The Evergreen Web 2.0 Guide for Beginners [ 1800+ words ]

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Want a Web 2.0 guide for ranking higher ?

Want to outrank all your competitors, But don’t have money to build an expensive PBN ?

If yes, In this evergreen Web 2.0 guide, You will learn each and everything about web 2.0 link building and If you follow each and everything seriously, Outranking competitors is also possible.

Diving into the introduction:

Traffic is an important ( Not even important, It is the only thing ) aspect which judges the success of a blog.

For a Blogger, In order to make money or for Even paying his domain and Hosting Bills, He/she needs traffic.

A famous quote States that:

Why writing blog posts, If no is reading that other than you

As a blogger, I will totally agree with the quote given above. So, I think, You are now connected to my mind and wanna read more

We have already covered the 7 best ways to monetize a blog which contain good ways to Make money from your blog. But, it isn’t about monetization.

Because, without traffic, you can’t even make a single penny out of your blog. That’s why, Grabbing visitors, Converting them into subscribers, Further converting them into regular readers of your blog.

Well, Traffic is mainly two types:

1. Targeted traffic

2. Non-targeted traffic ( Let’s forgot about this thing for sometime )

Targeted traffic

Targeted traffic is a type of traffic which comes from a targeted visitor. For example, Someone is searching for Web 2.0 guide on Google and landed up on my blog, That means, He is a targeted visitor for my blog. Since, The visitor is really searching for web 2.0’s, He/She will even make a purchase of product which you recommend and you can make money, If you place an Affiliate link of the product.

Advantages of Targted traffic:

1. It can convert a visitor into a subscriber

2. Helps you make more money from your blog using Affiliate marketing

3. Can bring you more social shares, which in turn, improves your website rankings on Google

4. Can improve the user engagement as 50% of the targeted visitors leave a comment on your blog posts

With many advantages, Targeted traffic is really vital for every Blogger.

Since, It is so important and advantageous, It will never come easy. You will have to work harder to get targeted traffic to your blog. Some of the best examples of targeted traffic would be:

1. Organic traffic ( Damn hard )

2. Social media traffic

3. Writing unique posts, Getting linked by top Bloggers and receiving traffic from the link ( Can be done by Outreach and Broken link building )

4. AdWords ( Very expensive )

5. Social bookmarking ( If utilized )

Well, in the above 5 ways, I have given organic traffic the first position, Because it is the most powerful source of targeted traffic ever.

As we all know, Organic traffic can be driven by taking care of seo ( search engine optimization ) which includes tasks from simple to extreme conditions.

Ouch !

We have already crossed 500 words and you are still reading it ?

So, you are really interested in reading this one. So, Let’s kick this introduction out and check the main subject.

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Well, in the organic traffic, Link building is the main one. At the same time, it is too hard for beginners and sometimes intermediates too.

But, in this blog post, We will be going to discuss the subject of web 2.0 and it’s advantages. I have given this guide a name of ” Evergreen Web 2.0 guide ” to make it more interesting to read and interact.

Evergreen Web 2.0 guide

What are web 2.0 sites ?

Web 2.0 ( Actually, Pronounced as web two point oh ) is the second generation of World wide Web ( WWW ), which is mainly focused on Usability, User generated content etc.

Source: Wikipedia ( I have modified it )

In the above paragraph, We will need to focus on one thing mainly. And that is:

User generated content

This means, the User can generate and publish content on his own.

Some of the best Web 2.0 platforms are:

1. Blogspot
2. WordPress
3. Tumblr

What is so special in Web 2.0 sites ?

Web 2.0’s comes with power packed authority. But, How it comes with that much authority ?

That’s because, Web 2.0 sites allows you to publish articles on subdomains .

If we take, A fresh Blogspot blog, It comes with a domain like:

You can observe at the end which has a DA ( Domain authority ) of 77. That’s why, it is so powerful.

But, The PA of web 2.0’s will be 1, even it’s DA is 77. That’s because of it’s freshness.

If you start building some links to your web 2.0 site, You can get good PA easily.

Note: DA and PA are metrics of SeoMoz. These will be useful in calculating the link profile of a blog.

Advantages of Web 2.0

1. No penalties. Web 2.0 links are not considered black hat links. So, You can use it without any fear of getting sandboxed or Banned by Google. But, If you do it more aggressively, Google will catch you and you will be kicked out

2. Free !!! Most of the web 2.0’s are free. They won’t charge anything to give you access of publishing

3. Web 2.0’s comes with very good authority. And achieving good PA is very easy. You can achieve good PA by building few links

4. No limits. You can get unlimited number of links for your blog’s using web 2.0’s. But, I won’t suggest getting more than 3.

Method-1: Fresh Web 2.0 guide

Here, fresh refers to a newly started web 2.0 site.


1. Make a fresh E-mail address. Make sure not to select Gmail, If you are willing to rank on Google. I recommend you to create a fresh email with Yahoo like:

If you use the same email for your web 2.0 and your main blog, You will get caught by search engine bots like GoogleBot and they may permanently ban your main blog from its SERP.

2. Platform:

There are more than 1000’s of Web 2.0 platform’s. So, deciding a platform might be tough. Some of the recommended Web 2.0 platforms are:

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1. Tumblr
2. Typepad
3. Jimdo ( Awesome )
4. Blogster

Note: Live journal has not been placed in the list. Because, it will add a noindex tag to the new sites hosted by them. So, Googlebot won’t find your links, If a noindex tag is placed

3. Selecting a domain for your web 2.0

Let’s consider Tumblr as an example:

If your main blog is, Try getting a web 2.0 with a domain like:

Google always gives priority to the relevancy of links. Relevancy is one of the 6 factors that judges the quality of a backlink.

You are all set. Now, it is the time to make your web 2.0 ready to give you some link juice

Setting up your web 2.0

Writing pages

Web 2.0 Link building strategy
First of all, It is mandatory to write some important pages for your blog.

Add an about page, Privacy policy page etc. If possible, also include, Contact page for your web 2.0

This will help, GoogleBot to make sure that, your web 2.0 is genuinely providing content and It isn’t being used for building links in a bad manner.

Write content

Build links with web 2.0
After adding some important pages to your web 2.0 site, It is the time to produce unique content in your newly started web 2.0

In older days, People used to write short and low quality articles. After the updates of Panda and Penguin, Content length became a major aspect in blogging.

If you neglect this and write low quality articles in your web 2.0 site, Links from that web 2.0 are useless and may lead to sandboxing of your main blog.

So, Always produce unique content in your web 2.0. If you are not good at writing, Hire a good writer. You can hire writers at Iwriter at cheap cost and as per your requirements

Click here to sign up for Iwriter and start hiring writers at low cost

Note: Many Bloggers recommend spun content. Never try adding spun content to your web 2.0

Build links to the web 2.0

Hey, You successfully completed writing pages and posts.

It is the time to give your new web 2.0, A authority boost in the eyes of search engines

I have written an article on 10 free Dofollow linkswhich can help you getting 10 high quality backlinks for your web 2.0 and with them, You can boost some authority

But, 10 links are not enough for making your web 2.0 ready. You should build more links by Blog commenting, Profile links, Directory submission etc.

Wait for at least a month

After writing pages and posts, Link building, Now you will have to wait at least a month before linking to your main blog.

But why waiting ?

After you build links, Googlebot will index your links and you will get some authority in the eyes of Google.

At the same time, Moz updates it’s metrics like DA and PA, once a month. So, Wait and you will achieve a good PA for your web 2.0

Note: Keep updating your web 2.0 site twice or thrice a week, Otherwise Authorty will be degraded, According to me only.

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What’s next ?

Write a new article in the web 2.0 site. The article must be so relevant to your main blog which you want to improve rankings

Then Link to your main blog from the article with your desired anchor text.

Again, wait for at least a week and let the link get indexed naturally by GoogleBot.

Method-2: Using Expired web 2.0’s

If you don’t have enough time to manage your web 2.0 sites, you can use the shortcuts to improve your website rankings on Google

In this web 2.0 guide, This one is really useful, If you have the capability to spend some money from your pocket

Actually, I haven’t researched more about expired web 2.0’s, Since I will never try buying backlinks or related to that

You can directly purchase expired web 2.0 sites from sites like Fiverr, SeoClerks etc. But, I never recommend purchasing web 2.0’s, Since it will turn into a black hat technique and sometimes you might end up buying low quality web 2.0 sites

If you purchase an expired web 2.0, There is no need of building any links for that.

Except building links, All the process is same even for expired web 2.0 sites. Well, I am thinking of making another web 2.0 guide on using expired web 2.0’s correctly. But, till then this is the only guide from our side

Web 2.0 vs PBN link building

the Main Difference

The main difference is cost. PBN is really a expensive link building technique, But it delivers instant results

Whereas, A web 2.0 takes some time to show effect, But they are free, If you do it yourself. 

2. Risk

With PBN’s, the risk of getting banned is so high. Because, we can directly state that ” PBN is a black hat technique “.

Whereas, If you use Web 2.0 technique, Chances of getting banned is low when compared to PBN’s


Well, these are the main differences between web 2.0 and PBN link building. Actually, we can’t directly conclude:

Which one is best

Because, it depends on your patience, Spending power, Skill etc.

If done correctly, PBN’s are 1000x better than web 2.0’s. But, beginners can never do it themselves.

Note: If done incorrectly, Web 2.0’s also show negative effect. We can’t state that ‘ Web 2.0 is completely a white hat technique ‘. But, If you follow this web 2.0 guide correctly, you can be safe.

Wrapping up

This is our evergreen web 2.0 guide. I hope, I have covered many things in this article.

But, knowledge in infinite

The more I write, the more doubts strike out in your mind

If you have any queries, Comment down and let us know

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