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Friday, 28 April 2017

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How To Make Money With Truelancer- A Simple Guide

Wanna make money with Truelancer ?

Wanna try a new freelancing networks other than Upwork, Freelancer ?

Freelancing is one of the best way to make money online and it is really recommended for Bloggers to try freelancing for earning their monthly hosting, Internet and other expenses.

As a blogger, we have so many expenses every month. Some bloggers might have jobs to cover expenses. But, there are many student bloggers who don't have a job to cover the expenses of blogging. At the same time, they can't make money straight away from our blog. For those, freelancing is really good to earn a passive income.

But not only for covering expenses, there are many guys who make freelancing a full time business.

There are many freelancing networks to find part time gigs ( freelancing jobs are called as gigs ). Some of them are already filled out with many experts, so there is no room for beginners. That's why, we will need to find out a good and new freelancing network which has low number of experts, but paying on time for freelancers. That is Truelancer. In this blog post, I am going to tell you more about What is Truelancer and How to make money with Truelancer ?

What is Truelancer ?

Truelancer is a new freelance network which contain man freelance jobs to choose and make money online. There are no minimum hourly requirements to work. You can choose your working hours. You can even work on midnight. In one word, Truelancer is a great alternative for Freelancer and Upwork.

How to make money with Truelancer ?

1. Signup and fill out profile

To get started with Truelancer, Straight away go to their signup page and fill out the information and verify the email to access your dashboard.

After logging in, the first and main step is to fill out the profile to make you look like a professional freelancer.

Many Employers always hire Professional freelancers to complete their work. So it is better to complete your profile before bidding on projects.

To fill out profile :

1. Go to Truelancer dashboard

2. Click on the profile icon which is located on the top-right side of the dashboard.

3. Now full out basic information like Location, Country, Phone number etc.

4. Now fill out your bio. Be sure to fill out your bio completely to ensure that your profile looks like a professional Freelancer. Don't fill it out for the sake, Include each and every detail about you to make money with Truelancer.

2. Finding a Project

Freelancing starts with choosing the right project. The project you choose must be good, High paying, Easy ( Nothing is easy, But you can judge a project whether it is easy or hard by your skills, The more skills you have registered to the project, the more easier the project is )

To find projects:

1. Click on Find jobs and browse jobs

2. Surf all the projects and click on the project which you can capable of doing.

Never select a project in a rush, Because, It would hurt your ratings, If you are unable to finish the project in time. To get success in freelancing, you should select projects carefully.

3. Bid on a project

To start working and making money, you should bid on the project with your appropriate rates and details.

1. After choosing a project, click on that

2. Click on Send Proposal

Now add the details about " How can you finish the project "

For example, if you bid on a project named " Need articles on Seo ". Full out that " You have *** Years experience on Seo optimizing blog's and You have *** years experience on writing for blogs and add your style to the details.

Now click on Send .

Wait for sometime ( Sometimes 24 or 48 hours ) to get an approval or rejection from the employer.

Sometimes, employers may reject your bid. So be sure to bid correctly providing enough hope to the employer.

If you got an approval, You can contact him through the Truelancer messaging feature to get more details and start working on the project and you can easily make money with Truelancer.

Note: With a free plan of Truelancer, You can only send 20 proposals a month, If you reach the limit, You will have to wait for the next month.

Tips on Bidding

1. Only bid for the projects, you are capable of doing. If you have experience on Blogging and you bid on a project related to C , your game is over. So never bid for projects you don't have experience.

2. Before bidding on any project, read the description carefully. I have watched a project named " Need Seo articles ", But when I read the description, it is needed seo optimized articles about health and fitness.

3. Big on the projects which have more number of bids. It is very hard to shine between so many number of professionals. Employers never loves to hire beginners, They give first preference to the experts first.

Sell Services to make money

You can sell services in Truelancer marketplace and make money.

For exampe, If you have an already written article, you can sell that in the form of a service using Truelancer.

1. Click on Sell service from the dashboard

2. Input all the details about your service and add a price tag to your service.

If anyone is interested in buying your article or service, He will contact you and you can proceed further.

How you will get paid ?

The minimum payout of Truelancer is only RS. 500 and You can get paid via Direct bank transfer.

You will need some details about your bank account like Payee name, Account number, Bank Name, IFSC code, Swift code etc. To get paid by Truelancer. You can directly go to your bank branch and ask the bank manager about the details listed above.

Is Truelancer a Scam ?

Nope, Truelancer is not a scam and you can directly proceed to start bidding on projects and getting paid.


This is tutorial to maker money with Truelancer and you can easily make money freelancing. 
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Thursday, 27 April 2017

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Definitive Guide to Make Money with CJ Affiliate for beginners

Are you a beginner in affiliate marketing ?

Wanna make money with CJ affiliate program ?

In this blog post, I'm gonna write about " how to make money with CJ affiliate for beginners ". 

Affiliate marketing is really one of the best way to make money online. we can monetize any category blog using affiliate marketing. That's why I will recommend you to try affiliate marketing to monetize your blog. There are many affiliate programs in the industry. They pay really higher rates for everyone. But signing up and remembering login details for every affiliate program is very hard. Even through it is easy we can't manage each and every affiliate network and we will have to spend so much time on finding affiliate id's for each and every programme. But there is a solution to resolve this issue. 

The solution is CJ affiliate. CJ affiliate network is one of the oldest affiliate network in the industry. There are so many bloggers who are satisfied with CJ affiliate and it's rates. I am using CJ affiliate for more than one year and earned more than $100 with this network. 

I know that $100 isn't a huge thing. But for a small blogger like me, it is really hard to monetize my blog. That's why I have considered $100 a good income. In one word CJ affiliate is one of the best Adsense alternatives which pays higher for their publishers. First of all we will see what is CJ affiliate and How to make money with CJ affiliate for beginners

What is CJ affiliate ?

CJ dashboard

CJ affiliate network is a marketplace which contains thousands of products which you can easily promote and make money if you make  sale through the special link provided by the CJ affiliate. 

For example, If you have a blog which is based on hosting reviews, you can select a program which is related to web hosting and start promoting it on your blog to make money.

How to make money with CJ affiliate for beginners

Go to this link and directly sign up for CJ affiliate network. You will have to wait at least 24 hours to get a mail regarding approval or rejection. Generally, CJ foliage never rejects any blog, there are no traffic requirements for getting started with CJ affiliate. So small bloggers can easily make money with it.

I recommend you to fill out your profile carefully. Half filled profiles won't get an approval from some affiliate programs affiliated with CJ in the marketplace.

1. Analyze your blog's niche and choose products

Success or failure with affiliate marketing, depends on the products you choose. 

For example, if a tech blog started promoting a product related to groceries, it would be really annoying for the visitor's and hence, the blogger behind the tech blog can't be able to make any money.

Imagine as a visitor, what would you feel, if you watch a tech blog promoting products related to groceries. We won't get any interest to click on the ad.

In this guide to make money with CJ affiliate for beginners, it is really important to analyze what's your blog is about and what to promote.

Choosing a product isn't that much hard as CJ contain thousands of products in their marketplace. 

For example, if you write about Seo, blogging, WordPress, it is better to choose a product related to that. You can choose products like, Web hosting packages, Domain names, plugins, themes, seo tools to promote them in your blog.

2. Finding a product to promote and get affiliate links

1. Go to advertisers from the CJ dashboard and search for a product related to your blog or website.

How to make money with CJ affiliate for beginners

2. When you find a product click on sign which is located on the left side of the product.

3. A new pop-up appears asking you to read the terms of the program. Read the terms carefully ( it is a must you read terms as you cannot be able to proceed without reading them ). After reading, scrolling therms click on continue.

Wait for sometime to get an approval or rejection from the program. Because, the program owner will check out your profile before giving you an approval. That's why, I suggested you to fill out profile carefully.

3. After getting an approval, again go to advertisers tab from the dashboard and select, my advertisers from the filter located in the left side and click on go.

5. It will show you the list of your advertisers who approved you. 

You have two options:

1. Get products

2. Get links

Get products: For example, godaddy has two products Domain and hosting. If you got an approval from Godaddy, You can get affiliate links of birth domains and hosting packages. 

Get links: Get affiliate links of banners of respective program to promote it on your blog.

How to make money with CJ affiliate for beginners

To get links, click on the second icon which is located on the right side of the product.

get code

Click on the code icon which is located on the right side of banner

HTML affiliate  code

You will get HTML tags for the banners which contain your affiliate links. You can select the banners which makes looks more attractive.

6. Copy the HTML tag and paste in your blog.

If anyone make a sale through your banner, you will get paid.

So, this is the tutorial to make money with CJ affiliate for beginners. I named it for beginners because I have written it with step by step tutorial which makes it easier for beginners to make money from CJ.

How much you will get paid per sale ?

There are no specific rates for programs nor minimum rates. Some program pays as low as $5 and some pay as high as $80 per sale.

While selecting a product, it will show you " How much the product posts you per sale '. So check out the CPS (cost per sale ) before joining a program.

When will you get paid ?

The minimum payout of CJ affiliate is $100 and they pay via Check and direct bank transfer for their affiliates. The major disadvantage for CJ affiliate is " they don't support PayPal as a payment method.

Is CJ a scam ?

While writing a tutorial or review of any network, it is must to write whether they are legit or scam. Many affiliates have a doubt " is CJ a scam ?" 

The answer is no. CJ is not a scam. CJ was one of the oldest affiliate networks which was founded back in 1998. So it isn't a scam.

Wrapping up

So this is the step-by-step tutorial to make money with CJ affiliate for beginners. I am using CJ for a while and I recommend you to try it now. 

If you need some more tips on affiliate marketing, you should subscribe for us.
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Thursday, 20 April 2017

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Ad-Maven Review- Scam or Legit, CPM Rates, Earnings, Payment Proofs

Is Ad-Maven a scam ?

What about the eCpm rates ?

In this Ad-Maven review, we are going to check out each and every aspect of this network.

We have already seen many reviews like Cuelinks, Popads and Adversal etc. All those are high quality ad networks which performed so good and gave good results for everyone. Generally, We never write the reviews of any scam ad networks, If a network turned scam by stopping paying for their publishers, We will remove it from our blog or We stop recommending it.

So there is no chance of being scammed by the networks which are reviewed by us.

What is Ad-Maven ?

Ad-Maven Review Scam or Legit

Ad-Maven is a popular ad network which has 25 years of experience in the industry. I don't know, When this ad network was founded. But, I can tell you that It is one of the largest Pop ad network in the industry. Ad-Maven serves 5 Billion monthly impressions. 5 Billion impressions is not a small thing. So you will have to understand, How large it is. In one statement, We can tell you that Ad-Maven is one of the best alternative for Propellerads.

Ad-Maven Review

You can see a referral link at the end of the review. This is just a referral disclaimer for publishers and my visitors.

Scam or Legit

I've already told you that Ad-Maven serves 5 Billion impressions a month. At the same time, They holds a huge experience of 25 years, which is almost impossible for scam networks. So, it isn't a scam. Ad-Maven is completely a legit ad network and you can signup with them without any worries. Even though there are some reviews which are opposed to my statement, I would consider Ad-Maven a completely genuine network. But, I'm not responsible, If you scammed by them after reading this interview. Is Ad-Maven a scam, No, Not at all.

Signup and Approval

To signup with this network, you can go their Publisher signup page and give them all the required details. Then, Ad-Maven will send you a mail regarding verification. Click on the link which is inside the mail and you are all set.

Ad-Maven offers instant approvals like Revenue Hits which makes it look like a scam. But instant approval, doesn't mean a scam. So again, you can trust them.

There are no traffic requirements for the approval. So, New bloggers and small publishers can use this network for making some money from their blogs. The approval section is the very good part in this Ad-Maven review.

Ad Formats

Ad-Maven have enough formats ( Not high or Not so low ) for their publishers. All type of blogs and websites can be monetized with Ad-Maven. Here are the formats of Ad-Maven :

Pop's : Pop's refers to both Popup's and Popunder's. But, you cannot choose only Popunder's while creating an ad code. Don't worry, after creating an ad code, you can go to Configure settings and edit the Ad format as you like ( Popunder's or Popup's or Both ). Pop's are really high paying formats of Ad-Maven. We all know that Pop's are annoying for visitors, But the pop's of Ad-Maven are really attractive. You can also choose the Cap of Pop's per page, to keep your visitors cool and calm.

Interstitial : A full page ad which can easily monetize both Mobile and desktop traffic and provides you good rates. The full page ad contain a close button which provides the visitor an option to close the ad. But sometimes, they may irritate visitors. Your visitors close your blog post without reading it and surf another blog post.

Banners : The common ad format type available in all ad networks. The banners pays lesser rates when compared to the Pop's.

CPM Rates

We all know that Pop ad networks like Popads and propeller ads pays higher rates. Like that, Ad-Maven pays higher rates for all publishers. After adding Ad tags, you should wait at least 2 days for optimization. After that, related ads will start appearing on your blog resulting in higher Ecpm rates.

The pop's pay higher and the banner's pay lower. Low doesn't mean really low. Lower refers to comparison. Banners pay less when compared to Pop's.

The rates might start from as low as $0.1 - $4 easily. I think, this is the part which makes you more happy in this Ad-Maven review.


Really, I haven't tried to contact them yet. I haven't got any problem to contact their support. So I cannot explain you about their support.


Ad-maven has the minimum payment thersold of $50. They pay via many ways like Paypal, Payoneer and Bank wire.

Ad-Maven uses Net30 payment terms which means you will get paid on the end of every month.

Ad-Maven has automatic payment releasing system which means The payment is automatically given to all the publishers at the end of the month.

Ad-Maven Special

Ad-Maven ads can bypass all the ad blocking extensions and softwares.

Because of Ad blockers, Bloggers lose so much revenue. But, If you use Anti-Ad block code, It will automatically bypass all the ad blockers and help you in generating some more revenue.


Easy and fast approval

Legit network

Block many ad blockers

High ecpm rates


High minimum payout of $50


This is the Ad-Maven review from our side. I recommend you to start using it, If you are a new blogger who want to monetize your traffic. Ad-Maven is also a good Adsense alternative for small publishers. So it is a must try ad network.

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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

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Cuelinks Review- Scam Or Legit, How To Make Money With It

Are you looking for a Cuelinks Review ?

Wanna know " Is that a scam or legit network ? "

Are you an Indian blogger, who is frustrated with the rates of Rates ?

We all know that Adsense pays really low rates for some countries like India. Here are some reasons on Why Adsense pays low Rates in India . After reading that article, you should start thinking about joining an Adsense alternative. Here, we also made a huge list of High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers and bloggers. In that article, we gave Affiliate marketing the first position. Because, Affiliate marketing is the best Adsense alternative even for beginners. But, you need to know, How to handle it. If you are new to affiliate marketing, it is really hard to make your first dollar using Affiliate marketing.

In this blog post, we are going to answer all your questions. Even though you are beginner who don't know How to handle Affiliate Marketing, You can still make money from it. Because, there is a network called Cuelinks which monetize your blog with Affiliate products automatically. So no more excuses, let's see the Cuelinks review.

What is Cuelinks ?

Cuelinks Review

Cuelinks is a monetization network which use CPS ( cost per sale ) format to pay for it's publishers. In one word, Cuelinks is the best alternative to Viglinks and Skimlinks. Cuelinks monetize your external links with related products which have your affiliate ID and if anyone purchases the product through the page, you will get paid.

Cuelinks is an Indian based network and you cannot expect International partners in this network. So, I recommend this network for Indian publishers.

How to make money with Cuelinks ?

There are many ways to make money with Cuelinks. Some of them include :

Direct affiliate links : Keep in mind, If you are approved for Cuelinks, you will be automatically approved for over 600 merchants, So no need of checking every programme.

1. Go to your dashboard and click on Campaign explorer

campaign explorer

2. Search for the Brand or shopping site you need and you trust. For example, If you are writing a review about Redmi 4A mobile which is exclusively launched by Amazon, You need to search for Amazon.

3. Click on the icon of the brand. A new tab will be opened.

4. You can see paste URL box below the details of the programme. Paste the URL of the product. ( If you want an affiliate link of Amazon Redmi 4A, you need to go to amazon.com, Search for Redmi 4A and copy the link and paste in Cuelinks box )

Affiliate linn Cuelinks

5. Cuelinks will give you a URL which contains your affiliate link and the product link.

6. Add the link in your review. If anyone clicks on it, He/She will be redirected to the product page ( Ex: Redmi 4A on Amazon ) . If they make a sale, you will get paid according to the terms of the programme

Widgets ( Banners ) : Banner ads are so common, But it isn't wit Cuelinks. Cuelinks offer two types of widgets :

Banner widgets Cuelinks

1. Deal widget

2. Coupon widget

For example, If your blog is about Recharge plans, You can select Recharge category with coupon widget and place it in the sidebar of your blog. It will show coupons related to the recharge plans. If anyone clicks on the widget, He will be redirected to the official webpage of the sim provider.

For example, If your visitor is an Airtel user, He clicked on the Airtel coupon Ad, He will be redirected to the Airtel official website and If he recharge online, You will get paid.

You can place Widgets in the sidebar of your blog to make more sales.

Cuewords : The most important thing in this Cuelinks review

Cuewords works like an in-text ad network. This means, it will automatically convert words into Hyperlinks with your affiliate ID.

To add Cuewords to your blog : 

1. Go to your Cuelinks dashboard

2. There you can see Install Javascript.

3. Click on it

4. You will get a code ( Javascript code ).

5. Add the javascript code to your blog. I recommend you to place it at the end of your blog ( Footer ).

6. Now Again, Go to your Cuelinks dashboard.

7. Click on Activate now on Cuewords.

8. Now, Some of your links in the blog post will be automatically turned into affiliate links.

Cuelinks Review


Are you tired of waiting for approval ?

Generally, Many ad networks takes so much time to approve applications of publishers.

But, with Cuelinks, you don't need to wait for ages to get an approval. They approve all applications within 1-2 Business days. This is really an amazing thing in this Cuelinks review about their approvals.

All you need to do is signup for Cuelinks using this signup page. They will send you a verification E-mail, Verify your E-mail using the link and wait for 1 day to get approval.

Cuelinks don't have any traffic requirements. They won't reject any application unless your website deals with illegal activities.


Cuelinks offers very quick support for their publishers. If you got any problem, you can directly contact them through your dashboard from the Support tab. They will respond as fast as they can and help you out.

Minimum payout

The minimum payout of Cuelinks is only RS.500 and they only pay via direct bank transfer. They won't pay via Paypal. So this is a major disadvantage for them. But it is an Indian based network. I think many Indian based small bloggers don't have a Paypal account. So it is better for them.

Referral program

Cuelinks offer a referral program for their publishers. If you refer any publisher, you can take 25% of your referral for 3 months.

For example, If the person you referred earned RS.1000, you will get RS.250 from his earnings.

Scam or Legit

No doubt, Cuelinks is not a scam. It was even seen on a high authority blog like ShoutMeLoud, making it really a good alternative for viglinks.


1. Easy approval

2. Good support

3. Huge number of partners

4. Low minimum payouts


1. Only pays via Bank transfer

2. Sometimes Low commission.

Name : Cuelinks

Scam or Legit : Legit

Rating : 4/5

Recommended or not : Recommended

                    Signup Now


This is the Cuelinks review for publishers. I recommend you to start using it right away. If you have a coupon and deals website, it is really easy to make more money with Cuelinks. If you enjoyed this article, Share it with your friends

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Monday, 3 April 2017

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Bluehost VS Hostgator Affiliate Program : Which One Is Good ?

Bluehost vs Hostgator Affiliate program, These are the two best affiliate programs in the industry. A long time rivalry is going on between these two hosting affiliate programs.

In this blog post, we compare the two best affiliate programs. You will learn both advantages and disadvantages of two programs.

Webhosting affiliate programs act as one of the best and high paying Adsense alternative for small bloggers. We can make a huge amount of money with affiliate programs. Affiliate programs use CPS ( Cost Per Sale ) to pay for its affiliates. That means you can't get paid for views or Clicks.

 Let's do a simple math on comparing Adsense and Affiliate Marketing :
                                 Affiliate marketing

You got 10 clicks with Affiliate Marketing a day. You'll make $0. I mean you'll have to go empty handed.


You got 10 clicks a day on Adsense ads. If the CPC is $1, You will make $10 per day. So, if you are getting more clicks, Adsense is best for you.

                                 Otherwise :

You got 1 sale a day with affiliate marketing. The program offers you $65 per sale and you made $65 in a day.

With Adsense, You got one sale through your ad. But you cannot make anything, All you get is the CPC for one click.

That's why, if you use some tricks and have some experience, you can make huge amount of money.

According to me, you learned the differences between Adsense and affiliate Marketing. Now it is the time to check out the two best affiliate programs of the industry. Let's see our comparison of Bluehost vs Hostgator affiliate program and we will conclude that which one you must join.

Bluehost vs Hostgator Affiliate program

Bluehost vs Hostgator affiliate program

Signup and approval

Both Hostgator and Bluehost gives you a free signup and you don't need to pay anything to join these affiliate programs.

Hostgator affiliate program is based on Impact Radius. This takes 24-48 hours to get an approval from Hostgator Affiliate Program. Bluehost affiliate program also takes some time to approve your blog.

Tax Forms

Both Hostgator and Bluehost needs to submit a tax form before getting payout to your paypal account.

Hostgator asks you to submit your PAN card while signing up and this is one of the huge disadvantage for minors like me. That's why, we never gave it a try.

Bluehost never asks you for PAN or other forms while signing up. But after you get an approval from their affiliate program, you must submit your tax information to them. If you don't submit tax information, You won't get paid. Filling up Tax information is hard for beginners.

Here Harsh Agarwal from ShoutMeLoud written a tutorial about filling Bluehost affiliate tax form. You can read it and fill the form.

Cost per Referral

When it comes to cost, Both Bluehost and Hostgator have different terms. Here is the information about Cost per Referral :

Bluehost pays you $65 per referral and if you keep increasing the sales per month to 15-20, you will get $120 per sale easily. According to me, this is the highest rate of the webhosting affiliate programs.

Hostgator cost would be like :

09- $75 ( Refer 9 people a month and get $75 per sale )

11- $100 ( Refer 11 people a month and get $100 per sale )

21- $125 ( Refer 21 people a month and make a huge amount of $125 per sale )

In Bluehost vs Hostgator affiliate program, When it comes to Cost per sale, Bluehost is the winner. Bluehost pays you an exact rate of $65per referral and more your refer more you will make.

Special Promotion coupons

Both Bluehost and Hostgator gives you access to special discounts. For example, in the month of January, They gives you a Republic sale, It may give 20% off on webhosting. Both Hostgator and Bluehost send you a reminder through Mail and you can attract more referrals by showing Discounts through your affiliate links.

Custom coupons   :

If you want a custom coupon, Means more discount giving coupon, You need to contact Bluehost Or Hostgator and they will send you the coupon, if you are eligible to their respective terms and conditions.

Bluehost vs Hostgator affiliate program on Coupons, Both of them are winners.


The minimum Payout of Bluehost is $100 and you can withdraw your payments through Paypal, Bank wire etc.

The minimum payout of Hostgator is $100 and get paid via Paypal and Bank transfer etc.

So, in Bluehost vs Hostgator affiliate program, Both of them are winners, when it comes to Payouts.


Both Bluehost and Hostgator offers banners which contains your affiliate link and helps you to make more sales.

In Bluehost vs Hostgator Affiliate Program of Banners, Bluehost is the winner. Bluehost offers banners in different sizes. All the banners comes with blue colour, which is considered the most amazing and attractive colour. This is the best advantage for Bluehost.

Hostgator provides banners. They are also amazing. But they aren't good when they are compared to Bluehost affiliate banners.


Now, Bluehost vs Hostgator affiliate program comparison is ended. It is the time to check out " which one is better ? " . According to me, go on with Bluehost affiliate program. I recommend you to join Bluehost affiliate program and make lot's of money.

Share this post and let your friends know " Bluehost vs Hostgator Affiliate Program " and let them decide which one to go

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15+1 High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers

Do you want some High Paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers ?

Are you a small blogger, Need an ad network with low traffic requirements ?

Does your Adsense account banned or Suspended ?

If yes, it is going to be a very lucky day for you.

Many Bloggers and publishers including me, Use Adsense to monetize our blog. Because it is the only Good and high paying ad network that doesn't have any traffic requirements. To get started with Adsense, All you need is Quality content and good design. But some Bloggers won't get an Adsense approval. But don't worry, for those guys, Here is a detailed article on How to get an Adsense approval for small blogs

Where as some bloggers won't have any satisfaction with the low rates of Adsense for some countries.

And some Bloggers wanna try some more ad networks for some more experience

And some bloggers wanna try best and high paying Adsense alternatives because he/she might be suspended by the explosive rules of Adsense.

So these are some reasons to check out alternatives. Let's find some of the High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers. They would be helpful for Indian and other country based bloggers which gets low CPC.

Update 1 ( 17-4-2017 ) : Adversal added into the list

High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers

Note : Even though the title of this post is Best Adsense alternatives for small publishers, Some of these ad networks might have high traffic requirements. That's why, we also write about the Approval Possibility of every network.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Best Adsense alternatives in India for small publishers

An example of Affiliate Banner

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make huge money from your blog. Affiliate marketing is one of the High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers. Affiliate Marketing is nothing other than prompting a product in your blog and if anyone buys the product through your affiliate id, you will get paid. Each and every network has it's own affiliate program and have their own terms and conditions. Some affiliate programs might pay as high as $120 per sale and some pays as low as $10 and some other programs doesn't pay but gives you commissions.

For example, If you join Amazon affiliate program and started promoting products on your blog. One of your visitor purchased a product through your Affiliate link. If the visitor purchased a product of RS. 100, you will get RS. 10, But if he/she purchases a T.V which costs 10,000, you will get RS. 1000 . That's why, i often call Affiliate marketing as one of the Best Adsense alternatives in India for small publishers.

But, with affiliate programs, you can only get paid, if you make a sale. If the visitor clicks your link and close the link without purchasing anything, you won't get paid anything.

Where as, With ad networks, you can get paid for clicks and impressions too.

Affiliate marketing is very good, if you have a niche targeted blog. For example, if you have domain related blog, you can signup with Godaddy, Bigrock or Namecheap affiliate program and start promoting them and make huge money by making sales. That's why, i recommend Affiliate Marketing as one of the High Paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers.

2. Sponsored reviews

Generally, we write many reviews about different products. But have you ever been paid for writing a review ?

With Sponsored reviews, All you need to do is write a review about a product and make money, you will get paid by the product company which asked you to write a sponsored review

If you have a high quality blog, you can demand as high as $500 per review.

How to get sponsored reviews ?

Write quality content and add a page that you are writing Paid reviews. If anyone is interested, he/she will contact you.

Instead, you can even join a network like Sponseredreviews.com and start searching for a product related to your blog niche.

How will i get paid ?

You will get paid through the way which you are convenient. If you have a Paypal, you can ask he/she to send money via Paypal.

Note :

Only write paid reviews on products which are related to your blog. Visitors will be annoyed, if they see a Medical post in a tech blog.

Write genuine reviews. There is no rule to write only advantages of their product. You must write both advantages and disadvantages of the product.

At the last paragraph, write a note that it " This is a sponsored review "

Sponsored reviews are one of the High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers. Spomsered reviews get same rate in any country.

3. Media.net

The ad network powered by the two giant search engines Yahoo and Bing. You will have to understand that this is one of the ad network which takes so much care about the quality. The rates of Media.net are high. I never tried them. The minimum payout of media.net is $50 via cheque and bank transfer. Media.net is one of the high paying Adsense alternatives, only for large publishers.

Name : Media.net

Scam or Legit : Legit

Recommended or not : Recommended only for high quality and large publishers.

Minimum requirements : So much traffic from countries like US, UK etc. High quality content, Good design, Low no.of ads

Approval : very hard, Harder than Adsense

Rules : Very strict. So many rules to follow and instant ban, if you click your own ads.

4. Buysellads

Best Adsense alternatives in India for small publishers

Buysellads was founded in 2004 and this is the best Direct ad network and one of the High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers. With Buysellads, you can sell your ad space for your rates. If you have a high quality blog, you can even demand $1000 per month for single ad slot. Keep in mind that Buysellads is different from all the networks. After you got the approval from Buysellads, you have to add a price tag to your ad slot and Buysellads lists your blog in their marketplace and if any advertiser is willing to buy your ad slot, he will pay you the money you asked and you must place the ad according to the agreement.

Must read : How to get Buysellads approval for a small blog

Name : Buysellads

Ad formats : Direct advertising

Min.payout : $20

Requirements : Custom domain, Good design, Good alexa, High number of backlinks, High amount of traffic etc.

Approval : Very hard

Recommended or not : Recommended for large Publishers

5. Infolinks

Must Read: Infolinks in-depth Review for Bloggers

Infolinks is founded in 2004 and now it is cemented as a best in-text ad network beating all the other in-text ad networks. Infolinks pays very decent rates and pays higher for clicks. Some Bloggers also report that the CPM of infolinks can go as high as $ 7. You can select a wide variety of Ad formats. The minimum payout of infolinks is $50 via Paypal. This is really a legit and high paying CPM ad network for low and medium traffic blogs. Infolinks is one of the High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers.

Name : Infolinks

Main Ad format : In-text ads

Min. Payout : $50 via Paypal

Scam or Legit : Legit and one of the high paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers.

Approval : Easy and sometimes medium

Min. Traffic : Don't know ( Some say that they have no minimum traffic requirements )

6. Revenue Hits

Best Adsense alternatives in India for small publishers

RevenueHits, founded in 2008, is one of the best CPA ad network ever. CPA refers to Cost per Action which tells us that they won't pay for Views or clicks, They pay for actions. The actions include a simple download to complex survey solving. They pay $1 - $40 per completed action. The minimum payout is $50 via paypal. This is the only CPA network listed here in this list. But it is one of the High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers.

Name : RevenueHits

Main Ad format : CPA

Min. Payout : $50 via Paypal

Scam or Legit : Legit

Approval : Very Easy ( Instant ).

That's why, RevenueHits got a position in the list of High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers.

7. Popads.net

Do you Know ?

I've written a blog Post about Popads.net and it gave me so much search engine traffic. Our blog's alexa rank is decreased rapidly.

With this, you will have to understand that How much popularity does Popads have.

Must Read : Popads in-depth review

Popads is one of the best and successful pop ad network in the industry. The rates of Popads is awesome. You can easily get a minimum of $1 CPM from popads. Actually, i Got an average CPM of $1.7 which i consider the best rate for small publishers. The minimum payout of Popads is $5 and they pay when you request. Popads.net is one of the best Popads network and one of the High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers.

Name : Popads

Ad formats : Pop

Min. Payout : $5

Approval : Very easy

8. Bidvertiser

Best Adsense alternatives in India for small publishers

Bidvertiser was founded in 2002, Rated as the High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers. I think, it is suitable for Small publishers. Now it lost it's popularity due to more and more competition and some nasty mobile redirects. Tye quality of Bidvertiser is very low as compared to the quality of the Ads of Adsense. The minimum payout is $10 and pays via Paypal

Name : Bidvertiser

Scam or Legit : Legit

Ad formats : Banners and Pop's

Min. Requirements : None

Approval : Easy

Recommended or not : Actually no, This isn't a highly recommended network. You can go with this, if you have no choice or options at all.

9. Chitika

Best Adsense alternatives in India for small publishers

Chitika is considered as one of the High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers.

But that is a long ago. According to me, Chitika has very low rates and the quality of Advertisements irritates your blog's visitors.

But Chitika is very good for those who are looking for a best Adsense alternative as they are not satisfied or banned or rejected by Adsense. The minimum payout of Chitika is $10 and pays via paypal

Name : Chitika

Ad formats : Banners

Min. Payout : $10

Minimum requirements : None

Scam or Legit : Legit

10. Propellerads

Yet, another high quality ad network and one of the High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers with many ad formats.

Propellerads is one of the fastest growing ad network among all other ad networks in the list. Because propellerads pays higher rates for it's publishers.

The approval of Propellerads is not so tough nor easy. So it is suitable for medium publishers. Some bloggers have reported that the CPM of propellerads reach as high as $ 7 and some said that Propellerads pays very low as low as $0.01 per 1000 visitors.

According to me, you will get a simple $1 CPM for high quality traffic. I can't guarantee you, But it's just an estimation based on the records and reviews.

Name : Propellerads

Ad formats : Banners, Pop's, Videos monetization

Min. Payout : $100

Minimum requirements : Some traffic from countries like US, UK,
Canada etc.

Scam or legit : Legit

Recommended or Not : Fully recomnended.

11. Native Ads

Sponsered posts are now dominated by Native Ads. Native ads are nothing other than a banner which will show related content to your blog's content accross the world.

For example, if your blog is about Health, you can signup with a Native ad network like Outbrain, Taboola or Mgid and aftsr an approval, they will start promoting health related content on your blog.

Native ads works good only for high traffic blogs and only some of the categories are suitable for Native Ads.

Google also introduced Matched Ads content to create a new atmosphere in Native Ads.

That's why native ads are one of the High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers.

12. Selling Ebooks

Ebooks are the best way to make huge money in no time. But you need to work harder to complete an E-book. Because the E-book you write, must have full information. You must never leave any simple aspect about what you are writing.

This is only for large bloggers who has so much popularity around the world.

You can also take the help of Amazon Kindle to publish your E-book and increase sales. But you must give them some commission on each and every sale.

13. Services

If you have some more experience on writing, Seo etc. You can offfer services through your blog and make money and it works as one of the High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers and big publishers too.

Now a days, People wanna hire someone to make a thing perfect. For example, new brand's hire an Seo expert for optimizing their blog. Like that, you can offer services and make money.

14. Direct advertising

Place an advertise with is page in your blog and sell your ad space for your rates. You can use Buysellads to replace the advertise with us page. Big bloggers always sell their ad space directly.

15. Adversal

Adversal is founded in 2003 and it is onw of the high paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers. They pay really high rates for every country. Even your visitors are coming from India, you can convert them into money. The minimum trafficrequiremet is 50,000 pageviews per month. The minimum payout of Adversal is $20 via Paypal. Name : Adversal Founded in : 2003 Scam or legit : Legit Ad formats : CPM banners Approval : Medium and sometimes hard

16. Some other networks

1. Popcash

2. CPA networks like Peerfly, Maxbounty etc.

3. Adversal

4. Revcontent

5. Kontera

6. Technorati

7. Yllix

8. Matomy Seo

9. Edomz ( High rates for Indian traffic

10. Sell Links


These are the High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers. Give Adsense a try, try again and again. If you won't got an approval, try one of these alternatives and never forgot to subscribe for our blog to get latest Updates

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4 Best Buysellads Alternatives : Similar To Buysellads

Want sone best Buysellads alternatives ?

Rejected by Buysellads ?

Don't be sad. Buysellads is not only the thing. There are many ad network similar to Buysellads. We can use them to replace Buysellads.

Direct Advertisements are the one of the best way to sell your unsold ad space in your blog. With, direct advertising, we can easily monetize our blog without any middle-men who take up some Revenue from our earnings. For example, Adsense never share 100% revenue with you, they have some share on your earnings.Adsense shares 56/44 ratio . To resolve this issue, we can use direct advertisements. Finding an advertiser for your blog is really hard. For small bloggers like me, it is really an impossible event. To find advertisers, There are many direct ad networks like Buysellads.

But, you must understand that no service is free, Buysellads also take up some revenue from your earnings. But if you don't use any network like BuysellAds, you can enjoy 100% revenue. Anyway, this article is only written for those who are looking for high quality and best BuysellAds alternatives. We never post rubbish content here on Pro Blogger How.

What is BuysellAds ?

BuySellAds is an ad network founded in 2004 and it is different from others. It is a direct ad network in which your blog is listed in marketplace and if an advertiser is willing to buy your ad space, he will buy it. In this network, you have the capability to select your rates. Yes, you can even put a price tag of $1000/month, if you have a good blog which receives tons and tons of traffic. For now, it is over about this network and if you are interested in reading more, Here is a detailed review about BuySellAds from Harsh Agarwal. Now we are going to inform you about 4 best buysellAds alternatives and in the end of the post, i am also going to tell you why you need alternatives for BuySellAds.

Best BuySellAds Alternatives for small bloggers

1. Forums like Digital Point

Buysellads alternatives

Forums are the best way to get answers from experts and share knowledge with others. But forums can help you in finding advertisers who are willing to advertise. I know that you guys can't get me, To explain clearly, Every forum has its own Buy and Sell category in which you can easily buy and sell ad space in your blog. For example, if an advertiser wants to advertise on a tech blog and your blog is related to the advertiser category, you can ping him and send him the details like Rates, Image Formats and bla bla ! . Then if he accept your request, he/she will pay you and you can add the advertisement to your blog. In this way, forums can act as an buysellads alternative and it is suitable for small bloggers too. 


1. No need of paying comission


1. Finding opportunities is very hard as there are no guys to support you ( MiddleMen )

2. Adclerks ( Publicity clerks )

A direct ad network for medium bloggers. Actually i applied for this network with my blogspot blog and they rejected my blog and i understood that they won't approval all blogs submitted to their network. With publicity clerks, you can easily sell ad space in your blog. We can choose our own rates, there is no one to decide our blog's ad space rates. The minimum traffic requirement is 100K and sometimes they will approve blogs with low traffic too. They pay via Paypal for their publishers


Large pool of advertisers

Highly dedicated support

Paypal support


We need a minimum of 100K visitors which is very catchy for small bloggers like me. Yes, it is a best Buysellads alternative, But only for some big bloggers.

3. Blogads

Blogads is one of the oldest buysellads alternative, Because it was founded on 2002 ( I'm also born on 2002 ). Like Buysellads, Blogads has its own marketplace in which publisher's websites get listed and advertisers purchase the ad space. Being an older network, it has a good reputation and more than 4000 Advertisers in the pool. According to many bloggers, This network only accept blogs with a minimum of 30,000 monthly impressions, making it an ad network for Medium traffic blogs. But according to me, there are no minimum traffic requirements. Give it a try once. Blogads uses NET30 payment terms. They pay via PayPal, cheque and
Wire transfer. The minimum
payout is only $75 via PayPal

4. Adsella

Buysellads alternatives

Adsella was founded in 2010, it is one of the fastest growing direct ad network and a very good buysellads alternative. It is really good for small bloggers who are looking to sell their ad space. But when compared to BuySellAds, this network has lesser advertiser which means it is very rare to find a quality advertiser who are willing to advertise on your blog for high cost. In this network, Sometimes you need to sell your ad space for low cost. Adsella take up 20% of your earnings as commission. Hey, you don't need to give them a commssion, they will take it automatically from your account. Adsella allows you to withdrawl your earnings through Paypal, Payza and Bank wire too.


1. Easy approval ( even your blog gets low pageviews )

2. Many payment proofs available


1. Less number of advertisers when compared to BuySellads. But alternatives always lacks something.

5. Advertise with us page

The best way to sell ad space is directly putting a price tag in your blog. Even here at pro Blogger How, we have an advertise with us page. If an advertiser visit your blog and he/she likes it. He will look out for an advertise with us page and start contacting you for advertising their product. The best part is, no one takes away earnings from you. Anyway, an advertise with us works like a charm and can be declared one of the best Buysellads alternatives.

Why choosing alternatives

Undoubtedly, BuySellAds is very good and it must be the first option to go with. But here are some reasons to choose alternatives leaving a top brand :

1. Approval is not easy. Buysellads is looking only for high quality blogs having good content, Alexa, Backlinks to name a few. Approval is very tough for small blogger but if you follow this guide to Get buysellads approval, it is very easy. Never submit a site which is in Developing or under-construction situation.

2. High competition : Yes you heard it right. There are many big blogs in buysellads marketplace which means it is very rare for the advertiser to find your blog.

these are some aspects which irritates us and makes us looking for some best Buysellads alternatives.

Some other networks might be listed in future :

1. OIO publisher Plugin

2. Matomy Seo ( Text link ad network )

If i missed any best Buysellads alternative, Please remind me, Using comments.


These are the 4 best buysellads alternatives to sell your ad space. I recommend you to check out BuySellAds first, If you won't gor an approval, never lose hope. Try it again and again. But if you are tired with BuySellAds, try one of these alternatives and sell your ad space.

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iwriter Review : Make Money Online Writing Articles

Do you have unique writing style ?

Want to make money by writing articles ?

Are you tired of bidding projects in Freelancer ?

If yes, The answer is iwriter. In this article, i am going to take a look at iwriter review and Tutorial.

Writing articles is one of the best way to make money online. But finding the projects is very hard. To get some projects, you need to have some good connections with many bloggers and employers. Even though there are many sites like Freelancer, UpWork and Guru etc to find out writing projects. But there is so much competition in those websites 👋🅸. Before you bid on a project, Many freelancers bid on the project. So winning a project is very hard. To avoid this competition, We need to find out some other websites like iwriter, Content Mart etc. In this article, I am going to write an in-depth and genuine iwriter review. 

What is iwriter ?

iwriter Review

iwriter is a content marketplace where many people like employers and writers are there. Employers give out some work like Write an article, Write an ebook etc. All the work is writing, you cannot find Designing, App development Projects here . After the employer gives an article ( Work ), You ( writer ) can write the article and get paid. The good thing is the employer will give you the topic and you can proceed towards writing the article

iwriter Review for publishers

Signup and approval

iwriter Review

Hey guys, this is not an ad network. So no need of even writing about signup and approval. But as per the formality, The process of Registration in iwriter is :

1. Go to iwriter through this link and fill out all the details and verify your email to get instant access to login into your account.

How to make money with iwriter

1. Go to your account by logging in with your credentials

2. Click on write content

iwriter Review
3. Select an article. As a new writer, you can only write Standard level articles. I am going to explain these things later.
iwriter Review
4. Click on + and click on write article. Then you need to pass an examination. This is not a long exam. This is just a simple 15 questions grammar test and you need at least 13 score to get the eligibility to write article. After the completion of Grammar test, start writing the article. After the completion of writing the article, click on submit and if the employer approves your article, you will get paid.

Writer Levels

iwriter works on the writer levels. The highest level you have, the more you get paid. These are the levels of iwriter:

Standard: This is the basic level. Every new writer will be on this level. And the payouts are very low. Even though you write a 500 word article, you can only get $1. These are the lowest rates ever for a writer. To unlock the next level, you need to write more articles and get good ratings from the employer.

Premium : The name suggests that this is a good level. Actually, premium refers to Paid version. But iwriter don't have a paid version. Premium refers to high pay rates. As a premium writer, you can get $5 per 500 word article. This is good rate and would be suitable for medium writers. Hey hold on ! Do You have more and more talent ? , Do you think that you can get more rates, do you have unique writing style ? . If yes, you can get more, by going to next level.

Elite: This is only for people who have unique and good writing style and talent. The payments are higher and the projects are bigger. So you must have the capability to write for any topic, Category. According to me you can $15 per 500 word article. Not only that, they have even better, High paying and bigger level. To achieve the level, you must be a master of writing, Seo etc.

Elite Plus : Elite Plus is the highest level of iwriter. Reaching this level is almost impossible for small writers. Elite plus writers must be good at Seo, Have unique grammar skills, Have unique writing skills and have the capability to write at least 10 articles a day. But wait, there are very low amount of Elite Plus projects. Actually, an Elite plus writer can get $50 per 500 words. Yes, you heard it right. You can make $50 for a 500 word article, making this iwriter review more sweet to read.


iwriter Review

The minimum payout of iwriter is $20 and can be easily reached, if you reach the premium level. As a premium writer, you can get $5 per 500 words. And if you write 4 articles as a premium writer, You can reach the minimum payout and they pay via Paypal, Cheque and Bank wire too. But i prefer Paypal as primary payment method, as it is more trusted and used by all internet marketers across the world.

That's all for writers and with this section, iwriter review is complete for writers and now the review for employers will start. I suggest you to read this article, it may help you later, if you need content for your blog.

iwriter review for Employers

How to get Content with iwriter

iwriter is a very good marketplace in which many writers write unqiue articles. To get special and unique content, you need to place the request in marketplace. Here is the way to get content with iwriter.

 Adding money to your account

1. There is no need of signing up for an employer account. Because, you have two roles with one account. There is no need of any account. Login with your normal iwriter account.

2. Click on Get content

3. Click on add money

4. Select your amount. For example, if you want only one article, you can add $10 to your account. You can add how much you need.

5. Click on add money and it will be redirected to Paypal. Login with your Paypal account and pay the money.

Adding your request in marketplace

1. Click on Get Content

2. Type what type of article you need, at how much budget etc. I mean to say, fill out all the details.

3. Click on submit.

4. And your request will bs accepted and your article will be added into marketplace and a writer will write the article for you. Don't forgot, you have the right to reject an article.

Now, the iwriter review for employers is complete. And we can proceed towards other things.

Scam Or Legit

There is no doubt, iwriter is one of the best content marketplace for both Writers and employers. Iwriter is not a scam and it is fully genuine, so you can proceed towards signing up with this network and start making money.


This iwriter review is written for both writers and employers. I suggest you to join this network and write article and start making money and build your online presence.

Why don't you share this review with your friends and family ?

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How to Monetize your Youtube Channel With Adsense and Affiliate Marketing

Youtube, The largest video hosting platform. Youtube was created by three paypal workers and then Google, The giant search engine, Owned it by buying it from those Paypal workers. After that, Google redesigned Youtube in their own style. Many Google products like Blogger has an option to monetize. Google is very best and money minded, They give all the users option to monetize their blogs, but listen what !

They get a very good revenue from your blog. Because they won't share 100% revenue. They share 54% with you and they will get the remaining revenue. Like Blogger, You can monetize your youtube channel with Adsense. But Google is always tricky. You need some requirements to monetize your youtube channel. So let's see what are them and how to do it.

Method-1 : How to monetize your Youtube channel with Adsense

1. Go to youtube.com and go to your Youtube channel

Monetize your Youtube Channel

2. Click on channel and status and features

3. Check for copyright issues, if copyright has red colour sign, you are in danger and you are not eligible for making money. If it is in green, yes, you made it.
i have already applied for Adsense

4. Go to channel and click on monetization

5. Click on apply for Adsense

6. Sign in with your mail, Follow the steps and fill up all the details.

7. Wait for atleast 12 hours and sometimes 2 days to get an approval from Adsense.

8. After getting Adsense approval, Go to youtube video manager.
Monetize your Youtube Channel

9. Check all the videos and in the actions drop down box select monetize. Or you can manually monetize selected videos by clicking on Green dollars icon right to the video.

Video tutorial to add Adsense ads in your Youtube channel

What are the advantages of Youtube monetization

Passive income: After monetizing your videos, you can start earning from the day one 😜. Because, youtube don't need any special Seo skills, all you need to do is uploading videos, writing good descriptions and sharing it with your fruends on Facebook and Twitter and then getting views for your video and what next ! , You can see earning flow in your Adsense dashboard.

Approval is very easy : For blogger, there are many requirements to get an approval from Adsense. Everybody is not good at optimizing like this guy who got an Adsense approval for his blogspot blog. But, With youtube approval is easy. By uploading 3-5 high quality videos, you can get approval. And there are no restrictions.

No investment : For blogging, you need to invest so much on hosting, domains and some Seo tools. But with youtube, There is no need of spending even a penny from your pocket. If you want a professional channel, you can take the help of freelancers by paying them. But it is not mandatory. Youtube is one the best way to make money without investment.

Method 2 : Monetize your youtube channel with Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money from everything. With Affiliate marketing, it is possible to monetize a twitter and Facebook page too. At the same time, you can monetize your youtube channel with Affiliate marketing. Here is a small tutorial

1. Signup for a high paying affiliate program. It must be related to your vlogging niche. If your channel is about Seo, Sign up with Berush, A semrush affiliate program. When a viewer click on your product, And make a sale you can make money.

2. Place the link in description.

3. Wait for some time, to make your first affiliate sale and enjoy large income.

Adsense and Affiliate marketing are the two best ways to make money. But many people get confusion on which is better, Adsense or Affiliate marketing. So i published a video on adsense vs affiliate marketing, but that is not applicable in Youtube, Just for bloggers.

Method-3 : Monetize your Youtube channel with Url Shortners and surveys

Monetize your Youtube Channel

If your youtube channel is about downloading and offering pro version softwares for free this methid works for you. You can sign up with a url shortner like LinkBucks and then shorten it and if the software is really paid, lock it with a survey and make money when a visitor complete it. You can easily make $10 by simple survey unlocking.

Or if the software is free, monetize it with url shortner.

Method-4 : Monetize your youtube channel with sponsered reviews

Sponsered reviews are very different and they can easily beat both Adsense and Affiliate marketing if correctly done. Because you can easily earn $200-$500 by writing up a sponsered post 😜.

But the youtube channel must be popular with huge number of subscribers and daily visitors.

Then you can apply for sponsered reviews and make a huge amount every month by writing a small and simple review.


These are the 4 best methods to monetize your youtube channel. All these tips are based on my experience except Sponsered Reviews, because we can't use it unless you have a big and popular channel. And mine has a small no.of videos. Subscribe for my and get latest tips and money making methods for free.
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7 Best ways to Make Money from a Blog- learn monetizing

Blogging is not only the way to express your feelings, it is one of the best way to make some money. Many dummies don't know, what are the best ways to make money from a blog They try out all the waste methods and it will result in ending up as a zero blogger. But who blogs for zero income ? . We all know that there are many ways to earn money from a blog. But all of them are not good. Some will promise you that you will earn a huge where as some will promise that you will make a decent amount of dollars. But it depends on the method and the way use it.

For example, Adsense is the best ad network. But there are some people who complain about the rates of Adsense. So we must understand one thing, that is usability. All methods are depended on the method you use them.

Must read : Tips and tricks to increase Adsense CPC rates

So here, you will learn how to make money from your blog without knowing much knowledge.

Best ways to make money from a blog

1. Placing CPM/CPC ads

Best ways to Make Money from a Blog
CPM ad in the sidebar

According to me half of the blogs are earning a huge amount with the help of Advertising. Placing ads in your blog helps you in generating more and more income and making your blog an ATM. When it comes to CPC advertising, the name that strikes your mind is Adsense. Hey i know mind reading ( did i guess it right, just kidding ) . Because Adsense is the best CPC advertising and it is powered by the Google. So it will make sure that you will make some decent money from the ads. Every blogger is not lucky as they won't get an Adsense approval. So you must try out some best adsense alternatives like Adsoptimal, Chitika, Revenuehits etc. Anyway using CPM/CPC networks is one of the best ways to make money from a blog

How to earn more with CPM/CPC ads

1. Select the good network like Adsense

2. Disable unrelated categories ( if you are using Adsense )

3. Select the good ad formats if you are placing ads in sidebar, select the image ads  and if you are placing ads in middle of the content, use Text ads which will brings you more clicks

These are some tips to increase your earnings with advertising

2. Sell Ad space directly

Generally people won't like boss or a middle men who pays them for work. The middle men are advertising networks like Adsense. So what people loves ? . They love to become their own boss. This applies for direct advertising. Direct advertising is the best way to sell ad space with your own prices. In direct advertising, you have the option to talk with the advertiser, set your own prices. And you have an option to approve or reject ads. With Adsense, you can only disable categories, even though you disable some categories, it would display some unrelated ads in your blog. But in direct advertising, you can only approve the ad, which matches your blog niche. For example, an advertiser wants to promote his weight loss product and he/she asks you to promote his product on your blog. But if you have a technology blog, i know that you don't approve them. But with Adsense, you cannot stop them. At the same time, If you have a good blog with good alexa rank, you can even demand upto $1500 per month. Anyway direct advertising solves the question what are the best ways to make money from a blog for big blogs.

Note : I don't recommend direct advertising for small blog. Only select this method if you have a good blog with alexa of less than 1,00,000.

Steps to earn more with direct advertising :

1. Use direct ad networks like Buysellads.

2. Every forum has an buy/sell trade section. Use it and post your ad space in it.

3. Place banners like "Place your ad here in your blog".

4. Your advertise with us page must be unique with all traffic, alexa, PR and traffic sources information

3. Affiliate Marketing

Best ways to Make Money from a Blog

Here is an Indian pro blogger who earns nearly $20,000 with the help of promoting products in his blog, also called as Affiliate Marketing. He is none other than Harsh Agarwal, Once watch his income report and you will see that he is earning 90% of income with affiliate marketing. That's why i recommend you to start using affiliate marketing. A question like which is one of the best ways to make money from a blog which is perfect niche targeted will be solved by affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is nothing other than promoting products on your blog. It is like a referral program, in referral program, if someone signs up through your referral id, you will get some commsion. In affiliate program, if someone buys a product through your referral id, you will get paid.

For example, if your blog is about domains. You can signup to an affiliate program related to domains like Bigrock. Then start promoting bigrock in your blog. If someone buys a product from bigrock through your affiliate id, it will give you some commision.

Here is a video by us on Adsense vs Affiliate Marketing. Just watch this video and decide what to use Adsense or Affiliate Marketing in your blog.

Here are some tips to earn more with affiliate marketing :

1. Select the right product

2. Start writing reviews about the product you are promoting and it will bring you some more sales.

3. Signup with CJ affiliate and start promoting products without signing up with all programs. Because it is a pool of affiliate programs.

4. Sponsered Reviews

Best ways to Make Money from a Blog

The name suggests that it is a method which involves of reviews. This is one of the best way to advertise.

If you are an advertiser

If you are an advertiser who is the founder of an ad network and you wanna promote your ad network across the blog. Then you select a blog and contact the blogger to write a review on your blog. He/she asks you for a trail and then they analyze your product and decide a conclusion and write about your product and it's pros and cons on his/her blog. And it will result in a good exprosure of your ad network

If you are a publisher/blogger

You can make a very huge amount by writing sponsered posts in your blog. If your blog is so popular with so many readers, you can demand upto $500 easily and they are willing to pay you.

Which is one of the best ways to make money from a blog without advertising ? . The first answer would be sponsered reviews.

Tips to earn more with sponsered reviews

1. Only select this method, if your blog is so popular

2. Only write reviews on related products

3. Write your review honestly.

These are the simple but effective tips on sponsered reviews.

5. Selling ebooks

Best ways to Make Money from a Blog

Here is a best example of selling ebooks. The best pro blogger of India Harsh Agrwal sells ebooks in his blog shoutmeloud and earns a good amount of money with it.

Which is one of the easiest and best ways to make money from a blog. The answer is Ebooks.

All you need to do is selecting a good topic like Adsense mastery guide etc. You must research and even start experimenting on your topic and then based on your expeirence on that topic. Write an
PDF ebook which must be in-depth, includes photos etc and then you can publish it in your blog ebook store and start selling it and if your blog has good amount of subscribers, it would be very much easy to make your first ebook sale.

6. Offering Services

We all see some bloggers in the blog-o-sphere will create a page called Hire me. Because offering services is one of the best eays to make money from a blog.

For hirer :

If you are a newbie and don't know how to optimize your blog for search engines. Then you meed to hire an SEO expert.

For Blogger :

When someone hires you, the rates are depended on you. You can select a rate of $100 to $1000 for some purposes. Some popular bloggers offering services like search engine optimization of blogs and making a decent amount from it.

Tips to earn more with Services

1. Write a good Services page

2. Send the sample works of you to the perdon who hired you. It will bring some confidence.

3. Only offer services when you are an expert only.

7. Offer blogging courses online

Online teaching is still one of the best ways to make money from a blog. Harsh Agarwal an Indian blogger, started a new online course under his brand called ShoutUniversity. And he teaches all blogging related courses online. This is only possible for big bloggees who has much exprosure. So if you are one of them, start your blogging university now


These are the best ways to make money from a blog. As a small blogger, i only use Adsense and Affiliate marketing in my blog. But if you have a blog with decent number of monthly readers and subscribers, try out all the methods and tell me which one is worked for you.
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