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Friday, 14 April 2017

SerpStat Review- Pricing, Turorial And Serpstat Vs Semrush

Posted by Samba Siva
Want some higher rankings in Google ?

Wanna beat all your competitors in SERP ?

Need an All-in-one Seo tool ?

In this Serpstat review, you will learn many things about it and I think, you will fall in love with it.

When it comes to Seo tools, we will start thinking about one tool,it is nothing other than SemRush.

SemRush is really a good seo tool for blogger's and internet marketers. If you are new to blogging, you might haven't heard about SemRush. For you guys, Here is the SemRush review.

Day- before yesterday, i've written an article on Kwfinder tutorial. Kwfinder is one of the best Semrush alternative which costs less when compared to SemRush.

Like those, SerpStat is also a very good SemRush alternative and can be used for improving search rankings of our blog.

Not only that, SerpStat is really helpful in beating all your competitors and stole all their rankings and traffic. More traffic= more money, So it is a must to use this awesome and amazing seo tool.

In this blog post, We will write about SerpStat features , Serpstat vs SemRush , How to use it for improving SERP ?

So what are you waiting for, Let's dive into the blog post.

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Serpstat review

Serpstat is really a good tool for bloggers and internet marketers. This tool is growing rapidly in the industry and I think it may beat many other Seo tools. This is an unbiased review and I am informing you that an affiliate link is placed at the bottom of the article which gives me some commission, if you purchase Serpstat through the link. I promise you that the affiliate link won't increase any rates of the product.

Serpstat Pricing

The pricing of SerpStat starts from a small price of $19/month,Making it the cheapest Seo tool for internet marketers. But keep in mind that, it is the starting plan.

The biggest plan ( Plan E ) costs $499 per month, making it one of the costliest seo tools for business purpose.

SemRush plans starts from $49/month and the largest plan of SemRush costs $69/month, Making the large plan more cheaper than SerpStat.

But the starting plan costs less in Serpstat and high in SemRush. So when it comes to Pricing in Serpstat vs SemRush, SerpStat is awesome and clear winner.

Tools and features

Here are the important features of Serpstat. I know that I missed some features, but keep in mind that these are the important tools of this tool.

Domain analysis :

Input the URL of a blog and give Serpstat some time to analyse it.

Serpstat gives you so much information on the domain includes :

Top organic keywords :

How was the blog getting organic traffic ( Traffic from search engines ) . It will show you the keywords, How much volume does the keyword have, How much CPC does the keyword have and How much position does the blog got for the keyword. In the above example, you can see, I analyzed and provided the list of below keywords :

top performing keywords

You can see in the above image not only Keywords are provided, other information is also provided like :

Position :

Where does the blog ranks for the given keyword, In the above case, you can see ShoutMeLoud ranks on the 1st position for all the keywords.

Volume :

An approximate value about How many monthly searches were made on the keyword. If you got the 1st position for a keyword with volume 1000, you will get 1000 visitors approximately with the help of the post.


CPC of top keywords

How much Cost per click does the keyword have ?

Backlinks :

Serpstat review- check backlinks

Serpstat analyzes all the backlinks for the domain and present only 5 of them for you.

Backlinks plays a viral role in ranking if a blog post. The more links you have, the more easier to rank.

Building backlinks is hard for beginners. A best way to build links is spying. You can spy on your competitor links and try to earn them like he did.

In the domain analysis, Serpstat provides the list of backlinks for the domain. It will show you some extra information like Nofollow/Dofollow, Serp Trust rank ( Own metric of SerpStat, Interesting right ) etc.

Lost backlinks :

Lost backlinks

Earning backlinks is tough,but losing them is easy. But loss of backlinks results in Loss of Search rankings and that results in loss of traffic and that results in loss of traffic.

In the domain analysis, it will show information regarding how many backlinks does a domain lost ?

You can recover them by contacting the admin and get your rankings back. In this Serpstat review, This is an important and interesting tool which provides good information to the blogger.

Also keep in mind that, Semrush never checks for lost backlinks. So in the battle of Serpstat vs Semrush, serpstat is the winner in checking backlinks.

Backlink Checker

In the domain analysis, we have seen that the result contains information about backlinks. But it will only show 5 Links.

But what about the remaining links ?

Does a blog only have 5 links ?

Not at all, When you click on show full backlinks in domain analysis, you will be redirected to this tool.

This is the backlink checker tool of Serpstat and it really provides quick and accurate list of the backlinks for a domain.

It will also show some metrics like Serpstat trust rank to decide the quality and health of a backlink.

At the same time, when you click on Show full backlinks on lost backlinks section of Domain analysis, you will be redirected to this tool which contains the list of lost backlinks too. The lost backlink checker is one of the main tools in Serpstat review.

Keyword research tool

No need of any introduction for bloggers with some experience and for new bloggers, here is a small definition :

Keyword research is nothing other than finding and selecting keywords which helps is to rank higher in search engines. Selecting a wrong keyword may won't give you any higher rankings.

So selection of right keyword is a must, you can read this guide on Proper keyword research and learn more about it.

Serpstat comes with a handy keyword research tool and it is also very accurate.

I searched for the keyword " Seo " and here are the results :

You can see that, this tool gave us the volume, Competition and CPC of the keyword.

And a list of some more keywords which is related to our keyword.

Keyword rank checker

Have you Written a fantastic and seo optimized article ?

Waiting for your post to be indexed in Google ?

Yes, finally, your blog post was indexed. But, How much position you got for the keyword ?

Are you typing different, search queries and surfing many pages in SERP and wasting so much time and sweat ?

The quick solution for your problem is keyword rank checker tool by Serpstat.

Input your keyword, Input your domain URL, Select search engine and click on track.

It will does the work for you and instantly checks the first 100 results in Google and checks whether your blog post is ranked or not.

If ranked, it will show, how much position you have got in SERP, making it easier to keep a teach of your keywords.

In this Serpstat review, This is the time saving and accurate data providing tool.

Site Audit

Is your blog optimized for search engines ?

If no, this tool is for you. In this Serpstat review, this is the most important tool which you must use.

Because this tool checks each and every aspect of your blog and gives you result about " Which aspect is killing your blog ? " and after knowing about the aspect, search about how to recover from it and you can easily optimize your blog for search engines.

Optimizing a blog is not only the thing for achieving a good SERP.

Removal of bad aspects is also a key to rank higher in search engines.

How to use Serpstat for improving SERP'S

Using keyword research tool :

On page Seo starts with keywords,

So keyword research is very important for every blogger.

According to me, Serpstat provides one pf the best keyword research tools and the tool is so accurate.

For improving SERP, you should check out low competition keywords which you can easily find through the keyword research tool of Serpstat.

The keyword research tool provides us so much accurate information about the competition of a keyword. I would suggest you to check out keywords which have competition less than 30 ( Easier to rank ).

Using competitor analysis :

How the hell was your competitor able to rank higher than you ?

To beat and stole his traffic, Analyse his domain using the domain analysis tool and know " Which keywords does your competitor use ? ".

Stole his keywords and stole his traffic.

For example, your competitor is using a keyword " Best and free keyword research tools ", Now write about the same thing ( Topic ) and try to rank higher ( Use many on-page seo tricks and build some links to the blog post ).

Then you will get all the traffic of your competitors.

At the same time, Analyse your competitors backlinks and try to build backlinks in the same way for your blog and this improves SERP.

So, in this Serpstat review, this is the tutorial to use Serpstat effectively. Simple but powerful tricks.

Serpstat vs Semrush

Actually SemRush and Serpstat offers the same tools. But, SemRush has a large database of Domains and keywords where as Serpstat has small database of domains and keywords ( Hey, this is a new tool ) .

But, Serpstat is more accurate in finding competition of keywords.

At the same time, Serpstat is more cheaper than SemrRush.

That's why, Serpstat is the clear winner ( Only for small and medium bloggers ) and for professionals, SemRush is the winner.

Buy Serpstat Now


Wrapping Up

This is a clear and unbiased Serpstat review for bloggers. I recommend you to buy this tool right now or you will miss so much traffic for your blog. In future, I may write " How Serpstat increased my blog's traffic " and till then, wait for the article and subscribe for us.

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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Small Seo Tools- A Free Seo tool for Bloggers

Posted by Samba Siva
For every Blogger and intenet marketer, A good Seo tool is a must. Blogger's can't survive without taking the help of Seo tools. But many of the Seo tools are paid. Even though there are some free tools, they won't work good. And some offer a free tool with limits and cap's per IP address. But, today I am going to tell you about a tool which is really free and doesn't have any limits. That is none other than Small Seo Tools. 

What is Small Seo tools ?

Small Seo tools is an Seo tool which provides more than 50 handy seo tools which includes many tools like Backlink check, Keyword competition, Plagiarism checker and many other Seo tools. In this blog post, I am going to review each and every tool of Small Seo Tools. 

So no more delay at all, let's check out the article. 

Small Seo tools - Tools review

Plagiarism Checker


small seo tools

All the articles you writing, Plagiarism free ?

Plagiarism refers to " Copying ". For example, You are writing about, Best Adsense alternatives. And a paragraph in your article is matching with another one's article. Then it is said to be Plagiarism. Plagiarism really affects our search rankings. 

With the handy plagiarism tool of Small Seo tools, you can simply, paste your contents or upload it in the form of Doc. They will analyze the content and will give you the results about each and every paragraph whether it is Copied or not.

Article Rewriter

small seo tools

Hey, do you have a unique article writing style ?

Do you know, How to write articles in a unique style ?

Actually Native Americans can easily write unique articles without any grammar mistakes.

But what, if you are an Indian like me ?

We cannot write articles in a unique way. For blogger's like me, There is a tool which makes low quality articles, very unique. 

The Article Rewriter tool of Small Seo tools will help you.

All you need to do is, Upload the article in a doc or Paste it's contents. Article Rewriter tool quickly replace your words with synonyms and make it unique 

Note : Sometimes, Synonyms may affect grammar. So after you use rewriter tool, you should read your content once or twice and remove any mistakes.

Keyword Position

After you Publish unique and Seo optimized article to get on the first page of Google, it is the time to check rankings.

But, Checking your ranking's manually is really a hard and time taking task. 

In this case, Keyword position tool Helps you.

All you need to do is, Type the keyword and type your blog's URL. If any result appears with your blog's URL, it will show you the position of your rankings for the keyword.

Grammar Checker

Simple, This tool will check the grammar of your article's. I recommend you to use this tool before you publish an article. This tool will show you any grammar mistakes and help's you in correcting the grammar mistakes.

Backlink Checker

After you read our famous guides to Build high quality backlinks, it is the time to check out all the backlinks.

Small Seo tools will show you the top 50 backlinks for your blog and helps you in checking which backlinks are the most powerful one's.

All you need to do is, Type your Blog's URL and click on check backlinks. Wait for sometime and it will show you the results.

Website SEO Score Checker

Is your blog is Seo optimized ?

Have you added Meta tags to your blog's ?

Have you missed any important SEO aspect ?

This tool of Small Seo tools helps you in checking out whether your blog is optimized for search engines or not.

After you type the URL of your blog, you'll need to wait for sometime, Because it will check out your whole website for some SEO aspects.

Some more Seo tools

Google Pagerank Checker

No need of telling anything about this tool. Page Rank is officially dead no more a ranking factor.

Online Ping Website Tool 

This tool informs major search engines that you have updated your blog and ask them to reindex your blog.

Note : Too many ping's may result in permanent ban from search engines.

Backlink Maker

Are you tired of building backlinks ?

This tool from Small Seo tools will surely help you in making high quality links for your blog.

According to me, this is the only quality backlink generator available in the web. 

Paste your URL in the box and click on make backlinks.

This tool will submit your blog to many websites ( High PR ) and ping them and then search engines index your backlinks and gives you higher ranking's.

However, Generating links may shows quick results, but may lead to ban from search engines.

Word Count Checker

Long and in-depth articles gives you higher ranking's and it is already proved by Neil Patel and Anil Agarwal from Bloggers Passion. Because they write in-depth articles and rank on the first page of Google.

This tool from Small Seo Tools, Analyze your content and tell you " How many words are present in your article ? ".

I recommend you to write article with at least 500 words. Articles with low number of words may result in low ranking's.

Spell Checker

This tool from Small Seo Tools, Analyzes all the spelling in your articles and make them so much attractive and error free.

I recommend you to surely try this tool to write good, Unique, Error-free articles which attract readers.

Domain Age Checker

How old is your domain ?

Domain Age is really a ranking factor. Actually, this tool won't help us as we know, When our blog started. 

Instead, this tool is helpful in analyzing others blogs.

Website Page Speed Checker

Speed is also an important ranking factor which gives your visitor a good impression.

After adding a widget or plugin or any other element, it is a must to check the changes in speed.

This tool from Small Seo tools is really helpful in checking your blog's load time.

Website Page Size Checker

How big is your blog in size ?

More size means more loading time which indirectly affects search engine rankings.

So keep in mind to reduce size of your blog.

You can use this tool to track your blog's page size.

Website Broken Link Checker

404 links are really a big problem for many bloggers.

Broken links affect SERP and user experience. They irritate your blog's visitors and they may never visit your blog again.

Meta Tags Analyzer

How good are your blog's meta tags ?

This tool from Small Seo tools will analyze your blog's meta tags and help you in optimizing your blog even better optimized for search engines.

Alexa Rank Comparison

This tool will check your blog"s alexa and compares it with your competitor's blog alexa rank.

This tool helps you in checking how much traffic is getting your blog when compared to our competitor blog.

Keywords Density Checker

Keyword density is also a major seo aspect in on-page Seo.

Wrong and high keyword density may result in ban from search engines.

Paste your contents in the box and click on analyze.

This tool from Seo tools gives you information on keyword density.

I recommend you to keep keyword density always below than 2.5%

XML Sitemap Generator

Generates a XML sitemap which helps us in proper indexing and ranking of our blog.

Domain Authority Checker

Check the DA ( Domain authority ) of your blog. DA is a metric launched MOZ and it will gives us an idea on how well does the blog ranks.

Whois Checker

Gives you the details of the domain buyer. But keep in mind that the buyer may enabled Privacy protection which hides original details.

Page Authority Checker

This tool from Small Seo tools check the PA ( Page authority ) of your blog. PA is also a metric launched by MOZ.

Google Index Checker

This tool helps you in verifying whether your domain is indexed in Google or not. If Indexed, how many pages were indexed from your blog.

Redirect Checker 

Checks for 301, 302 redirects which pass link juice from one domain to another.

Keywords Suggestions Tool

Suggests high paying and high volume keywords for your blog.

Url Rewriting Tool

Permalink optimization is indeed a must in On-page seo.

With this tool, you can optimize your permalinks.

This tool from Small Seo Tools, removes any stop words present in your URL making it Seo optimized

keywords Rich Domains Suggestions Tool

Planning to start a Niche blog ?

A good domain which contains your keyword and high CPC is a must.

This tool from Small Seo Tools will help you in getting suggestions on Keyword rich domains resulting in higher CPC'S.

Google Malware Checker

Does your website contain virus or malware ?

This tool will analyze your domain and gives you result whether your blog has virus or not.

This is based on Google malware scanner. If this tool showed you, your website is clean, it is really clean.

Password Strength Checker

Why don't you think, How powerful and strong is my password.

In these days, A strong password is a must to prevent hacks.

This tool helps you in checking whether a password is weak or strong.

What is my IP

If you wanna know your IP address, this tool might help you. 

Note : I have removed many tools from the list. There are many other tools in Small Seo tools.

Wrapping Up

Small Seo tools is really a heaven for small bloggers who cannot invest in seo tools. We use Small Seo tools for many purposes and recommend you to use it.
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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

KWfinder Review And Tutorial - How To Use It For Keyword Research

Posted by Samba Siva
Want a best keyword research tool ?

Tired with Semrush and Google keyword planner ?

Wanna try something new ?

If yes, You are the guy today. Because, we are going to write about Kwfinder Review which is one of the best SemRush alternatives available in the market.

Keyword Research is very important and crucial step in Blogging. Each and every time, you write a blog post, You must do keyword research and then start writing the article using the selected keyword.

Many Blogger's don't know, How to use a keyword research tool to find high paying and long tail keywords. Long Tail keywords are really helpful for bloggers who are new to the blog-o-sphere. If you are a new blogger, I recommend you to check out this article on " How to drive traffic to a newly started blog " which helps you in getting some more visits to your blog.

For driving traffic, we can use Long Tail keywords to rank on the first page of Google. In this blog post, we will give you some information about, Kwfinder review and how to find long tail keywords using Kwfinder.

What is Kwfinder ?

Kwfinder is a keyword research tool and one of the best SemRush and Long Tail pro alternatives. It costs very less when compared to SemRush, Making it the keyword research tool for Medium Bloggers and Internet marketers.

Kwfinder review

Note : This is really an unbiased review of kwfinder and if you like it, you can directly buy it through the link which is located at the end of the article. 

Keep in Mind that the link is an affiliate link which means I will get a small commission, if you buy through the link. But I will give you gurantee that the rates won't increase, if you purchase kwfinder through the link.


Here are the prices of kwfinder :

Mangools Premium :

Premium : $24.92 / month

$299 billed upon purchase

500 KW lookups per 24 hours

500 SERP lookups per 24 hours *

700 Related keywords per search

KWFinder Basic :

mangools Basic $12.42 / month

$149 billed upon purchase

100 KW lookups per 24 hours

100 SERP lookups per 24 hours *

200 Related keywords per search

KWFinder Free :

Mangools Free $0 / month : 

3KW lookups per 24hours

3 SERP lookups per 24 hours *

25 Related keywords per search

The pricing of Kwfinder is really attractive for everyone. As a small blogger, I recommend you to check out their free version first and then try Basic version. 

Actually, Premium is not really useful for small bloggers. Premium is only good for Large companies like Google, Alexa and Amazon etc. Basic is good for Bloggers and internet marketers.

A look at the dashboard

When, you enter the website of Kwfinder, you will find many things. I think, it is the only keyword research tool which offer many ways to find keywords.

Here is the UI of Kwfinder :

Suggestions : Based on the keyword suggestions of Google search engine, it will show up some keyword suggestions.

Auto Complete : This is also based on Google search engine. When you enter a keyword, Kwfinder will automatically complete it making it easier for us to find long tail keywords.

Questions : When you enter a keyword, it will show question based keywords. For example, if you write Seo, it may show a question like " What is Seo ? ". This is good for generating keyword ideas.

Anywhere : The location of the keyword which you enter. For example, if you are targeting UK traffic, you can select it and find keywords which has high volume from UK.

Any Language : There is no need of discussing about this thing. Actually, Many blogs use English. 

This is the Kwfinder review about their UI and usability. According to me, Small bloggers and dummies can use this tool easily because of it's nice and awesome design.

What does Kwfinder Offer additionally ?

Kwfinder is a tool which is powered by Mangools. Mangools offers Kwfinder, Serp Check and Serp Watch tools.

The good news is, you don't need to buy the three separately. If you buy the basic or Premium version of Kwfinder, you will get the power to access these tools which are really helpful in Seo.

SERP Checker : This is the keyword rank checker powered by Mangools. You can check ranking of your keywords using this tool. This is better than checking ranking of keywords manually.

This is the Kwfinder review about their additional and extra products which are provided along with Kwfinder.

How to use KwFinder for effective keyword research

Just go to Kwfinder

Type your search query. For example, I want to write about Wordpress Seo. So I typed Wordpress seo and click on Go.

Here are the results : 

Volume : Here is the good news for the customers of Kwfinder. Now, Kwfinder is rapidly promoting that " Volume ranges are useless ". They provide Exact search volumes for some keywords. Volume is nothing other than the information on " How many users search for this keyword monthly ? ". The more volume, the keyword has, the more good it is.

CPC : The CPC of the keyword which means " How much you will get paid per click, if you use the keyword ? ". The more CPC, the keyword has, the more good it is.

Difficulty : Can you rank for this keyword ?

Keyword difficluty will give you correct information on that question.

0 – 9: Use it ( Even your blog is 1 day old )

10 – 19: Very easy

20 – 29: Easy

30 – 39: May won't rank

40 – 54: Might be possible

55 – 74: Hard

75 – 89: Very Hard

90 – 100: Stay away from these keywords.

We can select keyword based on Possibility. The less possibility ot has, the good it is.

Related searches : Keywords related to your query.

This is a part of KWfinder review about " How to use it effectively ? ".

What are you waiting for ?

Buy Kwfinder using the below link and get some discount : 

Purchase KWfinder now And get some discount

Wrapping Up


This is the Kwfinder review and i recommend you to start using it right away. If you have some budget, Buy the Basic or Premium version an get the maximum benfit from Kwfinder.

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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Proper Settings For All In One Seo Plugin For Beginners ( Updated )

Posted by Samba Siva
Are you a new blogger ?

Don't know, How to setup a Seo plugin in your wordpress blog ?

In this blog post, we will teach you, Proper settings for All in One seo plugin for beginners

We have already learned about Must have plugins for wordpress blogs and understood that Seo plugins are very important for wordpress blogs. Bloggers can't live without A seo plugin which helps them to rank higher in Google. With the help of Seo plugins, you can save so much time. Because, analyzing content manually is really a time taking task for bloggers. Seo plugins automate these process and helps you in saving time and ranking on the first page of Google.

We can find 100's of Seo plugins in Wordpress plugin store. But, only two of them are popular and widely used by Beginner, Intermediate and Expert bloggers too. One of the plugins is Yoast Seo and the second one is All in one Seo plugin.

Choosing the right plugin is very difficult, As they both offer awesome features. I recommend you to check out All in one Seo ( If you are a beginner ) and Yoast seo ( If you are an expert ).

Setting up Seo plugins is noy so easy nor so hard. It would take some time to setup seo plugins Properly, especially for beginners. In this tutorial, I am going tell you about the Proper settings for All in One seo plugin for beginners

Proper settings for All in One seo plugin for beginners

This is a tutorial written for beginners. I already told you to use Yoast seo, if you are an expert.

Installing the Plugin

Login to your admin panel and go to Plugins > Add new

Search for All in one Seo

Click on Install

Go to Dashboard > Plugins

Activate All in one Seo plugin

Now, you've installed All in one Seo plugin in your blog. Now, you will learn about proper settings for All in one seo plugin.

Must Read : How to install a wordpress plugin- 3 ways

General Settings

Check out, Canonical Url's ( It is already checked by default )

Check out, No Pagination for Canonical URLs ( It isn't checked by default, you'll need to check it )

Don't Check, Custom Canonical URL's

Disable, Use original titles setting

Check, Use Markup

Your General Settings tab, Should look like this :

If your general settings tab is different, you have missed something, Check it now.

Homepage Settings

This contains settings like Blog titles and Meta descriptions. It is very easy to configure these settings.

Home Title : Write your blog name in the box along with your tagline or keyword. ( ex : BloggerWpHacks - Learn Wordpress ). Keep in mind that, your Blog title shouldn't exceed the limit of 57 characters.

Home description : Write something about your blog in 160 characters. ( ex : Blogger Wp Hacks is a blog that gives you tutorials about Wordpress and Blogger platforms ).

Title Settings

These are the settings for your Post, Page and category title formats. This is also very easy to setup.

Enable, Rewrite Titles

Check, Capitalize titles

Check, capitalize category titles

Change Post title format from %post_title% | %blog_title% to %post_title%

After setting up all the settings correctly. Your title settings should look like :

If your Title settings tab is looking different, you have made a mistake, now check out all the options again

Custom Post type Settings

Seo for custom post types : Enabled

Seo on only these posts : Check out Posts, Pages and Media.

Enable Advanced Options : Enable

Custom titles : Check it

Media Title format : %post_title%

After setting up, your Custom Post type settings should look like :

If there is something different with your settings, Check them again.

Webmaster verification

With this, you can easily verify Google webmaster tools ( Google search console ) and Bing webmaster tools.

Can't get me ?

To verify your blog with Google webmaster tools, you must add a verification meta tag and this can be easily done by pasting the meta tag into Webmaster verification box.

Noindex Settings

Noindex settings are a must for every blog. But, You must be careful while using Noindex settings, as incorrect configuration may result in Prevention of search engines of indexing of your blog. Here are the noindex settings :

Use Noindex for categories : Check it

Use Noindex for date archives : Check it

Use Noindex for Author archives : Check it

Use Noindex for tag archives : Check it

Use Noindex for the search page : Check it

Use Noindex for the 404 page : Check it

Use Noindex for paginated Pages/ Posts : Check It

Leave all the other options/settings. Don't touch them, They may result in Prevention of Indexing from search engines.

Your Noindex settings should look like :

In Advanced settings, Uncheck Auto Generate Descriptions.

Keyword settings

These are the meta keywords for your blog. According to Google, Meta keywords are not used as a ranking factor. But Yahoo and Bing still use Meta keywords. That's why, we need to enable them.

Meta keywords : Enabled

Leave all the other settings like that.

Now these are the proper settings for All in one Seo plugin for Beginners. Now, let's make some small tweaks to optimize your wordpress blog.

Feature Manager settings

These are the settings to enable/disable some features of All in One Seo Plugin .

Sitemaps :

Go to All in one Seo > feature manager

Click on Activate on Sitemap generator.

This feature will automatically generates sitemap for your blog which helps in proper indexing of your blog.

The proper settings for All in one seo plugin for beginners is completed and your wordpress blog is now optimized for Search engines.

To make your blog posts optimized, You need to add Meta titles and descriptions.

Go and click on edit a blog post

On scrolling, you will find All in one seo tab.

Just type the title of your blog post in the meta title box.

Now, write a meta description for your blog post and never forget to include your keyword in the description.

You can see the preview of your blog post in Google
You have optimized both Blog and blog posts for search engines.


These are the proper settings for All in One Seo plugin for beginners. If you are confused with this guide, you can contact me to help.

I will setup All in one seo plugin in your blog. But, this service isn't free. You need to pay me a small $10 for setup and i will make your blog optimized for search engines.

Share this blog post with your friends and let them know " proper settings for All in One seo plugin for beginers " .

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Monday, 10 April 2017

4 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Newly Started Blog

Posted by Samba Siva
Are you a new blogger, Who doesn't have any regular readers ?

Struggling to drive more traffic to your newly started blog ?

Domain age is also an important factor of ranking in Google. Google gives priority to the blogs which have more age. The older your domain is, the higher possibility to rank higher.

But that doesn't mean, New blogs can't rank on Google. But the possibility of ranking with a newly started blog is very hard. It is rarely possible. So, driving traffic to your new blog is extremely hard ( This is only applicable for traffic through search engines ). Y
That's why, we use some alternative methods to drive traffic.

At the same time, i am also covering " How to drive more traffic to your newly started blog " with/without Seo.

How to drive more traffic to your newly started blog

When, i created this blog for the first time, i used many methods to get more readers to my blog. Many of them were failed. In this blog post, i am going to tell you many things based on my small experience.

Try keywords with low competition

According to me, it is better to start with simple methods and then we can move to the complex ones.

Like that, We can try out low competitive keywords in our blog posts to rank higher on Google. This will surely help you to drive more traffic to your newly starred blog.

I've already said that ranking with a new blog is really hard. But that doesn't mean, it is impossible. With the help of low competition keywords, you can rank higher and would be able to get some new readers to your blog.

How to find keywords with low competition :

1. You need a SemRush account to find low competitive keywords. If you are not able to buy Semrush tool, you can take the help of this offer which gives you free trail of SemRush guru account for 14 days.

2. In the Semrush, type your search query. If you are writing an article on " How to increase adsense earnings " . You can type that.


3. SemRush will give out the information like CPC, Volume and competition.

4. As a new blogger, you should only check out keywords which has competition less than 0.20.

5. Keep in mind, that there is no gaurantee, you will surely rank on the first page.

After you selected a low competitive keyword, it is the time to write an unique article to reach the first page of Google.

For this, You can read these blog posts :

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But, it isn't enough to rank,

To add some more power to your articles, you should start building high quality backlinks to your blog. Backlink is nothing other than a hyperlink to your blog from other blog, connecting two blogs. The more backlinks you have, the more possibility to rank higher. If you want to drive more traffic to your newly started blog, you should build backlinks. For this, you must read these articles :

What is a backlink and how to build them fast ?

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Share your blog posts on social networks

Social networks are one of the best way to drive traffic. There is no need of building backlinks, writing unique content with social bookmarking. All you need is a blog post which will attract your friends to read.

How to attract your friends to read your blog posts

It is better to write an unique title, if you wanna attract your friends. For example, we will never read a blog post which have a name like " Scientists found a new asteriod ". Because, no one is willing to learn about rocket science or space in social networks. Social networks are just for a time-pass for some people. For those people, you should write a title like, " Our earth is going to blast on 18 feb because of this asteriod. This starts an anxiety in the minds of people. They cannot stop them clicking on your blog post. Thus, you can drive more traffic to your newly started blog with the help of social networks

Asking your friends to read

It is better to ask your best friends to read your blog posts and rate them. Even though, he give out a bad rating, you can get a page view for your blog.

For this, you need nothing other than An Email or Facebook.

First of all, start a conversation with your friend. Say him a hello, Ask about his health ( A small formality ) and tell him that you have started a blog and written an article, He/she will be attracted and asks you to share link.

Share the link to him and Boom !

Use Quora and yahoo answers

Quora and yahoo answers are question and answer websites. Someome asks a question about something and all the other members start answering them.

But, How can you utilize this ?

You can utilize these websites to drive traffic to your newly started blog.

If your blog's niche is Health and sonebody asked how to Loose weight ?

You have already written a blog post about " How to loose weight "

You can start answering him on Quora or Yahoo answers. First of all, write half of the methods about lossing weight and at tye end tell him to read the full article here and link to your blog post.

He will surely visit your blog to read the full blog post.

Wrapping Up

These are the best ways to drive more traffic to your newly started blog. Whenever, we find a new method, we will surely update the article.

So what are you thinking ?

What's stopping you to share the article ?

Now share it, Care it and love it.

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