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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Drive/target Traffic From a Specific Country { Working Techniques }

Posted by Samba Siva
Need a guide to drive traffic from a specific country ?

Do you want to drive more USA or UK traffic for your blog ?

Frustrated with the low CPC of Adsense ?

It has been proved that traffic from USA is powerful when compared to all the other countries.

Well, there are many reasons to consider it more powerful. This topic will be discussed after the main topic, so read the article completely.

Traffic is really important for every blog. There are many factors to judge the quality of traffic like " Desktop or mobile ", " Search traffic or Social media traffic ". But, the main thing would be " From which country does the visitor surfing your blog ".

Because, Country matters the most. For example, If you take ( An advertising network powered by Yahoo Bing ), They will consider, US and UK traffic of your blog as many advertisers looking for the traffic from those countries.

But, Why all those guys, Looking for US, UK traffic and How can you drive traffic from a specific country ?

In this blog post, The two questions will be answered, So be prepared to read this article.

Drive traffic from a specific country

1. Pick hosting server based on the country you are targeting

If you need more traffic from USA, you should optimize your blog according to the needs.

No one likes slow blogs which runs like a tortoise.

But, This is not only the thing.

If you pick hosting from US based server, Your blog will load as fast as it can for US visitors. Not only that, Your server location can help you to drive traffic from that country.

If your server is located in India, You can drive more traffic from India and If your server is located in US, you can drive more US traffic for your blog.

2. Pick a country level domain extension ( Not possible for US traffic )

Country level domains

A country level domain extension helps you to drive traffic from that specific country.

Because, search engines will consider your domain extension to only rank your blog higher on that country which you are targeting on domain using extension.

If you are targeting each and every country or need global traffic, You can select a domain extension .com or .org.

For example, If you need visits from India, You can select a .in domain for your blog.

If you need UK visits, Try .CO.UK domain.

But, this is not possible, If you are targeting US traffic as there is no .US domain extension.

But, it can be helpful, If you are targeting traffic from a specific country

3. Keyword research

Must read: 4 ways to drive more traffic to your newly started blog

Any blog post named ' Drive more US traffic or Drive traffic from a specific country ' should contain this section.

Because keyword research can help you to target country-specific traffic.

We all know, keyword research is the vital step to drive organic traffic from Google or any other search engine.

Wait, If you are a beginner to keyword research and don't know the aspects of keyword research, You can get my Free keyword research EBook from this link.

To target US ( Or any other ) traffic using keyword research:

1. Go to

2. Enter your keyword

3. After you get the results, Select your targeted country ( US or any other ) from the country tab which is located on the upper side of search bar.

4. Then Semrush will show you the list of keywords based on your selected country.

Now, using those keywords, write an Seo friendly article for ranking and then you will be able to drive traffic from USA or any country, you have targeted.

4. Backlinks

What ?

How backlinks helps us to drive country specific traffic ?

Well, they can. I don't know whether experts consider it or not as a factor. But, I will consider this one too.

For example, If you need traffic from UK, try building links from domains which are using .CO.UK as their extension.

5. Google search console Geo-Location settings

Google search console ( Webmaster tools ) helps you to rank higher in a country which you need traffic from.

But, the rankings aren't guaranteed. All the search console does is, Notifying GoogleBot to give some more ranking priority in that specific country only.

To set Geo-Location in search console:

1. Go to Search traffic

2. Select international targeting and click country
Google search console geo location

3. Check the targeting country checkbox and select your desired country from the drop-down selection menu.

4. You are done.

Why Targeting traffic from a specific traffic ?

Good CPC rates:

Ad networks like Google Adsense and some of the Adsense alternatives pays higher CPC and CPM rates for some countries like US, UK and Canada.

That's why, It is really essential for us to drive traffic from those countries, If you want to improve your Adsense CPC rates

Event blogging:

Let's consider an example

You have started a blog about Indian Indepence day speech. So, It is really vital for you to rank in India on that day.

Actually, You don't need traffic from other countries. That's why, it is important for you to drive target from that specific country.

So, you should use the above listed techniques to rank in India.

So, Have you understand that. The answer might be yes. So we will jump on to the next part.

Wrapping up

These are my techniques or tactics ( which one sounds great for you ) to drive traffic from a specific country.

I think, It would be really helpful for event bloggers who target specific country traffic.

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Saturday, 27 May 2017

The Keywordify Technique: Beginners Guide To Keyword Research ( EBook )

Posted by Samba Siva
Howdy my dear readers,

For subscribers and my regular readers, I don't need an introduction. But for those who are new for this blog:

Samba Siva

I am Samba Siva, the founder of this blog and a student who completed SSC. I love to write and learn about Seo, Blogging and WordPress etc.

OK, No more introductions. 

keywordify technique

Keyword research is really important for every blogger, as the game of seo starts with keywords.

But, Doing keyword research is sometimes hard. For newbies, it's damn hard. That's why, I have written an Ebook which helps you in knowing the factors of keyword research and something more about ranking for your keyword.

Note: This is my first eBook, I know there would be many mistakes. Well, everyone makes mistakes. It would be better, If you help me in figuring out the issues in that guide.

The keywordify technique for beginners

: This is only for newbies. You should know all the techniques listed in the eBook, If you are an intermediate or expert.

How to get the EBook:

1. Subscribe for my blog ( Really important, as I will get your Email ID after getting subscribed )

2. Share this article using the below sharing buttons at the end of the article, Above the author bio ( Important too )

After you subscribe and verify the E-mail, I can get your email via Feedburner, I will send you the EBook through E-Mail and give you the access to the file. So you can start download and reading it.


Pradeep Kumar from HellBoundBloggers:

Pradeep Kumar

Pradeep Sir allowed me to share this EBook in his Facebook Group which has 10,000 members and still growing. I would be really thankful to Pradeep Kumar sir for promoting this EBook. 


Wrapping Up

But, Don't stop visiting my blog regularly. Many EBooks are in the way. Some of them are ' Ranking on the first page of Google ' and ' Earning backlinks easily '. 

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Monday, 22 May 2017

70+ Free Dofollow Article Submission Sites List 2017

Posted by Samba Siva
Are you searching for Free dofollow article submission sites list ?

Tired getting low quality links from low quality submission sites ?

Well, there are many link building tatics which can help us in getting backlinks easily and quickly.

Unfortunately, all of them won't work. They can result in low quality backlinks which affect your search engine rankings which indirectly decrease your income.

That's why, We shouldn't try some link building techniques. Some of the low quality link building techniques are Profile links, Site-wide links and blah blah blah...

But this isn't about difference between high and low quality links, this is about Free dofollow article submission sites list

Wait, Lemme tell you what is article submission

What is article submission ?

Article submission is a link building technique which looks similar to guest posting ( A technique which can results in very high quality links and exposure ) .

Article submission is a link building technique where you submit your posts to high quality article directories and get backlinks from your posts.

Article directories ( Submission sites ) gives you an option to display an author bio at the end of every blog posts you publish. You can promote your blog there by leaving a link and write something about you.

So you can get exposure, Backlinks and traffic from High quality article submission sites.

Free dofollow article submission sites list

Seeking Alpha is one of the high PR article submission sites as It has a PR of 7 ( Now PR is dead, so we can't consider it )

Seeking alpha has a DA of 80 and PA of 83 which means it's really a high authority website.

But wait, SeekingAlpha never provides dofollow links. That means you can only get nofollow links to your website which has very low impact in search engine rankings.

But you can drive huge traffic and exposure to your blog. It's definitely worth writing for seeking Alpha.

Ehow is one of the world's largest " How To " website and think what it has DA of 87

It is one of the websites with huge authority in the eyes of Google. All the articles of Ehow ranks in the first page easily, no matter what the article length is.

But the sad thing is, Ehow won't provide dofollow links for anyone. But again it is whether writing for Ehow as your website (In the author bio ) gets so much exprosure.


Hubpages is a get paid to write website which means you will get paid for the articles you publish.

But they won't provide guaranteed rates per post. Your earnings depens upon the views of your article. You can add your Adsense code and affiliate codes for monetizing your articles.

Not only that, Hubpages give you dofollow links from your article. But you around publish atleast 3 articles before linking to your blog.

Hubpage is also one of the best website around the world. So you can maximum exprosure, If you publish an article in Hubpages.

Hubpages is one of the best and free dofollow article submissions sites ever.

Well, Ezine articles is one of the oldest article submission sites, But they have very strict terms.

If you ignore there guidelines, your post wouldn't be published on their site.

They provide dofollow links for your site within the article resulting in more impact on improving your website rankings

Basically, A search engine like Google. But, Technorati is an all rounder

Technorati has an Ad network, A website directory and one of the free dofollow article submission sites.

Technorati provides Dofollow backlinks and maximum exposure for those who submit articles to their directory.

Another Revenue sharing sure like Hubpges, But have very strict terms.

Getting approved by Infobarrel is really harder than getting an Adsesne account ( Just kidding ). Do you will have to understand, How difficult it is to get a backlink from Infobarrel.

But, Infobarrel gives dofollow links which gives you a very good rankings boost in Google in no time.

At the same time, You can make money from the article published by you. A combo offer for Bloggers and Webmasters. ( Nofollow ) ( Nofollow ) ( Nofolllow ) ( Nofollow )                
      NF! ( No follow )
       ( Nofollow )               
          ( Nofollow )          
               NF!                     ( Nofollow )

Note: Some of the websites listes above might shut down without any reminder. So, Please help us in making the list even better by commenting the non-working submission sites.

How to get backlinks from Article submission sites

1. Register for one of the above sites and verify your e-mail

2. Login with your login details

3. Be sure to fill out your profile. Fill author bio without spamming an include a link back to your website from author bio.

3. You can find a section named " Submit ", " Write " in the navigation bar.

4. Before writing any articles, make sure you have read the guidelines of the submission site.

6. Write a quality article according to the guidelines and be sure to link to your website within the article, If they allow. If not don't worry, You can get links from Author bio.


This is our Free Dofollow article submission sites list. It would be really helpful for bloggers and website owners for getting high quality backlinks. You can share this article, If you found this list helpul.
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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Find Long Tail Keywords Quickly- A Detailed Guide

Posted by Samba Siva
Need a detailed guide to find long tail keywords for Seo purposes ?

Are you tired of using short tail keywords which brings no search traffic ?

Keywords play a vital role in search engine optimization. We can say that Seo starts with keywords.

If there are no keywords, What you will target for optimization. Yes, it would be easier for us, as we can simply write content for humans. But, How Google ranks blogs ?

Google is purely depended on keywords. While Googlebot checks the webpage, it looks for some on-site factors and then on-page Seo ( Optimizing a specific webpage for a keyword can be called as On-Page Seo ). So Google cannot give related results for the visitors. Hence, Google will fail. But this isn't about the importance of keywords or something. Let's dive into the article Introduction.

Keywords are mainly classified into two groups:

1. Short tail keywords

2. Long Tail Keywords

Short tail keywords:

short tail keywords

These type of keywords can drive huge number of visitors from search engines ( Organic traffic ).

An example of short tail keyword would be:

" Build backlinks "

Have you observed the keyword ?

How sweet it is. Actually, think as a visitor, do you search for that keyword ?

According to me, Your answer would be Yes, Why not ?.

Like you, many people search for this keyword, If they need a tutorial on Building high quality backlinks. So it will increase the search volume ( Monthly searches ) for the keyword.

But now think as a Blogger, The keyword Build Backlinks has huge competition. Ranking for that keyword is almost impossible for newbie and intermediates too. You shouldn't target it unless you have huge authority.

Long Tail keywords:

Long tail keywords

 These type of keywords has low number of monthly searches ( Volume ), but can help you in ranking higher easily. With these  keywords, you can easily reach First page of Google in very short time.

An example of Long tail keywords would be:

Build High quality backlinks quickly

As a visitor, Do you search for that keyword ?

The chances might be 50-50. If you only need to know about high quality links, you would search for that. That's why, the volume of long tail keywords would always be low. But that doesn't mean, they have very low volume. Here is an article to prove it. Read How ' Neil Patel generated 20,000 visits using a long tail keyword ?

Even you are a beginner or very new to blogging ( Dumb ), you can target long tail keywords. But, that doesn't mean, you will reach first page surely. Long tail keywords have some competition, as many newbie bloggers target them. But, If you follow, some good on page seo optimization techniques and use this guide on Writing Seo optimized content, your chances of getting on the first page of Google may increase.

In this Blog post, we will give you some simple and nice ideas to quickly find Long tail keywords.

Short tail keywords vs Long Tail keywords

The above graph gives us an approximate idea on Short tail keywords vs Long tail keywords.

Both Long and short Tail keywords have advantages and disadvantages too.

Advantages of Short tail keywords

1. High  volume

2. High CPC ( Short tail keywords always have high CPC when compared to long tail keywords.)


1. High competition ( Almost impossible to rank )

Short tail keywords move around high, high, high. They have Hugh competition, High volume, High CPC.

Advantages of Long tail keywords:

1. Low competition

2. Can give you more targeted traffic.


1. Low volume ( means you will get less number of visits )

2. Low CPC ( Not always )

Long tail keywords revolves around low, low, low. They have Low competition, low volume, low CPC.

How to Find Long tail keywords quickly

Note: All these methods are working. But again these are not guaranteed. They may work or won't work sometimes based on the keyword you are targeting.

Use Google suggestions

When you type something into the search box of Google, it will automatically shows you related queries for your keyword and you can really find long tail keywords in no time.

1. Go to ad input your keyword. For example, If your keyword is " Build Backlinks " , you can input that.

2. Google will show you the related queries for your keyword. You can see in the above image. Like that you can find huge number of long tail keywords instantly. There is no need of using tools or something.

Use Related searches of Google

When you search for something on Google, it will show you some results. At the end of the page, you can find related searches for your keyword.

I have searched for make money from a blog and here are the related searches for my keyword.
Find long tail keywords quickly

The advantage of using Related searches is, Google will only show keywords with good volume on related searches tab. So you can proceed using them as your focus  keyword.

Use Quora or Yahoo answers

You can use popular communities or Q&A sites like Quora or Yahoo answers to find long trail keywords easily. Can't get me ?

There are many people who asks thousands of questions daily on Q&A sites like Quora. Some of the questions might include a thread with your keyword.

For example, If your focus keyword is On-page Seo you can search for that.

Quora will show you questions, containing your keyword. As they are in question format, you can find many long tail keywords in them.

We will take above example, If you search for on-page Seo, Quora gave you results like:

What is On-Page seo optimization

Any On-Page Seo optimization techniques ?

More questions......

In the second question, you can see, there is a long tail keyword. That is " On Page Seo optimization techniques ". Hurrah, you have found a long tail keyword.

Start spying on your competitors

For example, you are in a need of long tail keyword related to link building. And you are frustrated with all the methods listed above. I have already told you that Sometimes they might won't work.

So you can find long tail keywords related to link building or any other niche by spying on your competitors.

To spy on your competitors:

1. Make a list of top websites and blogs related to your focus keyword.

2. Then go to Google and search for your keyword Blog Name .

For example, Mine was link building and I have selected Neil Patel as my competitor.

So,, I search for Link Building and Google gives me results of related to link building.

So I will start reading his articles related to link building and make a note of all the long tail keywords in the article.

What, All long tail keywords in an article, How they target more than 3 keywords ?

Can't get me ?

Actually experts never stuff keywords or stress a specific keyword. If they target a keyword " Link Building tips ", they wouldn't repeat it too many times. Instead they will take the help of LSI keywords.

LSI keywors are nothing other than synonyms or related keywords in Seo.

For example, If you written about " How to add Adsense ads in Blogger ", You need to repeat it for maintaing good keyword density. But visitors may feel bad, If they notice that you are stuffing keywords. That's why, it is better to use LSI keywords in the place of Focused keywords ( only sometimes, Never try ranking for multiple keywords )

So an example of LSI keyword for the above would be " How to Insert Adsense ads in Blogger.

You can observe that I have used a synonym " Insert " in the place of " add ". So we got an LSI keyword. But keep in mind that your keyword density shouldn't be increased than 1-2% including LSI Keywords.

But Why I am taking about this ?

I told you that reading articles of competitors and making a list of long tail keywords in the above step.

While reading the competitor's article, Make sure you make a note of his focus keyword and LSI keywords.

Then you can find long tail keywords easily.

Use UberSuggest

Based on many Seo experts, UbserSuggest is really good for finding long tail keywords and keyword suggestions.

All you need is go to UberSuggest and input your targeted keyword and it will provide many Long tail keywords related to your keyword.

Start thinking

Create Long tail keywords

When you are tired with all the above methods and not willing to try any of the above method, you should try this one. All the above methods takes some time to find good and long tail keywords.

So you should start thinking and create long tail keywords yourself without the help of any tools.

First of all, you need a focus keyword. For example, I have selected Build Backlinks

So I should start thinking about the keyword and it's aspects.

Backlink building is more dependent on Quality. So, we should select a keyword based on Quality. Here are some keywords striking my mind:

Build high quality backlinks

How to make high quality backlinks

Get Quality links for free

How to build high quality links quickly

So, Iike that. Keep your focus keyword in mind and think about it's aspects.

Include one of the main aspect in the keyword and it would automatically turn into a long tail keyword resulting in higher rankings.

What's next

After finding some long tail keywords, it is the time to analyze them.

For this you need a keyword tool like SemRush, KWFinder, Serpstat etc. I recommend them as I regularly use them for Seo purposes.

Go to your desired keyword research tool
Input long tail keywords

Input your long tail keyword.

Keyword difficulty
It may or may not provide details. It's based on your keyword.

If you haven't got any information, you need to use your mind, and calculate whether the blogs ranking on the first page are stronger than you or not.

If the blogs listed on the first page for your keyword are having high number of backlinks, authority. You should leave the keyword.

When to target Short tail keywords ?

I have already told you that ranking for Short tail keywords is almost impossible. But, you can see, I have used a word " almost " . That means, you have some chances to rank for those keywords.

For example, you can see in above image, According to Alexa, ShoutmeLoud ( My favourite Blogger Harsh is the man behind this blog ), is ranking for some keywords, you can see them in the above image.

It is ranking for short tail keywords like:

   amazon affiliate
  amazon associates

All the above ones are clearly short tail keywords and brand names. So the brand's are already targeting the keyword.

So How ShoutMeLoud ranked for those keywords ?

The answer can be easily explained by one word " Authority ". Shoutmeloud has good authority in the eyes of Google. To gain authority and rank for short tail keywords, you need:

Backlinks: Many experts and newbies including me beleives that Backlinks are the main ranking factors of Google. According to me, it is right. The more backlinks you have, the more chances to rank for any keyword.

Update Frequency: I think this is also a main ranking factor used by Google. Bloggers should try updating their content regularly. Updating doesn't refers to changing all the text in an article, some minimial changes like Grammar correction or extra information is enough.

Speed: No doubt, all Seo articles, cone to this point. Google officially told that " Speed is now a ranking factor '. So you should start maintaing good load time for your blog.

Oh, my gosh, you have already completed reading 2000 words. I know, you were already bored.

Here is a list from Brian Dean on Google ranking factors. If you think, your blog can pass all ranking factors, you can target short tail keywords and can drive huge traffic.


This is our guide to find long tail keywords easily and quickly. It is really good for beginners, As I have listed each and everything carefully to make it clear for beginners too.

If you like the article, you can share it. Sharing this article, won't charge anything other than some KB's of data ( Just Kidding )
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Sunday, 7 May 2017

How To improve your Website Rankings on Google for free

Posted by Samba Siva
Are you a beginner, Who struggling to get more organic traffic ?

Wanna improve your website rankings on Google ?

It is really hard to believe that you are getting low search engine ranking, after writing unique and lengthy article, Building High quality backlinks and taking care of all on-page optimization.

We all know that Google ranking is based on more than 200 factors. But we don't know more about all the factors clearly. Here is a list of all known ranking factors of Google.

Here at Blogger WP Hacks, I will always try new optimization techniques to increase my Google rankings. Some of them may fail but some of them might work. I have already written about getting on the first page of Google for free and it got good response from my readers.

But this article is different when compared to getting in first page of Google. Because, Even though you reach 1st page, You might rank on position 7, so you lose some traffic. To capture full traffic, you need to optimize more. But optimization doesn't mean stuffing keywords or building links. There are so many factors to look out and in this article, We will give you a step by step tutorial on " How to improve your website rankings on Google ".

How to Improve your website rankings on Google

Note: I have actually used these techniques and made one of my blog posts rank higher. It was jumped from 11 to 9. I know that it isn't a huge rise, But I always believe that something is better than nothing.

1. Note down your current rankings

It is better to note down our current positions before conducting any experiment. Then we can know whether our experiment worked or not.

Before, conducting any experiments on your website rankings, I suggest you to take a note of your current rankings.

To Note down your current rankings:

1. Go to keyword rank check tool provided by SeoCentro. I recommend it as I regularly use it to track my blog rankings.

2. Type your keyword and input your domain

3. Complete the verification by typing captcha

Improve your website rankings on Google

4. Click on submit

checking keyword rankings

5. If your blog was found within the first 50 positions, it will give you the position of your blog.

6. Check out all of your keywords position and make a .txt file containing all of your keyword rankings.

But, I haven't took a screenshot of my old rankings, as I have never thought that I would write this article. But don't worry, I monitor my rankings each and every day. That's why you can trust me and this article.

2. Know what to optimize

There are many ranking factors which you need to take care of, to improve your website rankings on Google.

To know which factors we need to start working on, we need to analyze our blog.

Analyzing your blog :

Content: To improve your website rankings on Google, content is the main factor. According to me, Content is the king forever. If your blog have low quality content, you should remove or update all the low quality articles. If your blog contains articles less than 300 words, they are considered poor or low quality articles.

Content can be considered poor by:

Checking the word length ( below 300 words considered poor )

Checking whether You have written copied content ( You should remove Copied content )

Checking Keyword density of articles  ( Keyword density over 1.5% considered keyword stuffing )

Checking H1- H6 Tags ( If you place H1 tag in the content, you should remove it, Use H2-H5 tags )

Checking Internal and OutBound Links ( Linking to spammy blog's can result in Outbound link penalty )

It is better to check content manually other than using a heartless online tool.

Speed: Try using tools like Google pagespeed insights or GtMetrix which gives us accurate results regarding your blog load time. Your content must be shown within 3 seconds and your blog must fully load within 6 seconds to achieve good rankings in Google.

Backlinks: If your blog has low quality backlinks, we should remove them or do something to optimize our backlinks.
Backlinks issues

We can judge the quality of a link by:

Checking whether it is related to your blog

Checking whether it is placed on footer or some location too far from body to content

Checking How many external links are there in the webpage including your link

Checking whether the link giving webpage is not penalized or sandboxed by Google

Checking the metrics of blog like DA, PA and some other metrics.

After finding low quality links, we should optimize them. The solution is given below ( Read the article fully ).

You can analyze your backlinks using a accurate tool like Semrush, Majestic, Ahrefs, Rank Signals etc.

Ahrefs works better when it comes to analyzing bad and low quality links.

Broken Links: Broken links are really annoying for visitors and may they will never visit your website. We must take care of Broken links
Broken links found

Broken links are generated when:

You remove an article from your blog

You changed the permalink

One of your reference article or media is removed or changed.

You can analyze broken links using some online tools like Broken Link Check, Dead  Link checker or any other tool you like

Responsive issues

Now, mobile users are increasing day by day.

That's why, Google rolled out an algorithm regarding responsiveness of a website.

If your website is unresponsive and mobile users are watching desktop version of your blog, you should change your theme or make it responsive.

Optimize categories and labels: 

After Google rolled out Panda algorithm, All website owners were shocked and lost their organic traffic. Google panda is all about quality.

All your webpages indexed in Google must be properly optimized and must not be copied or duplicate content.

When it comes to categories and labels, they contain your blog post excerpts which results in duplicate content.

So we should take care of labels and categories to improve your website rankings on Google. You can solve them easily, We have given a solution below ( Read the article fully )

Not only these factors, there are many things to analyze and solve. But, the most important factors which affect search rankings are listed above.

3. Solve the Issues

After analyzing your blog's issues, It is the time to resolve them and then you can improve your website rankings on Google instantly.

Fixing Content : 

Try updating the article, give out some more information to your readers. If your blog post is only a small 300 word article, try updating it with some more information, This will help your blog readers.

If your blog has copied content, I recommend you to delete them right away and be sure to redirect the post link to make sure that you haven't generated a new Broken link. If your blog has copied content and you haven't removed it, it is almost impossible to improve your website rankings on Google.

If your blog has keyword stuffed content, You should reduce the number of keywords in your article and improve the size of the article.

Fixing blog load time:

After analyzing our blog load time with a webpage speed checker tool, it is the time to solve issues with your big load time. To optimize your blog:

optimize speed

1. Start using caching plugin. A caching plugin generates a cache file which tells the browser not to load from the network connection. Instead, it would load our blog using the cache file. So your blog would load faster. But keep in mind not to set long expiration time for caching files, If you set long expiration times, it would take so much time to load when your blog is updated.

2. Start using a good CDN ( content delivery network ) service like Maxcdn or Cloudflare to improve your blog load time.

3. Minify JavaScript and HTML and CSS using this tool. But keep in mind, after minifying your coding, It would be really hard to read it. So it is better to make necessary changes ( Like changing Colors, Sizes etc ) before minifying your codes.

Use better themes, If you are using Wordpress. Thrive themes are really good based on my experience. Here is a post on Thrive Themes Discount Code, if you need a good and optimized theme.

As speed is also a ranking factor, it is better to decrease blog load time to improve your website rankings on Google

Fixing Backlinks:

We have already seen about judging the quality of backlinks. When you find some low quality links, There are two ways to get it removed.

Contact the webmaster: You can ask the administrator of the website to manually remove your backlink. If they watch your Email, They will remove our link.

But sometimes, webmasters wing respond quickly. They can take up to 1 month to respond. In the case, the second one would be helpful.

Disavow backlinks: 

1. Use a good and accurate backlink checker tool and make a list of bad backlink source URL'S.

2. Go to this Disavow file generator an input all the URL of bad backlinks and it will generate a txt file. Download it.

3. Go to the disavow tool of Webmaster tools

4. Select your domain and click on submit.

5. Again click on Disavow, A pop-up appears asking you to upload a txt file containing your bad links.

6. Upload the downloaded file in step-2 and click on Disavow.

Give Google sometime to block passing of link juice from the bad. This process may takes up to 2 weeks depending upon the indexing of the backlink giving URL

Fixing Broken links

Actually fixing broken links is easier than analyzing them. Finding Broken links takes so much time, as all the hyperlinks in your webpage should be checked. To fix Broken links, you can use redirection plugin for WordPress.

If you are using Blogger, you can easily redirect broken links using Custom redirects tab of Search preference menu.

Fixing Responsiveness issues : 

We can do nothing about this. We should change our template or hire a web designer to make changes in your blog theme to make it optimized for mobile users.

Fixing Labels and categories:

Fixing labels is easy. Actually it isn't mandatory for optimizing labels to improve your website rankings on Google. But, It can help you in avoiding Google penalities like Panda.

To optimize labels:

You can use a Noindex tag for Labels and categories

You can add disallow crashing of Labels using robots.txt file.

Rad this article from Shoutmeloud on optimizing Categories in wordpress

We have made required changes in our blog for improving search engine performance. There are some aspects to analyze and recover. May be in future, we will add those into the list.

You can give us suggestions to add an aspect to take care of using the comments section.

4. Build high quality Backlinks

We have already removed all low quality backlinks to improve our search rankings, But that doesn't mean building links is not good for Seo.

We need to concentrate on quality, not quantity. Here are some techniques to grab some high quality links:

1. Make use of expert round ups : 

Build links using expert Roundup

An expert round up is nothing other than the answers of expert's for a question in a specific niche.

For example, Zac Johnson and Brain Dean are two best bloggers in link building. So we will invite them to answer a question related to Link building. They will answer the question and also share your post in their social networks.

All the fans and followers of Neil and Zac would start promoting your post in their social media profiles too. They will also link back to your blog post when they need an external resource related to Back links.

So you can get high quality links to your blog easily.

2. Broken link building

Broken link building

The concept of broken link building is very simple.

You will analyze one of the popular and higher authority blogs fit broken links, You will find a broken link ( External ), You contact the administrator to replace the broken link with your blog post link ( You will have to create one already ).

It will take do much time to find broken links of a blog as no webmaster wants broken links ( We have already discussed about it ). Even though we find broken links, some webmasters won't respond to your E-mail.

Sometimes a webmaster might reject your proposal of replacing the broken link with your link ( Because of some Seo, User issues ).

That's why, Broken link building won't work most of the times. But it can bring good number of links in less time.

Must read: step by step- Broken link building guide

3. Guest posting

Who said Guest posting is dead ?

Guest posting can live forever. It is the only immortal concept in link building.

But there are few things which you need to take care of while guest posting:

Only post on related blogs and websites

If possible, Try getting a link within the content

Check out all the metrics of blog before contributing to any blog.

Last but not the least, check wether your article comprises with their requirements or not. Because, Quality blogs never accept copied, Spunned or poor content.

That's why, follow all their terms and get a high quality backlink.

Must read: List of Guest posting sites for backlinks

4. Write high quality articles

High quality articles can get huge number of social shares, Back links, comments in no time.

For example, the content written by Neil Patel attracts many backlinks as he never writes articles or tutorials with less than 2000 words. He also adds info graphics, Quality images, Graphs to attract visitors more and to provide more information to the readers.

So, when anyone needs a quality resource about link building or seo, they will link back to Neil Patel's blog.

So these are some of the best ways to grab high quality links. High quality links will surely helps you to improve your website rankings on Google.

Must read: How to build high quality links in less time

5. Start working on Keywords

I too knew that you are already bored with this long article.

We will end it as fast as we can. But we will never provide you half-cooked food. Let's dive in to keyword research

1. Long Tail keywords

If your keyword is longer than 3 words, it can be easily considered as a long tail keyword. Long tail keywords bring less traffic when compared to short tail keywords. 

But Short tail keywords have so much competition. If you are a beginner or just started a blog, it is better to start focusing on long tail keywords. Here is an article which is written by Neil Patel about " How a long tail keyword generated 20,000 visits a month ".

It is a proof that Long tail keywords can improve your website rankings on Google really quickly.

2. Think like a human
start thinking about keywords
credits: Pixabay

It is better to use our mid sometimes than believing a heart-less keyword tool.

Keyword tools might not contain your focused keyword. So what you will do.

Then we will need to think like a human. Think wether " Do I search for the keyword ? ".

If your mind says yes, start using that keyword. If not, try using simpler words or synonyms to make your keyword stylish and attractive.

But we cannot know wether the keyword has high competition, volume etc. If we use our mind.

Wrapping up

This is our long and simple guide to improve your website rankings on Google for free. With this guide, you will never need an Seo expert. But these are not only the ones to optimize your blog. There are many other aspects, you should check out. We will also include them in the next update. J was already tired writing this article for 2 and half hours ( including research ) and 1/2 hour for collecting images, making graphs etc.

If you wanna link to this article, you can use the below code.

<a href='' rel='nofollow'>improve website rankings easily</a>

Copying this article is strictly prohibited. This is protected by DMCA. If you copy this article in your blog, you might get penalized, Your Adsense account might be disabled.

If you like this article on " How to improve your website rankings on Google", I suggest you to share this on your social media profiles.
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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Blogspot Seo Tips And Tutorial : Make Blogger Seo Friendly

Posted by Samba Siva
Want some Blogspot Seo tips to make your blog search engine friendly ?

Wanna get some more traffic from search engines to your blogspot blog ?

Blogger is really one of the best blogging platforms available in the industry. Even though there are many free website builders like Weebly and Wix, Blogger is the most popular among them. Wordpress is the best platform of all, But it doesn't come out for free. That's why, We recommend beginners to use Blogger as their CMS ( content management system ). You can see this blog post about Wordpress versus Blogger, So you can decide which platform to go with.

By default, No platform is Seo optimized. Even though many say Wordpress is seo optimized by default, you should use an Seo plugin to make it really optimized for search engines. Yoast and All in one seo are the popular Seo plugins for Wordpress. Here is a tutorial, you can follow to Setup All in One seo plugin properly.

But Blogger blogs doesn't have the capability to have plugins. That's why, it is really difficult to make Blogger Seo friendly. But don't worry, We are here with the working Seo tips for Blogspot blogs.

Blogspot Seo tips

1. Format Blog post titles

By default, The blog post titles of Blogger should look like :

Blog Name | Post%title

For example, If you written a blog post about Blogspot seo tips, and your blog name is Myblog. The title should look like this in search engines :

Myblog- Blogger Seo tips

Actually, The blog title is consuming so much space in the SERP's page.

We all know that, We should keep our blog post titles below than 65 characters. But in the first case, The blog title is already consuming 10 characters and If you are targeting a long tail keyword, It is almost impossible to show up the full long tail keyword in search engines.

To resolve this issue, We should use format post title code.

1. Go to template > Edit HTML

2. Search for the below code :


3. Replace the above code with the below code.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType==&quot;index&quot;'>

After replacing the code, your blog post titles should look like :

Your Blog post title- Your Blog Name

2. Meta tags

You can add a description to your blog homepage and blog posts to make Blogger seo friendly.

To add a meta description to your blog homepage :

1. Go to settings > search preferences

2. Click on edit on the description

3. Click on On, This will add a feature to add descriptions to your blog.

4. In a few words, Describe what your blog is about. Here, Few words refers to less than 120 characters.

To add meta descriptions to Blog post's :

1. Go to Posts and select a blog post to edit :

2. On the right sidebar of your blog post editing section, Click on Search Description

3. Write a description about your blog post and never forget to add your focus keyword in the meta description to make it more powerful for search engines.

3. Robots.txt

One of the main and most important Blogspot seo tips. Because, every blog needs a Robots.txt file to avoid indexing of a blog from bad search bots.

A robots.txt file is a file which contains information regarding allow or block a specific search engine to index our blog. Don't worry, you don't need to touch a single piece of code to add a robots.txt file to your blog. Here is a tutorial to add robots.txt file to your blog :

1. Go to settings > Search preferences

2. Click on edit on the robots.txt file which is located at the bottom the page.

3. Click on On

4. Go to a good robots.txt generator which can easily generate a robots file for your blog. Copy the text generated from the robots.txt generator.

5. Paste it in the robots.txt section of your blog

4.Permalink optimization

We all know that optimization of permalinks is also a main part of On-page seo. Blogger's should take care of permalinks to rank higher on Google.

To optimize permalinks

1. Go to post Editor

2. While writing a new post, You can see a label called permalink in the right toolbar section

3. Click on permalink and edit the permalink to optimize it for search engines.

If you don't know, How to optimize permalinks, you should read my blog post on How to optimize permalinks for more traffic.


A sitemap is an XML file which contains the URL'S of all your blog posts. Your robots.txt contains the URL of your sitemap file. When a bot visits your blog, It will check out whether it is allowed or not by robots.txt and then it makes a decision whether to crawl your blog or not. If your robots.txt allows the bot to crawl your site, it will directly go to the sitemap of your blog and then gets the links of your blog posts and index them, If the blog post has no quality issues.

I am talking about these things, Because it is all about a sitemap file. If your blog contains no sitemap file, It would affect the indexing of your blog.

By default, Your blog comes with a sitemap file. So there is no need of extra configuration for your sitemap file. This is one of the Blogspot seo tips which comes by default and doesn't need any configuration.

6.Redirect Broken links

Blogger, by default, comes with a broken link redirector which gives you access to redirect all the broken links easily. This will make your blogger blog seo friendly and will improve your blog rankings and will further help in proper indexing of our blog's.

You can redirect broken links with this simple tutorial :

1. Go to settings > search preferences

2. Click on custom redirects

3. Click on add a new redirect

4. Paste your broken link URL in the first box.

5. Paste the URL which you want to show instead of the broken link.

7,Alt tags

You can optimize your blog images for search engines by adding an alt tag.

With Blogger, you can add alt tag to an image easily. All you need to do is click on a image and click on properties. A popup box appears asking you to input an alt tag.

Type a keyword about the images and the alt tag is added to your image. For example, If your image is about " Blogspot Seo tips ". You should input it as the alt tag.


These are the most important Blogspot Seo tips from our side. I already added all the above aspects to my blog and made by blog optimized for search engines like Google.

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Friday, 14 April 2017

SerpStat Review- Pricing, Turorial And Serpstat Vs Semrush

Posted by Samba Siva
Want some higher rankings in Google ?

Wanna beat all your competitors in SERP ?

Need an All-in-one Seo tool ?

In this Serpstat review, you will learn many things about it and I think, you will fall in love with it.

When it comes to Seo tools, we will start thinking about one tool,it is nothing other than SemRush.

SemRush is really a good seo tool for blogger's and internet marketers. If you are new to blogging, you might haven't heard about SemRush. For you guys, Here is the SemRush review.

Day- before yesterday, i've written an article on Kwfinder tutorial. Kwfinder is one of the best Semrush alternative which costs less when compared to SemRush.

Like those, SerpStat is also a very good SemRush alternative and can be used for improving search rankings of our blog.

Not only that, SerpStat is really helpful in beating all your competitors and stole all their rankings and traffic. More traffic= more money, So it is a must to use this awesome and amazing seo tool.

In this blog post, We will write about SerpStat features , Serpstat vs SemRush , How to use it for improving SERP ?

So what are you waiting for, Let's dive into the blog post.

Must read :

Small Seo tools - A small look 

Best Semrush alternatives ( free )

Serpstat review

Serpstat is really a good tool for bloggers and internet marketers. This tool is growing rapidly in the industry and I think it may beat many other Seo tools. This is an unbiased review and I am informing you that an affiliate link is placed at the bottom of the article which gives me some commission, if you purchase Serpstat through the link. I promise you that the affiliate link won't increase any rates of the product.

Serpstat Pricing

The pricing of SerpStat starts from a small price of $19/month,Making it the cheapest Seo tool for internet marketers. But keep in mind that, it is the starting plan.

The biggest plan ( Plan E ) costs $499 per month, making it one of the costliest seo tools for business purpose.

SemRush plans starts from $49/month and the largest plan of SemRush costs $69/month, Making the large plan more cheaper than SerpStat.

But the starting plan costs less in Serpstat and high in SemRush. So when it comes to Pricing in Serpstat vs SemRush, SerpStat is awesome and clear winner.

Tools and features

Here are the important features of Serpstat. I know that I missed some features, but keep in mind that these are the important tools of this tool.

Domain analysis :

Input the URL of a blog and give Serpstat some time to analyse it.

Serpstat gives you so much information on the domain includes :

Top organic keywords :

How was the blog getting organic traffic ( Traffic from search engines ) . It will show you the keywords, How much volume does the keyword have, How much CPC does the keyword have and How much position does the blog got for the keyword. In the above example, you can see, I analyzed and provided the list of below keywords :

top performing keywords

You can see in the above image not only Keywords are provided, other information is also provided like :

Position :

Where does the blog ranks for the given keyword, In the above case, you can see ShoutMeLoud ranks on the 1st position for all the keywords.

Volume :

An approximate value about How many monthly searches were made on the keyword. If you got the 1st position for a keyword with volume 1000, you will get 1000 visitors approximately with the help of the post.


CPC of top keywords

How much Cost per click does the keyword have ?

Backlinks :

Serpstat review- check backlinks

Serpstat analyzes all the backlinks for the domain and present only 5 of them for you.

Backlinks plays a viral role in ranking if a blog post. The more links you have, the more easier to rank.

Building backlinks is hard for beginners. A best way to build links is spying. You can spy on your competitor links and try to earn them like he did.

In the domain analysis, Serpstat provides the list of backlinks for the domain. It will show you some extra information like Nofollow/Dofollow, Serp Trust rank ( Own metric of SerpStat, Interesting right ) etc.

Lost backlinks :

Lost backlinks

Earning backlinks is tough,but losing them is easy. But loss of backlinks results in Loss of Search rankings and that results in loss of traffic and that results in loss of traffic.

In the domain analysis, it will show information regarding how many backlinks does a domain lost ?

You can recover them by contacting the admin and get your rankings back. In this Serpstat review, This is an important and interesting tool which provides good information to the blogger.

Also keep in mind that, Semrush never checks for lost backlinks. So in the battle of Serpstat vs Semrush, serpstat is the winner in checking backlinks.

Backlink Checker

In the domain analysis, we have seen that the result contains information about backlinks. But it will only show 5 Links.

But what about the remaining links ?

Does a blog only have 5 links ?

Not at all, When you click on show full backlinks in domain analysis, you will be redirected to this tool.

This is the backlink checker tool of Serpstat and it really provides quick and accurate list of the backlinks for a domain.

It will also show some metrics like Serpstat trust rank to decide the quality and health of a backlink.

At the same time, when you click on Show full backlinks on lost backlinks section of Domain analysis, you will be redirected to this tool which contains the list of lost backlinks too. The lost backlink checker is one of the main tools in Serpstat review.

Keyword research tool

No need of any introduction for bloggers with some experience and for new bloggers, here is a small definition :

Keyword research is nothing other than finding and selecting keywords which helps is to rank higher in search engines. Selecting a wrong keyword may won't give you any higher rankings.

So selection of right keyword is a must, you can read this guide on Proper keyword research and learn more about it.

Serpstat comes with a handy keyword research tool and it is also very accurate.

I searched for the keyword " Seo " and here are the results :

You can see that, this tool gave us the volume, Competition and CPC of the keyword.

And a list of some more keywords which is related to our keyword.

Keyword rank checker

Have you Written a fantastic and seo optimized article ?

Waiting for your post to be indexed in Google ?

Yes, finally, your blog post was indexed. But, How much position you got for the keyword ?

Are you typing different, search queries and surfing many pages in SERP and wasting so much time and sweat ?

The quick solution for your problem is keyword rank checker tool by Serpstat.

Input your keyword, Input your domain URL, Select search engine and click on track.

It will does the work for you and instantly checks the first 100 results in Google and checks whether your blog post is ranked or not.

If ranked, it will show, how much position you have got in SERP, making it easier to keep a teach of your keywords.

In this Serpstat review, This is the time saving and accurate data providing tool.

Site Audit

Is your blog optimized for search engines ?

If no, this tool is for you. In this Serpstat review, this is the most important tool which you must use.

Because this tool checks each and every aspect of your blog and gives you result about " Which aspect is killing your blog ? " and after knowing about the aspect, search about how to recover from it and you can easily optimize your blog for search engines.

Optimizing a blog is not only the thing for achieving a good SERP.

Removal of bad aspects is also a key to rank higher in search engines.

How to use Serpstat for improving SERP'S

Using keyword research tool :

On page Seo starts with keywords,

So keyword research is very important for every blogger.

According to me, Serpstat provides one pf the best keyword research tools and the tool is so accurate.

For improving SERP, you should check out low competition keywords which you can easily find through the keyword research tool of Serpstat.

The keyword research tool provides us so much accurate information about the competition of a keyword. I would suggest you to check out keywords which have competition less than 30 ( Easier to rank ).

Using competitor analysis :

How the hell was your competitor able to rank higher than you ?

To beat and stole his traffic, Analyse his domain using the domain analysis tool and know " Which keywords does your competitor use ? ".

Stole his keywords and stole his traffic.

For example, your competitor is using a keyword " Best and free keyword research tools ", Now write about the same thing ( Topic ) and try to rank higher ( Use many on-page seo tricks and build some links to the blog post ).

Then you will get all the traffic of your competitors.

At the same time, Analyse your competitors backlinks and try to build backlinks in the same way for your blog and this improves SERP.

So, in this Serpstat review, this is the tutorial to use Serpstat effectively. Simple but powerful tricks.

Serpstat vs Semrush

Actually SemRush and Serpstat offers the same tools. But, SemRush has a large database of Domains and keywords where as Serpstat has small database of domains and keywords ( Hey, this is a new tool ) .

But, Serpstat is more accurate in finding competition of keywords.

At the same time, Serpstat is more cheaper than SemrRush.

That's why, Serpstat is the clear winner ( Only for small and medium bloggers ) and for professionals, SemRush is the winner.

Buy Serpstat Now


Wrapping Up

This is a clear and unbiased Serpstat review for bloggers. I recommend you to buy this tool right now or you will miss so much traffic for your blog. In future, I may write " How Serpstat increased my blog's traffic " and till then, wait for the article and subscribe for us.

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