in a blog post and submit your new blogspot blog to Google.

3. Blog commenting

Start commenting on some dofollow blogs with the URL of your link giving page. When Googlebot visit the page, It will also crawl your link giving URL. Thus, your link gets indexed easily.

Must read: How to find Dofollow blogs and forums for backlinks

4. Make a YouTube video 

Make a video related to your link giving URL and input your link giving URL in the description.

YouTube is a video hosting site by Google. So, Google crawls it for every 2 hours ( I think, according to my experience ). So your back links will be indexed easily.

5. Use a Forum

Choose a revelant question to your backlink URL and at the end of your answer, Link to the Link giving URL.

Well, there are many other method for building links. But, these methods works really faster.

3. Use a Backlink indexer software

Personally, I won't recommend it as it can create negative impacts on search engines.

But, there are some best software and services like Indexnuke, Backlinksindexer which can help you to index your links.

But, most of the working limited indexing software's are paid. So you should invest on them, If you have some budget. If not, Leave this one.

4. Ping the link

There are many pinging services available for free in the internet. But, only some of them are recommended.

I recommend you to try pingbomb which creates 103 backlinks and ping them too.

You should input the link giving URL and submit it. Pingbomb will start creating links and point them, So Googlebot checks it and index it.

How to check whether you backlink is indexed or not

After building links and using the techniques listed above, it is the time to check whether they worked for you or not. But, I have already told you, it would take sometime to index your backlinks in Google.

To check whether your links are indexed or not:

Go to Google

Paste your link giving URL in the search box

If the URL appears on search results, that means your links are indexed.

Note: Google won't index links or sites which uses Noindex tag. So I am not responsible, If these techniques are not worked for you. These are the techniques which worked for me. They may or may not works you

Wrapping UP

These are my techniques to index backlinks quickly in Google for free. All the techniques except indexing software's are free.

But, some of your friends or family members don't know these techniques, So share this one and help them.
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Saturday, 27 May 2017

The Keywordify Technique: Beginners Guide To Keyword Research ( EBook )

Posted by Samba Siva
Howdy my dear readers,

For subscribers and my regular readers, I don't need an introduction. But for those who are new for this blog:

Samba Siva

I am Samba Siva, the founder of this blog and a student who completed SSC. I love to write and learn about Seo, Blogging and WordPress etc.

OK, No more introductions. 

keywordify technique

Keyword research is really important for every blogger, as the game of seo starts with keywords.

But, Doing keyword research is sometimes hard. For newbies, it's damn hard. That's why, I have written an Ebook which helps you in knowing the factors of keyword research and something more about ranking for your keyword.

Note: This is my first eBook, I know there would be many mistakes. Well, everyone makes mistakes. It would be better, If you help me in figuring out the issues in that guide.

The keywordify technique for beginners

: This is only for newbies. You should know all the techniques listed in the eBook, If you are an intermediate or expert.

How to get the EBook:

1. Subscribe for my blog ( Really important, as I will get your Email ID after getting subscribed )

2. Share this article using the below sharing buttons at the end of the article, Above the author bio ( Important too )

After you subscribe and verify the E-mail, I can get your email via Feedburner, I will send you the EBook through E-Mail and give you the access to the file. So you can start download and reading it.


Pradeep Kumar from HellBoundBloggers:

Pradeep Kumar

Pradeep Sir allowed me to share this EBook in his Facebook Group which has 10,000 members and still growing. I would be really thankful to Pradeep Kumar sir for promoting this EBook. 


Wrapping Up

But, Don't stop visiting my blog regularly. Many EBooks are in the way. Some of them are ' Ranking on the first page of Google ' and ' Earning backlinks easily '. 

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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

6 Factors that Judge the Quality of a Backlink

Posted by Samba Siva
Building backlinks is really important, If you want to improve your organic traffic. Many Seo experts belives that Link Building is the main ranking factor which we need to focus on.

But, According to Google, In a Nutshell, It is better to have 5 quality backlinks than 50 low quality links.

So you will have to understand, How important it is to focus on building high quality links. 

Google gives priority to quality when compared to the quantity. That's why, sometimes, A site with 30 backlinks ranks higher than a site with 100 links. But it's really rare. 

After reading the above paragraphs, Your mind should start thinking about " What makes a backlink,high quality link ? ". That's why, In this blog post, I'm going to tell you" How to Judge the quality of a backlink without any tools 

Judge backlink quality

How to judge the quality of a backlink ( Factors )

1. Nofollow or dofollow

This one needs no introduction at all. Even the beginners know the difference between Dofollow and Nofollow links.

But as per the formality, A quick information about Nofollow and dofollow links.

Nofollow is a HTML tag which tells Google not to pass link juice for the linked site from the blog. It can be useful, if you are linking to a spammed blog.

Dofollow is a HTML tag which tells Google to pass link juice from one site to another. Dofollow links are really good for improving rankings. 

We can judge the link quality by checking whether it is a dofollow or nofollow link.

2. Location of the link

Well, there are many link building techniques ranging from Blog commenting to Infographic submission. All of the link building techniques won't gives links from one place.

For example, Blog commenting gives links from the comments ( Below posts ) and Broken link building technique gives links from the body of the article. At the same time, Links from footer of templates ( Sitewide links ) comes from the footers and sidebars.

Well, Links which are located closely to the content works better than the links far from article body. That's why, Experts never recommend sitewide links.

Very high quality backlinks:

From article body

Medium quality link locations:

From Comments

Low quality link locations

Below the widgets like subscription widgets.

3. Metrics

Well, We all start checking out the metrics of a blog before contributing an article ( Guest posting ) or Building alink back from that webpage.

There are many metrics like DA, PA, TF, CF etc.

A long ago, we have checked the pagerank of a blog for checking " How effective a backlink is ". But, Pagerank is officially dead and no longer gets updated. So, we can't judge backlink quality by checking pagrank.

Instead, start checking DA ( Domain Authority ) and PA ( Page authority ) of a website. DA and PA are metrics developed by SeoMoz.

4. Is that editorially placed ?

Many of the websites gives out dofollow links from Profiles. Those are called profile links which makes no sense at all. 

Because, they were placed by the user, not by the editor or the webmaster. 

But, How Google knows about, Who placed the link ?

Well, My answer would be don't know. Google never released any information regarding the backlink quality or the backlink crawler. So we can't explain you now.

5. Are you getting any traffic from the link ?

Natural links always drives traffic to the linked blogs. According to me, natural links refers to those links placed by the webmaster in his article as a reference.

I have already told you that links placed in the article body works better than other places. But this isn't about location of link.

You can judge your backlink quality by checking whether it drives you traffic or not.

But this is not only the factor, you will have to consider all the factors listed in this article. 

We all know, Google loves natural links and Natural links always drives traffic.

6. Does the link giving site sandboxed or penalized by Google ?

Sandboxing refers to a temporary ban from Google, which removes websites from index for sometime, If the webmaster is using black hat techniques.

If you get a backlink from a penalized or sandboxed site, you should start asking the webmaster to remove your link or disavow it. Otherwise, your website will also gets penalized.

A quality link will never comes from a sandboxed or penalized site. 

Wrapping Up

There are many other factors which needs to be get listed here. I am still researching about ' Quality backlinks '. When I find another factor, I will update this blog post, So Be sure to Bookmark this page or share it in social media.
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