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Thursday, 20 April 2017

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Ad-Maven Review- Scam or Legit, CPM Rates, Earnings, Payment Proofs

Is Ad-Maven a scam ?

What about the eCpm rates ?

In this Ad-Maven review, we are going to check out each and every aspect of this network.

We have already seen many reviews like Cuelinks, Popads and Adversal etc. All those are high quality ad networks which performed so good and gave good results for everyone. Generally, We never write the reviews of any scam ad networks, If a network turned scam by stopping paying for their publishers, We will remove it from our blog or We stop recommending it.

So there is no chance of being scammed by the networks which are reviewed by us.

What is Ad-Maven ?

Ad-Maven Review Scam or Legit

Ad-Maven is a popular ad network which has 25 years of experience in the industry. I don't know, When this ad network was founded. But, I can tell you that It is one of the largest Pop ad network in the industry. Ad-Maven serves 5 Billion monthly impressions. 5 Billion impressions is not a small thing. So you will have to understand, How large it is. In one statement, We can tell you that Ad-Maven is one of the best alternative for Propellerads.

Ad-Maven Review

You can see a referral link at the end of the review. This is just a referral disclaimer for publishers and my visitors.

Scam or Legit

I've already told you that Ad-Maven serves 5 Billion impressions a month. At the same time, They holds a huge experience of 25 years, which is almost impossible for scam networks. So, it isn't a scam. Ad-Maven is completely a legit ad network and you can signup with them without any worries. Even though there are some reviews which are opposed to my statement, I would consider Ad-Maven a completely genuine network. But, I'm not responsible, If you scammed by them after reading this interview. Is Ad-Maven a scam, No, Not at all.

Signup and Approval

To signup with this network, you can go their Publisher signup page and give them all the required details. Then, Ad-Maven will send you a mail regarding verification. Click on the link which is inside the mail and you are all set.

Ad-Maven offers instant approvals like Revenue Hits which makes it look like a scam. But instant approval, doesn't mean a scam. So again, you can trust them.

There are no traffic requirements for the approval. So, New bloggers and small publishers can use this network for making some money from their blogs. The approval section is the very good part in this Ad-Maven review.

Ad Formats

Ad-Maven have enough formats ( Not high or Not so low ) for their publishers. All type of blogs and websites can be monetized with Ad-Maven. Here are the formats of Ad-Maven :

Pop's : Pop's refers to both Popup's and Popunder's. But, you cannot choose only Popunder's while creating an ad code. Don't worry, after creating an ad code, you can go to Configure settings and edit the Ad format as you like ( Popunder's or Popup's or Both ). Pop's are really high paying formats of Ad-Maven. We all know that Pop's are annoying for visitors, But the pop's of Ad-Maven are really attractive. You can also choose the Cap of Pop's per page, to keep your visitors cool and calm.

Interstitial : A full page ad which can easily monetize both Mobile and desktop traffic and provides you good rates. The full page ad contain a close button which provides the visitor an option to close the ad. But sometimes, they may irritate visitors. Your visitors close your blog post without reading it and surf another blog post.

Banners : The common ad format type available in all ad networks. The banners pays lesser rates when compared to the Pop's.

CPM Rates

We all know that Pop ad networks like Popads and propeller ads pays higher rates. Like that, Ad-Maven pays higher rates for all publishers. After adding Ad tags, you should wait at least 2 days for optimization. After that, related ads will start appearing on your blog resulting in higher Ecpm rates.

The pop's pay higher and the banner's pay lower. Low doesn't mean really low. Lower refers to comparison. Banners pay less when compared to Pop's.

The rates might start from as low as $0.1 - $4 easily. I think, this is the part which makes you more happy in this Ad-Maven review.


Really, I haven't tried to contact them yet. I haven't got any problem to contact their support. So I cannot explain you about their support.


Ad-maven has the minimum payment thersold of $50. They pay via many ways like Paypal, Payoneer and Bank wire.

Ad-Maven uses Net30 payment terms which means you will get paid on the end of every month.

Ad-Maven has automatic payment releasing system which means The payment is automatically given to all the publishers at the end of the month.

Ad-Maven Special

Ad-Maven ads can bypass all the ad blocking extensions and softwares.

Because of Ad blockers, Bloggers lose so much revenue. But, If you use Anti-Ad block code, It will automatically bypass all the ad blockers and help you in generating some more revenue.


Easy and fast approval

Legit network

Block many ad blockers

High ecpm rates


High minimum payout of $50


This is the Ad-Maven review from our side. I recommend you to start using it, If you are a new blogger who want to monetize your traffic. Ad-Maven is also a good Adsense alternative for small publishers. So it is a must try ad network.

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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

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Cuelinks Review- Scam Or Legit, How To Make Money With It

Are you looking for a Cuelinks Review ?

Wanna know " Is that a scam or legit network ? "

Are you an Indian blogger, who is frustrated with the rates of Rates ?

We all know that Adsense pays really low rates for some countries like India. Here are some reasons on Why Adsense pays low Rates in India . After reading that article, you should start thinking about joining an Adsense alternative. Here, we also made a huge list of High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers and bloggers. In that article, we gave Affiliate marketing the first position. Because, Affiliate marketing is the best Adsense alternative even for beginners. But, you need to know, How to handle it. If you are new to affiliate marketing, it is really hard to make your first dollar using Affiliate marketing.

In this blog post, we are going to answer all your questions. Even though you are beginner who don't know How to handle Affiliate Marketing, You can still make money from it. Because, there is a network called Cuelinks which monetize your blog with Affiliate products automatically. So no more excuses, let's see the Cuelinks review.

What is Cuelinks ?

Cuelinks Review

Cuelinks is a monetization network which use CPS ( cost per sale ) format to pay for it's publishers. In one word, Cuelinks is the best alternative to Viglinks and Skimlinks. Cuelinks monetize your external links with related products which have your affiliate ID and if anyone purchases the product through the page, you will get paid.

Cuelinks is an Indian based network and you cannot expect International partners in this network. So, I recommend this network for Indian publishers.

How to make money with Cuelinks ?

There are many ways to make money with Cuelinks. Some of them include :

Direct affiliate links : Keep in mind, If you are approved for Cuelinks, you will be automatically approved for over 600 merchants, So no need of checking every programme.

1. Go to your dashboard and click on Campaign explorer

campaign explorer

2. Search for the Brand or shopping site you need and you trust. For example, If you are writing a review about Redmi 4A mobile which is exclusively launched by Amazon, You need to search for Amazon.

3. Click on the icon of the brand. A new tab will be opened.

4. You can see paste URL box below the details of the programme. Paste the URL of the product. ( If you want an affiliate link of Amazon Redmi 4A, you need to go to amazon.com, Search for Redmi 4A and copy the link and paste in Cuelinks box )

Affiliate linn Cuelinks

5. Cuelinks will give you a URL which contains your affiliate link and the product link.

6. Add the link in your review. If anyone clicks on it, He/She will be redirected to the product page ( Ex: Redmi 4A on Amazon ) . If they make a sale, you will get paid according to the terms of the programme

Widgets ( Banners ) : Banner ads are so common, But it isn't wit Cuelinks. Cuelinks offer two types of widgets :

Banner widgets Cuelinks

1. Deal widget

2. Coupon widget

For example, If your blog is about Recharge plans, You can select Recharge category with coupon widget and place it in the sidebar of your blog. It will show coupons related to the recharge plans. If anyone clicks on the widget, He will be redirected to the official webpage of the sim provider.

For example, If your visitor is an Airtel user, He clicked on the Airtel coupon Ad, He will be redirected to the Airtel official website and If he recharge online, You will get paid.

You can place Widgets in the sidebar of your blog to make more sales.

Cuewords : The most important thing in this Cuelinks review

Cuewords works like an in-text ad network. This means, it will automatically convert words into Hyperlinks with your affiliate ID.

To add Cuewords to your blog : 

1. Go to your Cuelinks dashboard

2. There you can see Install Javascript.

3. Click on it

4. You will get a code ( Javascript code ).

5. Add the javascript code to your blog. I recommend you to place it at the end of your blog ( Footer ).

6. Now Again, Go to your Cuelinks dashboard.

7. Click on Activate now on Cuewords.

8. Now, Some of your links in the blog post will be automatically turned into affiliate links.

Cuelinks Review


Are you tired of waiting for approval ?

Generally, Many ad networks takes so much time to approve applications of publishers.

But, with Cuelinks, you don't need to wait for ages to get an approval. They approve all applications within 1-2 Business days. This is really an amazing thing in this Cuelinks review about their approvals.

All you need to do is signup for Cuelinks using this signup page. They will send you a verification E-mail, Verify your E-mail using the link and wait for 1 day to get approval.

Cuelinks don't have any traffic requirements. They won't reject any application unless your website deals with illegal activities.


Cuelinks offers very quick support for their publishers. If you got any problem, you can directly contact them through your dashboard from the Support tab. They will respond as fast as they can and help you out.

Minimum payout

The minimum payout of Cuelinks is only RS.500 and they only pay via direct bank transfer. They won't pay via Paypal. So this is a major disadvantage for them. But it is an Indian based network. I think many Indian based small bloggers don't have a Paypal account. So it is better for them.

Referral program

Cuelinks offer a referral program for their publishers. If you refer any publisher, you can take 25% of your referral for 3 months.

For example, If the person you referred earned RS.1000, you will get RS.250 from his earnings.

Scam or Legit

No doubt, Cuelinks is not a scam. It was even seen on a high authority blog like ShoutMeLoud, making it really a good alternative for viglinks.


1. Easy approval

2. Good support

3. Huge number of partners

4. Low minimum payouts


1. Only pays via Bank transfer

2. Sometimes Low commission.

Name : Cuelinks

Scam or Legit : Legit

Rating : 4/5

Recommended or not : Recommended

                    Signup Now


This is the Cuelinks review for publishers. I recommend you to start using it right away. If you have a coupon and deals website, it is really easy to make more money with Cuelinks. If you enjoyed this article, Share it with your friends

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Saturday, 15 April 2017

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Adversal Review - Scam or legit, Adversal vs Adsense, Rates

We have already seen many reviews of top ad networks like Adsoptimal, Chitika, Revenue Hits, Propeller ads etc. All those networks are really good and legit. Actually, we will never write the reviews scam ad networks.

Today, I am here with an Ad network called Adversal. I am going to write adversal review, It's advantages and disadvantages and many other things about this network.

But, it isn't the time to dive into the article. We must check out some other things before reading this article. Like that, We have already written about High paying adsense alternatives which pays higher rates. At the same time, Adversal is also a very good Adsense alternative.

What is Adversal ?

Adversal Review

Adversal is one of the best adsense alternatives which was founded back in 2003 and within a very small time, it grew rapidly and got so many publishers and advertisers, making it a high paying ad network. Many advertisers means, a good network which pays on time. Adversal is also a legit network. ( Hey, Hold on, it isn't the end of the article ). Now, let's dive in and check out each and every aspect of adversal.

Adversal Review

Scam or legit

Adversal is not a scam. This networks pays on time. No one really reported it a scam. That's why, you can easily trust this network and I really recommend this network for everyone.

Sign up and Approval

Signing up doesn't need any special invitation or any other trash. You can directly head up to the publisher signup page and input all the details like Name, Username, E-mail and other details and click on signup.

Adversal takes 3-5 business days to approve or reject any application. Within 3-5 days, they will send you a E-mail regarding approval or rejection.

To get approved, Your blog or website must need some aspects, They are also called requirements :

1. Your blog must have original content. No legit ad network accepts blog's with copied content.

2. Your blog must receive a monthly traffic of 30,000- 50,000 pageviews. They officially said that they have minimum traffic requirement of 50,000 pageviews. But they will accept websites with lower traffic sometimes, But it is really rare.

3. Your blog must be malware, Virus-free. If your blog contain malware, they will reject your website.

4. Adversal won't accept any adult sites. If you have an Adult website, I recommend you to check out some other networks which accept adult traffic.

Quality of Ads

We must consider the quality of ads seriously. Because, your visitors will be annoyed, if they see any redirects, or any other disturbances with the ads.

There are many ad networks which offer low quality ads, but high rates. But never think of rates, Think of Quality and make your visitors happy.

Adversal ads won't contain any virus or malware. They don't have any redirects which means, they have high quality ads.


Adversal offers very good CPM rates for its publishers. They really monetize American traffic effectively. They pay higher rates for American traffic and pay lesser for other countries like India. But never think they pay very lesser. The rates starts from as low as $ 0.10 - $ 5 . It is really a decent rate for banner ads ( Only pop's get high payouts ). This is the important part in this Adversal review, as every one is interested in knowing about their rates.


The minimum payout of Adversal is $20 and they pay via Paypal and Check.

They follow Net35 which means, you will get paid after 35 days of reaching the minimum payout of $20 and this is a major disadvantage of Adversal.

Adversal vs Adsense

In reality, No ad network can compete with Adsense. Because Adsense is an ad network owned by Google. That's why, it has so much quality.

When it comes to rates, Both Adsense and Adversal pays same CPM rate. But when it comes to CPC rates, Adsense pays more. Because Adsense is a CPC network where as Adversal is a CPM based network.

And when it comes to rules and regulations, Adversal is the clear winner. Because, we all know that Adsense is the network of rejections and bans. They have strict rules and regulations which publishers must follow. If anyone breaks one of those rules, He/She had to face a permanent ban from Adsense. In this Adversal review, This is a major advantage for them, as they have lesser rules when compared to Adsense.

Advantages :

1. Pays higher rates for every country. Some ad networks pay only higher rates for some countries.

2. Good and high quality banner ads.

3. Legit ad network and a very good Adsense alternative.

Disadvantages :

1. High traffic requirements

2. Follows Net35 payout terms.


Adversal review is written for publishers and i recommend publishers to start using them right away to get maximum benfit and higher rates and less bans ( Just kidding ). This is really a Legit and recommended ad network.

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Monday, 3 April 2017

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15+1 High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers

Do you want some High Paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers ?

Are you a small blogger, Need an ad network with low traffic requirements ?

Does your Adsense account banned or Suspended ?

If yes, it is going to be a very lucky day for you.

Many Bloggers and publishers including me, Use Adsense to monetize our blog. Because it is the only Good and high paying ad network that doesn't have any traffic requirements. To get started with Adsense, All you need is Quality content and good design. But some Bloggers won't get an Adsense approval. But don't worry, for those guys, Here is a detailed article on How to get an Adsense approval for small blogs

Where as some bloggers won't have any satisfaction with the low rates of Adsense for some countries.

And some Bloggers wanna try some more ad networks for some more experience

And some bloggers wanna try best and high paying Adsense alternatives because he/she might be suspended by the explosive rules of Adsense.

So these are some reasons to check out alternatives. Let's find some of the High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers. They would be helpful for Indian and other country based bloggers which gets low CPC.

Update 1 ( 17-4-2017 ) : Adversal added into the list

High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers

Note : Even though the title of this post is Best Adsense alternatives for small publishers, Some of these ad networks might have high traffic requirements. That's why, we also write about the Approval Possibility of every network.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Best Adsense alternatives in India for small publishers

An example of Affiliate Banner

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make huge money from your blog. Affiliate marketing is one of the High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers. Affiliate Marketing is nothing other than prompting a product in your blog and if anyone buys the product through your affiliate id, you will get paid. Each and every network has it's own affiliate program and have their own terms and conditions. Some affiliate programs might pay as high as $120 per sale and some pays as low as $10 and some other programs doesn't pay but gives you commissions.

For example, If you join Amazon affiliate program and started promoting products on your blog. One of your visitor purchased a product through your Affiliate link. If the visitor purchased a product of RS. 100, you will get RS. 10, But if he/she purchases a T.V which costs 10,000, you will get RS. 1000 . That's why, i often call Affiliate marketing as one of the Best Adsense alternatives in India for small publishers.

But, with affiliate programs, you can only get paid, if you make a sale. If the visitor clicks your link and close the link without purchasing anything, you won't get paid anything.

Where as, With ad networks, you can get paid for clicks and impressions too.

Affiliate marketing is very good, if you have a niche targeted blog. For example, if you have domain related blog, you can signup with Godaddy, Bigrock or Namecheap affiliate program and start promoting them and make huge money by making sales. That's why, i recommend Affiliate Marketing as one of the High Paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers.

2. Sponsored reviews

Generally, we write many reviews about different products. But have you ever been paid for writing a review ?

With Sponsored reviews, All you need to do is write a review about a product and make money, you will get paid by the product company which asked you to write a sponsored review

If you have a high quality blog, you can demand as high as $500 per review.

How to get sponsored reviews ?

Write quality content and add a page that you are writing Paid reviews. If anyone is interested, he/she will contact you.

Instead, you can even join a network like Sponseredreviews.com and start searching for a product related to your blog niche.

How will i get paid ?

You will get paid through the way which you are convenient. If you have a Paypal, you can ask he/she to send money via Paypal.

Note :

Only write paid reviews on products which are related to your blog. Visitors will be annoyed, if they see a Medical post in a tech blog.

Write genuine reviews. There is no rule to write only advantages of their product. You must write both advantages and disadvantages of the product.

At the last paragraph, write a note that it " This is a sponsored review "

Sponsored reviews are one of the High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers. Spomsered reviews get same rate in any country.

3. Media.net

The ad network powered by the two giant search engines Yahoo and Bing. You will have to understand that this is one of the ad network which takes so much care about the quality. The rates of Media.net are high. I never tried them. The minimum payout of media.net is $50 via cheque and bank transfer. Media.net is one of the high paying Adsense alternatives, only for large publishers.

Name : Media.net

Scam or Legit : Legit

Recommended or not : Recommended only for high quality and large publishers.

Minimum requirements : So much traffic from countries like US, UK etc. High quality content, Good design, Low no.of ads

Approval : very hard, Harder than Adsense

Rules : Very strict. So many rules to follow and instant ban, if you click your own ads.

4. Buysellads

Best Adsense alternatives in India for small publishers

Buysellads was founded in 2004 and this is the best Direct ad network and one of the High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers. With Buysellads, you can sell your ad space for your rates. If you have a high quality blog, you can even demand $1000 per month for single ad slot. Keep in mind that Buysellads is different from all the networks. After you got the approval from Buysellads, you have to add a price tag to your ad slot and Buysellads lists your blog in their marketplace and if any advertiser is willing to buy your ad slot, he will pay you the money you asked and you must place the ad according to the agreement.

Must read : How to get Buysellads approval for a small blog

Name : Buysellads

Ad formats : Direct advertising

Min.payout : $20

Requirements : Custom domain, Good design, Good alexa, High number of backlinks, High amount of traffic etc.

Approval : Very hard

Recommended or not : Recommended for large Publishers

5. Infolinks

Must Read: Infolinks in-depth Review for Bloggers

Infolinks is founded in 2004 and now it is cemented as a best in-text ad network beating all the other in-text ad networks. Infolinks pays very decent rates and pays higher for clicks. Some Bloggers also report that the CPM of infolinks can go as high as $ 7. You can select a wide variety of Ad formats. The minimum payout of infolinks is $50 via Paypal. This is really a legit and high paying CPM ad network for low and medium traffic blogs. Infolinks is one of the High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers.

Name : Infolinks

Main Ad format : In-text ads

Min. Payout : $50 via Paypal

Scam or Legit : Legit and one of the high paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers.

Approval : Easy and sometimes medium

Min. Traffic : Don't know ( Some say that they have no minimum traffic requirements )

6. Revenue Hits

Best Adsense alternatives in India for small publishers

RevenueHits, founded in 2008, is one of the best CPA ad network ever. CPA refers to Cost per Action which tells us that they won't pay for Views or clicks, They pay for actions. The actions include a simple download to complex survey solving. They pay $1 - $40 per completed action. The minimum payout is $50 via paypal. This is the only CPA network listed here in this list. But it is one of the High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers.

Name : RevenueHits

Main Ad format : CPA

Min. Payout : $50 via Paypal

Scam or Legit : Legit

Approval : Very Easy ( Instant ).

That's why, RevenueHits got a position in the list of High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers.

7. Popads.net

Do you Know ?

I've written a blog Post about Popads.net and it gave me so much search engine traffic. Our blog's alexa rank is decreased rapidly.

With this, you will have to understand that How much popularity does Popads have.

Must Read : Popads in-depth review

Popads is one of the best and successful pop ad network in the industry. The rates of Popads is awesome. You can easily get a minimum of $1 CPM from popads. Actually, i Got an average CPM of $1.7 which i consider the best rate for small publishers. The minimum payout of Popads is $5 and they pay when you request. Popads.net is one of the best Popads network and one of the High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers.

Name : Popads

Ad formats : Pop

Min. Payout : $5

Approval : Very easy

8. Bidvertiser

Best Adsense alternatives in India for small publishers

Bidvertiser was founded in 2002, Rated as the High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers. I think, it is suitable for Small publishers. Now it lost it's popularity due to more and more competition and some nasty mobile redirects. Tye quality of Bidvertiser is very low as compared to the quality of the Ads of Adsense. The minimum payout is $10 and pays via Paypal

Name : Bidvertiser

Scam or Legit : Legit

Ad formats : Banners and Pop's

Min. Requirements : None

Approval : Easy

Recommended or not : Actually no, This isn't a highly recommended network. You can go with this, if you have no choice or options at all.

9. Chitika

Best Adsense alternatives in India for small publishers

Chitika is considered as one of the High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers.

But that is a long ago. According to me, Chitika has very low rates and the quality of Advertisements irritates your blog's visitors.

But Chitika is very good for those who are looking for a best Adsense alternative as they are not satisfied or banned or rejected by Adsense. The minimum payout of Chitika is $10 and pays via paypal

Name : Chitika

Ad formats : Banners

Min. Payout : $10

Minimum requirements : None

Scam or Legit : Legit

10. Propellerads

Yet, another high quality ad network and one of the High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers with many ad formats.

Propellerads is one of the fastest growing ad network among all other ad networks in the list. Because propellerads pays higher rates for it's publishers.

The approval of Propellerads is not so tough nor easy. So it is suitable for medium publishers. Some bloggers have reported that the CPM of propellerads reach as high as $ 7 and some said that Propellerads pays very low as low as $0.01 per 1000 visitors.

According to me, you will get a simple $1 CPM for high quality traffic. I can't guarantee you, But it's just an estimation based on the records and reviews.

Name : Propellerads

Ad formats : Banners, Pop's, Videos monetization

Min. Payout : $100

Minimum requirements : Some traffic from countries like US, UK,
Canada etc.

Scam or legit : Legit

Recommended or Not : Fully recomnended.

11. Native Ads

Sponsered posts are now dominated by Native Ads. Native ads are nothing other than a banner which will show related content to your blog's content accross the world.

For example, if your blog is about Health, you can signup with a Native ad network like Outbrain, Taboola or Mgid and aftsr an approval, they will start promoting health related content on your blog.

Native ads works good only for high traffic blogs and only some of the categories are suitable for Native Ads.

Google also introduced Matched Ads content to create a new atmosphere in Native Ads.

That's why native ads are one of the High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers.

12. Selling Ebooks

Ebooks are the best way to make huge money in no time. But you need to work harder to complete an E-book. Because the E-book you write, must have full information. You must never leave any simple aspect about what you are writing.

This is only for large bloggers who has so much popularity around the world.

You can also take the help of Amazon Kindle to publish your E-book and increase sales. But you must give them some commission on each and every sale.

13. Services

If you have some more experience on writing, Seo etc. You can offfer services through your blog and make money and it works as one of the High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers and big publishers too.

Now a days, People wanna hire someone to make a thing perfect. For example, new brand's hire an Seo expert for optimizing their blog. Like that, you can offer services and make money.

14. Direct advertising

Place an advertise with is page in your blog and sell your ad space for your rates. You can use Buysellads to replace the advertise with us page. Big bloggers always sell their ad space directly.

15. Adversal

Adversal is founded in 2003 and it is onw of the high paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers. They pay really high rates for every country. Even your visitors are coming from India, you can convert them into money. The minimum trafficrequiremet is 50,000 pageviews per month. The minimum payout of Adversal is $20 via Paypal. Name : Adversal Founded in : 2003 Scam or legit : Legit Ad formats : CPM banners Approval : Medium and sometimes hard

16. Some other networks

1. Popcash

2. CPA networks like Peerfly, Maxbounty etc.

3. Adversal

4. Revcontent

5. Kontera

6. Technorati

7. Yllix

8. Matomy Seo

9. Edomz ( High rates for Indian traffic

10. Sell Links


These are the High paying Adsense alternatives for small publishers. Give Adsense a try, try again and again. If you won't got an approval, try one of these alternatives and never forgot to subscribe for our blog to get latest Updates

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Friday, 13 January 2017

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Propeller ads review: Scam or legit, CPM rates and Earnings

Any blogger can easily say that Adsense had worked for them. But when they watch an email called Adsense ban, Their hearts were simply broken because all their earnings and future earnings from Adsense were stopped bevause of banning. But we all know that nothing in the world ends with one thing, When Adsense ends there are other monetizing methods to make money from a blog and there are many CPM ad networks to replace the position of Adsense. So today we are going to write an article on Propeller ads review ( An Adsense alternative ). At the same time we conclude this network with the features like Scam or Legit, Rates, Approvals and Ad formats. Let's see it.

What is Propeller Ads

Propeller ads is one of the best CPM ad network. It was one of the fastest growing ad network. It was a UK based ad network. That means they pay very higher for UK teaffic. CPM refers to Cost per mile. That means you will get paid for views not for clicks. They pay a Cpm rate for 1000 views ( mile refers to 1000). They pays a very good CPM ranging from $1 - $10. This is one of the good and best rates in the industry. There are many ad networks like Tribal Fusion which pays more than $ 20 per 1000 views. But never expect 20 dollars with a small network like Propeller ads.

Propeller Ads Review

Signup and Approval

This is not an easy appoval network like Popads, they are very strict at approving blogs and they rejected my blog ( Pro Blogger How ) too. Like every network, the bloggers who need to join Propeller Ads can visit their website and fill up the sign up form. Within 24 - 78 hours they send an email with the subject of approval or rejection. If you are approved, you are lucky and you can start impleting it on your blog. But if you are not approved for this network, then follow these requirements and reapply to this netwok to get approved :

1. There are no minimum traffic requirements

2. You need so many visits from UK, Canada and USA to get approved by propeller ads.

3. Your blog's layout and template must be good.

4. The blog must be live, blogs under construction won't get approval.

5. Quality content is needed for an approval.

6. Your blog must not host any objectionable content like Illegal drugs etc. Blog's in illegal niche wonn't get an approval. Propeller ads network is very strict and Propeller Ads review all the blogs and then approve them.

Ad formats

Propeller ads offer a huge range of ad formats and they are suitable for all blogs. These are some ad formats they offer

1. On click popunders
These are one of the best ad formats offered by propeller ads. Because according to them this is the highest paying ad format in their network. With this format, CPM can rise upto $7 -  $ 10. This is not a banner format. These ads trigger when someone clicks on your blog. For example, a visitor needs to jump to another article and he clicks on the article and them a popunder triggers and the blogger get paid. Anyway this is one of the best ad format.

2. Banner Ads
These are normal ads which appear like Adsense ads. All the adsense adsense ads are banner ads. The banner sizes include 728/90 , 300/250 etc. They pay very high for banner ads when a publisher place the ads in the best places like Header, Sidebar and in the middle of the content etc.

3. Layer ad
These are the layers that cover the content and if the visitor doesn't like the ad, he/she will close the ad and surfs your content. These types of ads get more clicks, even though you won't get many clicks, you will get paid. Remember this is a CPM network and you will get paid even the user click it or not.

4. Slider ads

Slider ads are also banners but appear in the footer of the bloggers website. When the user scrolls it, the ads will remain there and attracts more clicks and clicks increase CPM rates.

5. Video ads

They provide a script and when you paste it in the template of your blog, then you can easily monetize all the videos hostes on your blog. Video ads include Pre roll ads ( appear at the starting of the video ) and Ads in the middle of the ad.

6. Mobile ads

If you have a mobile targeted blog, you can still monetize your blog with the help of this format. Mobile ads include interstital ads which appear as a page and covers the content and the visitor has the option to close it and surf your blog.

These are the ad formats offered by Propeller ads.


Propeller ads pays a very decent rates of $ 0.01 to $10. I started with $0.01 because some bloggers report that this network pays very low rates. But what i recommend is try this network only when you get high UK, Canada traffic. Because they pay very high for UK, Canada traffic. Propeller axs pays very high rates in the industry. Propeller ads review the traffic sources and then pays a good CPM rates.


The minimum payout of propreller ads is $100 and the largest minus point for them is they won't pay using Paypal. That's why many publishers won't join them. They pay via checks and the minimum payout for checks is $100 anz $500 is the minimum payout for bank wire transfers.

Scam or legit

Propeller ads is one of the best and legit ad network. This is not a scam ad network. There are many publishers who got paid by them. I'm not one of them, but one of my online friend got paid by them.


High competitive rates

Good layout

A large range of formats

A genuine and legit ad network

Approval is not so hard.


Low CPM rates for countries ither than UK, Canada and USA.

Paypal is not a payment method of propeller ads. They only pay via cheques.

Popunders are sometime worst for user satisfaction. Your blog visitors will be annoyed after seeing popunders in your blog and it will decrease your blog's bounce rates too.


This is the Propeller Ads review and it is purely written for publishers. Please recommend this article with your friends and family in Facebook and Twitter too.

Reviewed by Samba Siva on Feb 17 2017
Rating: 5
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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

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Yllix Media Review : Scam Or Legit, Earnings And Cpm Rates

Yllix media Review is very good for those who are looking to learn more about Yllix. In this review, we are going to check out many things like Scam or Legit, Ad formats, Earnings, Payments and at last my experience with this network.

Here at Pro Blogger How, i written many articles about Ad networks. Because monetization of a blog is a must. Everybody are not lucky like this blogger, who got an Adsense approval. So you must try out dome new networks. As our world is full of those scammers, we must be careful. Think what, you earned a small amount of $30 from your blog in a month and the ad network ended up without paying you. So bloggers must take care while trying out new ad networks. Hey don't forget to check out this guy, who is using the 5 best CPM ad networks in his blog and making thousands from it.

What is Yllix ?

Yllix is an ad network founded in 2012 ( Hey very new right, but they are one of the fastest growing ad network ). They are a combination of CPM/CPC/CPA which provides the publishers a good rate when a click turned into a conversion. Let's jump into the review without wasting a single second.

Yllix Media Review

Scam or legit

Do you know, an ad network, don't get listed here if it is a scam. Because i want the satisfaction of the friendly readers. So Yllix media is not an scam network and it is completely a genuine ( legit ) and a paying ad network since 2012.

Sign up and approval

Signing up is very simple, simply fill the form and verify your mail and you are done. The very god thing about yllix is they never ask any publisher to add a website. Just you need to get the ad code and place it in your blog. And they will idenfity and approve your blog automatically and place ads in your blog. Yllix Review all sites before approving, but i think they are auto approving blogs. Here are some requirements to join them:

1. No minimum traffic is required

2. They approve all niches including Adult and Gambling too. Yllix approve blogs as long as they are legal. Illegal blogs aren't approved.

3. The publisher must tell yllix that his blog is an adult or non-adult blog. If you place an adult in a non-adult blog, it would be like crossing their restrictions .

These are the requirements to join Yllix media.

Ad formats

Yllix media is using CPM/CPC/CPA to pay for their publishers. They also offer a large amount of ad formats. You can use the ad format which you like. Here are some ad formats :

Banner ads : These are just normal banner ads like all other ad networks like Adsense.

Safe HTTPS Banner ads : These are safe ads and they do not contain any ads which are unsafe to the visitors. This avoids the displaying of malware or virus ads.

Slider ads : These ads get more clicks because they are very bif in size. They are like a large vertical billboard which are displayed in right or left side of the blog.

Mobile redirects : I don't recommend this to anyone. Because Google hates redirects. That's why i won't use them. All your traffic is redirected to the sponsers website and you lose all your traffic.

Layer ads : These are ads which are displayed as a page ( layer ) in the page and the visitor has the option to close it, if he didn't like it.

Popup ads : This format is very good but not recommended by me. Using popup's irritates users and he/she will never visit your blog again.

These are the ad formats which are offered by yllix.


Yllix is one of the best ad network which have a very low minimum payout. Because all you need is $1 to withdraw your payments to Paypal and Payza account. They also offer payments via Bank Wire and Cheque too.

My experience with Yllix

My experience with Yllix was very bad. They said that they offer good CPM. But what happened even though i sent them more than 162 impressions and 3 clicks in a single day, i didn't made a single penny or $0.001 too. But officially they said that publishers must need to wait for atleast 7 days to optimize and to provide a high CPM ads. But i dom't have that much time. So i removed it. But i don't suggest you to remove it, just wait for 7 days. Please tell me about your experience with yllix in the comments section and help all the other guys.

Name : Yllix media

Ad types : CPM/CPC/CPA

Ad formtas : Slider, Banner, Layer and Popup

Min. Payout : $1

Payment methods : Paypal

yllix media review

Click on the above banner and join Yllix


This yllix media reveiew is written for publishers. Yllix is a good platform for small publishers. If you like it and wanna share it to the world, just share this article with the help of the sharing buttons and help all your friends to monetize their blogs.

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Saturday, 7 January 2017

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Poptm Review : Scam or Legit, CPM rates, Payment proof

Popunders are the best alternatives to Adsense. There are many bloggers who use popunders, even though they got an Adsense approval. Why because, Popunders pay very higher and some of them like Popads and Popcash offers a gauranteed minimum rates like $1 for their friendly publishers ( Just joking all publishers are friendly to them). So today we are here with a new popunder ad network called Poptm. This Poptm review only is for publishers. If you are an advertiser, Visit another blog ( Hey i am too straight forward ) .

What is Poptm ?

Poptm is an Indian based ad network. They are completely unique and different in everything. Their unique design attracts all publishers and advertisers to join them. But these are not the best things about Poptm. They are very good at blocking the ad blockers.

Can't get it ?

Yes. They are specialized at blocking the ad blockers. Ad blockers are the main revenue affectors, which decrease the earnings of bloggers. But with Poptm, 90% of ad blocks will be by passed. And this will increase your revenue by 30%. Hey they officially said it louder. So let's see Poptm review.

Poptm Review

Scam or Legit

Hey guys, a small confusion here. Don't get me wrong. This is not a scam popunder ad network. But some people are making some rumors. But i don't think so. No one likes to create rumors. But according to me, this is a paying ad network. And they have already paid many dollars for their publishers. So no need to worry about payments. They will pay you. This is a main part of Poptm Review, because many publishers want to check out that they are not being fooled by the network they are signing up for.

Sign up and Approval

Getting Adsense approval for Google Adsense is very hard. But getting approval for Poptm is very easy. All you need to do is visiting their website and sign up using the registration form. After that you are able to login in to your account. Then add a website and to get approval, you need to add a peice of code ( Meta tag ) in the Head section of your template and PopTm review your blog and approve it. So Poptm is very good CPM ad network for small publishers.

Ad formats

This is a pop ad network. All it can provide are CPM ads which are popunders. Here are some ad formats provided by Poptm

Normal PopUnders : These are normal pop unders. They open in a new window and even though the visitor close it, it will be counted as an impression.

Ad blocking ads : These are also Popunders. But they are special. Generally many ad networks fail to bypass the Ad blockers. But Poptm ads will bypass ad blockers and you will get revenue even the visitor using an Ad blocker plugin. This makes this PopTm review even more effective, because it is their speciality


This is not an CPC ad network, so don't expect anything for clicks. There are no clicks at all. All are impressions. But the CPM rates of Poptm are very good. They pay an average cpm of $0.5 - $5 sometimes. Think once , $6 for 1000 visitors. If you get 5000 visits per month, you can make $30 per month. The rates are very good and outstanding for small publishers and new blog owners.


The minimum payout of Poptm is $10 and it is very easy to draw your first payment to your paypal account. If you don't have a paypal account, They still offer Bank Wire transfers too. Receive your payments through bank transfer.


This is the poptm review for publishers. If you are an advertiser, surf another site like monetizepros. They write for advertisers too. If you like this article, just share it with your friends in Facebook and Twitter or Google Plus and help us to  improve our blog. Thank you and subscribe for our blog to get the latest reviews of Ad networks.

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Thursday, 29 December 2016

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[Chitika Review] Scam or Legit, Revenue, Earnings

CPC ad networks are one of the best way to make money blogging. In blogging, not only content writing is the thing, there are many other factors that decide whether you are a real passionate blogger like Gold or one of the worthless compound like a piece of metal. Monetizing a blog is always difficult. If there are only one or three methods to monetize, it would be easy for bloggers to decide where to go or which one to work. But there are many ways to monetize a blog. So finding the best method which suits your blog is very tough. But the best monetizing method of all is CPC advertising. Because rhere are many categories of ads in CPC networks and according to keywords, you will get related ads and make more money from your blog. Today we are going to write Chitika Review. And tell you more things about this CPC network

What is chitika

Chitika is CPC ad network founded in 2003. It is the fastest growing ad network and it is like Adsense for small publishers. And it is the best Adsense alternative. We cannot compare this with the gaint Adsense. But it is very good and there are many things which i love in this network. I am going to share all the things about this network in this chitika review.

Chitika Review

Scam or Legit

There is no doubt in answering this question because chitika is one of the best ad network. There are many other payment proofs over the internet. I am not the one who strongly recommend you to join it because i just started using chitika in this blog before 1 week. So i can't tell you that it is legit. But according to many other bloggers and some of my friends, it is a legit and paying ad network. And it will never turn into a scam because of its popularity. There is no need of being worried about your payments because they are all safe with chitika. This chitika review only tells you one thing " Chitika is legit. 

Sign up And approval

This is a straight forward network which doesn't have any terms or need any mininum traffic. Many networks like BuysellAds, Revcontent are very strict in approving blogs. Whereas chitika is quite opposite to all others. To join and start using it. Signup and add your blog. But this is the part which i don't like because for me the approval took more than a month. Because chitika gets many submissions throughout the day and chitika review all the blogs manually and approve them. But getting approval is so easy. Write unique content and it's done. You will surely get approval.

But Warez, Adult, Torrents, PTP and illegal sites are not allowed to join chitika.

They will surely reject those blogs. If your blog is not about the above categories, you can easily get an approval. But keep in mind that chitika review all blogs before approving them.

Ads quality

Many users complain with the quality of ads of the chitika. Because they are not attractive. No one loves to click on an ad which has green background and underlines. I've asked many bloggers in the blogosphere and all of them say that they are not satisfied with the ads quality. But according to my opinion the ads are just fine. They are not rich like Adsense nor worst like clicksor. The ads are just normal. But chitika updated their ad codes. And according to them, the ads load faster than normal. 


I've got a mail called chitika is now partenered with Google DoubleClick. All i was able to see are rates. They said that you will recieve a good rate. As thet were partnered with Google DFP, the ads quality and rates will improve  But don't forgot that Chitika is a CPC network and that means you will not get paid for views. Ypu will get paid when someone clicks on the ads. But don't expect a huge CPC like $1-$10 . All the pay is $0.01 - $1 per click and all your earnings depends on the membership. Chitika has three levels. If you are gold member, you will get access to high paying ads. Anyway the rates are also just fine. I am not satisfied with their rates, but let's see, any impact after associating with DoubleClick


The minimum payout of chitika is $10 and they pay via paypal. They also pay via cheque and bank transfer too. Bit don't forgot that the minimum payout is different for each method. The minimum payout is more to bank transfer. Where as it is just 10 dollars for paypal.

Our chitika Faq

1. Is this a good ad network ? 

A. Yes

2. Can i excpect rates equal to Adsense ? 

A. May be No. Chitika is not able to become a competitor of Abdsense until they change their ads style.

3. What is the minimum payout ? 

A. $10 via paypal

4. Are there any bloggers using Chitika ?
A. Chitika is a very good ad network for small publishers. Many small publishers were using it to monetize their blogs. The alexa rank of chitika helps us in finding the popularity of it.

5. How do i get my ad code ? 

A. Right drom the dashboard, chitika offers an script generator which helps you in selecting an ad banner size and click on get code. You will get your ad code.

6. How to add chitika ad code to my blogger blog ? 

A. To add chitika, you need the ad code. After getting ad code, go to blogger and click on layout. Then select the position and click on add a gadget. Select html/javascript gadget and paste the code. You are done.

These are the FAQ in chitika review and i am sure that you got an concusion on Joining this network or not. 


This is the chitika review for publishers. And if you have any experience with chitika share it with us by commenting and make our blog a good resource. And don't forgot to share it in your twitter and Google and let your friends know about chitika

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Saturday, 24 December 2016

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RevenueHits Review : Scam or Legit, Earnings and payment proofs

RevenueHits review

There are many ad networks in the industry and some of them are high paying and legit. Today we are going to write Revenuehits review. In this post, we are going to review it deeply. We are going to share some aspects like Reports, Payment Proofs, Rates and other things.

Revenuehits is the best CPA ad network. It is founded in 2008, but it is legit and high paying. Unlike CPC and CPM networks like Adsense, revenuehits uses CPA format which means you will not get paid for impressions or clicks, they pay for Actions. Some actions are related to downloads, signup, subscribe etc. If anyone clicks on your ad and download a software, you will get paid.

So if you get high amount of traffic, i will suggest you to go on with high paying CPM ad networks. If you get low amount of traffic, go on with RevenueHits and make a good amount of money.

Revenuehits Review CPA ad network

Signup and Approval

To get approved by Adsense, you need a blog with high amount of traffic, quality content and some other aspects. But Revenuehits don't have any minimum traffic requirements. The funny thing is they don't even review blogs and approve the publishers account. But they will offer instant account activation. Even though your blog get 20 pageviews daily, that is enough. There are no requirements to join RevenueHits.


Are you a beginner and want to use Revenuehits in your blog.

Are you having some problems in using some other ad networks because of their worst UI.

But with RevenueHits, you will don't face any errors with UI. The design is bug free. And the navigation is very simple. It is not like some other networks which has advanced features. It is very simple in design and you can use it without any problem.


Revenuehits pays very high than Adsense. Because it is a CPA network. At the same time they don't pay for any impressions or clicks. Then only pay when clicks turns into conversions. So there is no gaurantee that you will earn something with this network. The Rates starts from $1 and can reach upto $30. The rates are attractive, but keep in mind that, converting a click into conversion is one of the hard thing. It is very rare.


Some networks like bidvertiser takes more than 24 hours to update the impressions and clicks ( called as reports ) . But revenuehits is a real time reporting ad network. They update all the stats within minutes. This is the best part in revenuehits network

Scam or Legit

This review is all about this section. Because many publishers want to hear the stories about the networks before joining. So the straight and Simple answer for this question is They are Legit. Just sign up with them and without any doubt they will pay you.


All the ads of RevenueHits arr virus free and involve no spam or malware. As it is a top CPA network, Revenuehits review all the ads of advertisers before it will be shown in the publisher's blog.

Ad formats

RevenueHits offer a huge range of ad formats which helps you in making most of it. These are the ad formats of Revenuehits

Banner ads : Banner ads are offered by all the ad networks including Adsense. Because banners are the best advertising methods. Revenuehits also offers banner ads. The banner ads are offered in many sizes. Select the size and get the code and add it to your blog.

Popup ads : This format is like popads. Because it is a format which pops up an ad. But it will affect the bounce rate of your blog and disturb ( irritate ) your visitors. I won't recommend this format

Intestrital ads : A list of ads in the list like a popup. You have more chances to get more clicks and if it turns into a conversion, you will get paid.

Slider ads : This is one of the best format which attracts the visitors to click on it. Because this format is like an ad, which appear in the left or right of your blog.

Footer ads : An ad which appears in the footer of your blog is called footer ad. But i don't use this because it looks like spam.

How to add RevenueHits ads

To add revenuehits ads,

Go to revenuehits and click on placement.

Click on New desktop placement or New mobile placement

Desktop placement : This format works with both mobile and pc. If your blog recieves traffic from PC, use desktop placements. Because those are well optimized for PC. Actually i used, Desktop placement in this blog because 80% of my traffic is from PC.

Mobile Placemets : The name gives us the information. The ad s in this format are well optimized and loaded with fresh mobile ads which helps you in converting your mobile visitors into cash. If you have mobile blog, use this format ads.

After selecting desktop or mobile placement, click on them.

Then name the ad

Write a description and keywords ( These helps you in showing related ads to your niche. So be careful don't write unrelated keywords to your blog) .

Click save and then click on </>
To get the ad code.

Then go to layout and add html/javascript gadget.

And that's it, you successfully added revenuehits ads to your blog. This is the long sectiom in RevenueHits review.


RevenueHits has a minimum payout of $20 and they pay via paypal, payoneer and bank wire. Use paypal to recieve payments faster and safer.

Plus points

Good rates

Legit network

Many payment proofs available

Many ad formats

Timely payouts

Minus points

Sometimes unrelated ads are shown. Give them some time to optimize the ads for your blog. The first day you will only see download play ads. Wait for 3 days and you can see related optimized ads.

Making a conversion is almost impossible with low traffic blogs


This revenuehits review is only written for publishers. If you are an advertiser, this post wouldn't suit you. If you like this post share it with your friends
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8 Best CPM Ad Networks For Indian Traffic Blogs To Make More Money

Monetizing a blog is not so difficult, But it need so much traffic and Content because CPM, CPC ad networks like Adsense won't give an approval for low traffic blogs. Even though, you will get a approval, you will not able to make more money with Indian traffic. So the topic is with Indian traffic. Indian bloggers get a very low CPM and CPC. Even though there are some ways to improve the CPC of adsense, They won't work sometimes. So bloggers must check some other and high paying ad networks. But they have to be genuine and give good support for their publishers. But we won't guarantee you that you will be approved for all ad networks listed here. But give them a try. Because all of these are real and high paying ad networks for publishers. So, Today we compiled a list of Best Cpm ad networks for Indian traffic blogs.

Best CPM ad networks for Indian traffic blogs


1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the undefeated streak in the category of Ad networks. Google Adsense has the best rates in the industry. But getting an adsense approval is very hard. Adsense pays good rates for Indian traffic. Because there are so many advertisers who are looking for Indian visitors. Here at Pro Blogger How, we get 90% of Indian traffic and for a single click we have made $0.3. It is very low if we compare it with US, UK clicks but it is the best CPC rate for India blogs. Here we get a average CPM of $ 1, But there are some blogs which are getting $ 10 per 1000 visitors. Anyhow Adsense will remain undefeated when it comes to CPC and CPM ads.

ALSO READ : how to get adsense approval for small blog

2. Tribal Fusion

Have you ever heard of this network. There are some bloggers who told me about this network. They said that they got an CPM of $30 which i consider the best Cpm for any blogger. But it is US traffic. For Indian blogs, they pay an average of $1-$10 which is the maximum rate.

But why they are paying that much ?

Because they reject more than 99% of blogs. To get approved, the blogs must have quality content and huge traffic. There are many stories of rejection.

But they pay very good rates for their publishers. They are also the best CPM ad network for Indian traffic

3. Infolinks

Infolinks is the best intext ad network. We written a detailed review about this network.

Read it here : Infolinks Review for bloggers .

Infolinks has the best CPM rates in intext ad networks. There are many bloggers who use infolinks to monetize their blogs. Because it pays a good CPM for any traffic. The approval is not so tough, just you need some good content and medium number of visitors. Even though there are some people who complain this network that they pay very low rates, i won't agree with it. Based on my experience, this is very good CPM ad network for Indian traffic.

4. Popads

Popads is a best pop ad network ever. I have a very good experience with them. Even though popads irritates users, you have the right to lower the amount of pop's on your pages. We written a detailed review of popads.

Read it here : Popads.net review

Popads pays a rate of $1 - $5 for indian traffic which is very decent and they don't have so much restrictions like Adsense. The approval is very easy. Just add a blog with good content and you are done. They approve blogs within 48 hours of submission. Popads is a best CPM ad network for indian traffic.

5. Propeller ads

Propeller ads network has many ad formats which help you in earning more and more from your blog. Their video ads are the best and they pay very high if you get traffic from UK, US and Australia. According to propeller ads they have lowest rates for indian traffic. But it isn't low. It is very good. They have an average of $ 0.01 - $5 which i consider as very good rate in the industry. We don't written a detailed review on Propeller ads, but we will write about it in future. It is a legit and paying sincerly for its publishers.

6. Adsoptimal


Adsoptimal is one of the best Ad network and Adsense alternative. I used them in this blog and got very good results. It is one of the best CPM ad network for Indian traffic. they pay very decent rates. But they are fully mobile optimized, if your blog receives a good amount of mobile page views, Go with this network. And get a good CPM for each impression. They support their publishers by offering a signup bonus  of $10 . But the problem arises when we see the minimum payout. Because they have a long minimum payout of $50. Otherwise this network is the best.

7. RevenueHits

RevenueHits is one of the best CPM ad network for indian traffic blogs. They pay on CPA basis. To get paid, the person who clicks on your ad, needs to do a action. Actions include Signing up, Download, Watching etc. They pay $1 - $30 per action. Revenuehits is the best CPA network ever. 

8. Ad-Maven

Ad-Maven is one of the best ad network with 15 years of experience in the industry and pays higher CPM rates for their publishers. Ad-Maven is a Popunder ad network. That's why, it pays high CPM rates for any country traffic. That's why, it is considered as one of the best CPM ad network for Indian publishers. It pays an average CPM rates of $1-$7 for their publishers. The minimum payout of Ad-Maven is $50 and they pay via Paypal


These are the best CPM ad networks for Indian traffic blogs. In the above networks, i have tried Google adsense, Infolinks, Popads and Propeller ads. But i didn't personally tried Tribal Fusion, but it has very good amount of positive feedbacks in the internet. Do you know some more ad networks which pay more rates, please share with our readers.

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Thursday, 1 December 2016

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MGID Review: Scam Or Legit , Rates, Payment Proof

Native ads are getting developed day by day. It looks like, they are going to beat display and text ads. But there is a problem with Native advertising, because the networks are very less. In a hundred ad networks, Only 1-3 are Native ad networks. So finding a high paying native ads network like Adnow, outbrain and Taboola is very hard. Today we are going to write MGID review. You will came to know that is this scam or Legit. Let's watch each and every aspect.

What is MGID ?


Mgid is a native ad network which is an USA based ad network. Almost all the USA based networks are considered as legit. MGID offers cost per click ( CPC ) ads. They said that they have an average RPM of $1-3. It is really a fair price. If you got an RPM of $3 and you got 3 cicks, you will make $9 per day. So let's see MGID review for publishers. 

MGID Review

Sign up and approval

Unlike adsense, MGID has an easy approval process. All you need to do is just signing up and verifying the mail and add a website. They don't have any traffic requirements. So small publisers can easily make money of it. But publishers blog/website must be clean. If your website have some illegal content, you won't get approved. Adult blogs, you don't have chance to work with MGID.

Mgid has no ttraffic requirements, so it is very easy for small publishers 
To get started with Mgid.

Ad formats


I cleanly mentioned that MGID is a native ad network and a good alternative to Outbrain and Taboola. This network only offers native ads. There are no other formats. They pay on CPC basis. That means you will get paid for clicks not for impressions.

If you have a blog that gets so much traffic, I suggest you to go on with a CPM network like Tribal Fusion to make more money and monetize each and every visit.

Average CPC ( Rates )

As MGID only offers CPC, they must give good prices for ads to attract the publishers. But don't expect an income like Adsense. No other network can beat Adsense CPC. 

According to a comment from adswiki. They pay decent rates. He said that they are paying $0.38 for Australian clicks and $0.9 for USA clicks. Isn't it good ? . 

Scam or Legit

According to me and some other users, MGID is legit and paying on time. Even though i heard some negative reviews, i am satisfied with them. Because they were providing good rates, Paying On time. So there is no doubt, you can join, try, And can get paid from this native ad network.


This is a section which is bad for small publisers who get low amount of clicks. Because MGID has a huge minimum payout of $100. They pay via paypal, bank wire etc. This is very hard to reach, if you have a low traffic blog like me. 
But, if you are a big publisher who gets thousands of visits a day, you can reach the payout easily.
Pros : 

100% Fill rate
Decent rates per click
No traffic requirements


$100 minimum payout
Sometimes unrelated ads to the blog or website. 

Payment proof :



MGID is a network which you must try. Don't miss this network. I have a good belief, that this network will never turn into a scam. What i say, go with this network.

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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

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Adnow Review : Scam Or Legit, Rates, Payment Proofs

Native advertising is the best way to make money from advertising. We all know that sponsered reviews are defeated by Native Ads. Native advertising is very effective way to promote your content, products etc. Today i am going to inroduce you a new ad network ( native ad network called Adnow. Let's see Adnow review
And find out is this a scam or legit network. 

What is Adnow ?


Adnow is a native advertising network which is founded in 2014. It is very similar to Taboola and Outbrain. I have found that they faced many problems in getting development. But finally they got some huge popularity. They said that they have competitive prices and good support for the publishers. 

Adnow Review

Signup and approval

The approval process is very easy. They don't have any traffic requirements. But they are not like Popvertizer, they take upto 48 hours to approve a website. 

Ad formats

Adnow is only a native ad network and they pay on Cpm and Cpc basis. Even though their CPM is low on some countries, their CPC is very good according to some user reports. 



The Min.payout is $20 and they pay on NET 7 basis. They pay vja paypal, bank wire etc. 

Name : Adnow

Alexa rank : 15,283

Ad formats : Native ads

Min.payout : $20

Payment methods : Paypal, Bank wire

Here are some proofs to prove Adnow is not a scam: 

Payment Proof


Even though there are many people who report Adnow scam, this network is not fully scam. What i recommend is Give it a try. 

Rating : 3/5

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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

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Popvertizer Review : Scam Or Legit,Rates, Payment Proof, Cpm Rates

We are writing a spectacular series of Pop ad networks. Before two weeks we written about popads.net review and before two days ago we written Popcash review. Now we are here with another pop under ad network called PopVertizer. This PopVertizer review is based and focused on publishers only. Advertisers have to wait for some time, because i didn't tried them yet. Let's find out more about the network. At last i will conclude that is this a scam or legit network

What is PopVertizer ?


PopVertizer is a new member in the industry. It is a new ad network which got so much popularity with a huge number of publishers and advertisers. This network is an Europian network. This is high quality pop ad network which accept adult traffic. Thet accept traffic from all countries. They pay high Cpm for some countries. 

Popvertizer Review


Sign up and Approval

Publishers just need to go to website and fill the form to sign up. After signing up, you need to verify your account by clicking the link in Email which you recieve after signing up. Then you need to go to login and add a website. 

They approve website immediatly. They don't review any sites, they will just approve them. 

Ad formats

Popvertizer only use Popunders. They don't use other formats. 


They update stats hourly. Many sites like bidvertiser needs 24 hours to calculate stats ( impressions, clicks) . Whereas PopVertizer review your work for every hour and update stats.

Minimum Payout

The payout is very small. It is just $10 which is very easy to reach. For example, they are offering $1 CPM and if you give them 10,000 impressions, you can make $10 and cash out from popvertizer.

You can get payments through paypal and skrill. 

Name : Popvertizer

Alexa rank : 40,165

Ad formats : Pop Unders

Min.payout :$10

Payment terms : Net15

Payment Proof

Please submit a payment proof, if you got paid from this network. 

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Monday, 28 November 2016

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Popcash Review : scam or legit, earnings, Payments and CPM rates


Want to know that Popcash is scam or legit ? 

Wanna check out rates, Payments of Popcash ?

If yes, you are going to find some answers for all of your questions abput Popcash in this detailed and unbiased Popcash review.

Popcash review: scam or legit

Here at Pro Blogger How, i use Popads.net to monetize my blog. That's why i written a detailed review on Popads.net . After Popads.net, I fell in love with the method of using Pop ad networks for monetizing my blog. That's why, i started searching, about some best POP ad networks and finally i found one. It is none other than Popcash. According to me, it is the serious rival of Popads.net. That's why i wanna give it a try and i am totally satisfied. In this Popcash review, i am gonna check out many things and finally give you a small conclusion too. 


What is Popcash ?

 Popcash is a Pop ad network which was founded a long ago in 2001. Popcash is popular and famous for it's premium quality ads and rates. Right from the beginning, they did extremely well. And i think they are enough stronger to compete with Popads.net. As a blogger, i will recommend you to go on with POP advertising only, if you have a download blog. It pays extremely well for download sites. All you need to do is add the ad code and make money.


Popcash Review


Scam Or Legit


 Popcash is not a scam network. Even though there are many internet marketers who complain about Popcash scam, i think they are legit and genuine. You can easily go on with them without any fear in mind of lossing your money.

Signup and Approval

To get an approval, there are no minimum requirememts. Anyone can join Popcash, all they need is an own blog. Because you must have the rights to edit template to add the ad code. Go to Popcash and click on signup. Fill out all the details and you are done. 

Ads quality


There is no doubt in saying that Popcash is also one of the premium POP ad network. All the ads pop in your blog are safe. They contain no malware or malicious scripts. Because Popcash never approve campaigns with spam and virus. This is going to be an important part of this Popcash review, as you must check out the quality of ads while going to try out a new Popad network.

Payments and rates


 Popcash is really one of the high paying CPM ad network and i bet, that they never provide a CPM of less than $0.50 ( Based on my experience ). The rates may come as low as $0.50 and as high as $6 which is very good CPM rate in the industry. Popcash has a very low minimum payout of $10 and can be reached easily, if you have a blog which attracts thousands of visitors every day. They use NET 1 payment methods, which means you can request payout every day ( once a day ) and they pay via Paypal. 




 This is a very small conclusion about Popcash based on the above Popcash review and my personal experience. Popcash is really a good ad network to go with. If you really wish to add POP ads to your blog, first try out Popads.net and sometimes they may pay lesser rates. Then you can start using Popcash. First give preference to Popads.net and then Popcash.
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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

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Adsoptimal Review: Legit Or Scam, Rates And Payments

Monetizing is an important thing to make money from the blog. Monetizing with advertisements is a better way to turn all your visitors into money. All bloggers know that getting an Adsense approval is very hard. So they look for some alternatives. As there are many alternatives to Adsense, finding the right one is tough. We must search for a network which suits the blog layout, earnings and payouts. Adsoptimal is one of them. In this review i am going to introduce AdsOptimal for bloggers.Today I will write Adsoptimal review . After reading the above lines, your mind is full of questions like these:

What is AdsOptimal ?
Is this legit or scam ?
Requirements ?
Ad formats ?
Rates and payouts ?
Pros and Cons ?
Is this recommended network ?

What is AdsOptimal ?

Adsoptimal review

AdsOptimal is an Ad network for small publishers. AdsOptimal is started in 2012 and it is partnered with Google Double Click for Publishers ( DFP ) . They started promoting that they have the best monetizing strategies and real time optimization of Ads. AdsOptimal is best for mobile advertising. Now see a detailed review of this network.

Is this legit or scam ?

Many people loves to join the networks which stay online for long time. For example bidvertiser started in 2002 and still it is paying. But this network started in 2012. This is a minus point. But i have saw many people who recommend this network. Some people don't recommend this network, they argue that it is a scam. But in my opinion it is legit and paying. This is a very good network and recommended for small publishers.. From now, i am not gonna recommend anyone to use this network. Because it stopped paying for its publishers

Requirements :

Adsoptimal is not like Adsense. The requirements are easy.

There are no traffic requirements.

Publishers must not use bots to generate traffic. Invalid clicks result in ban

The site must be illegal free, Illegal and spam sites are not accepted.


Adsoptimal takes 1-3 days to approve or reject your account. Adsoptimal review your blog and Adsoptimal approval is so fast.They won't reject blogs with food content. But if your site have less content like 1-3 articles, they won"t approve your blog. Your blog must have good layout and content which attracts the one who approves or rejects your account. After approval you can get the code and integrate it to your blog.

Ad formats

The ad formats of Adsoptimal are very good and intresting. They pay via CPC ( cost per click ) , CPM ( cost per mile or impression ), CPA ( cost per action) .Publishers can use 360° virtual real ads, page-level ads,
inline ads, smart bottom ads and video
ads. I have seen that 360 degrees ads are best and high paying. Video ads pays higher but annoying for the visitors
. All the Ads are responsive. They can be used for both desktop and mobile traffic.

Rates and payouts

As Adsoptimal is good for small publishers. They won't pay very high like Adsense and infolinks. The CPM ranges from $ 0.10 - 0.80 ( Even go upto $1 sometimes ) depending upon the visitor's country. The minimum payout is $50 which is good because they give a sign up bonus of $5 - $10 . They pay via paypal, bank wire etc.

Pros and cons


No minimum traffic requirements

Good rates for small publishers

Supports paypal

Sign up bonus of $5 - $10

Ad formats

Wordpress plugin

Referral program


The minimum payout $50 is hard to reach and pay on NET45

Is this recommended network

Yes this is a recommended network, if you are a small publisher. . Adsoptimal stopped paying payments to their publishers by saying that they haven't received payments from their advertisers. If you are not serious about minimum payout, This is a gold mine for you. Wordpress plugins helps you to easy integration of ads. This is a recommended network. You can join this. Like this Adsoptimal review share it with your friends and family.

Reviewed by Samba Siva on Feb 17 2017
Rating: 1
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