5 sure-fire ways to generate blog content when you’re out of ideas

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Want a guide on the best ways to generate blog content ?

Not having any ideas on writing new articles on your blog ?

Well, if your answer is yes. You are in the right place. Because, I’m going to introduce you some of the best ways for generating more content for your blog.

Blogging is one of the most lucrative business struggles in the market. To sustain in the market, it is important for a writer to bring new content or generate attraction in terms of posts. But, it is very hard to get new content ideas every day. 

If you have a news blog in which you writes about the new technology news, you can constantly produce new content and keep your blog updated. 

But, when it comes to general niche blogs like Blogger WP Hacks, It is very hard to create new content everyday. 

But, Google bot never likes blogs that are not getting updated frequently. So, You will lose Google rankings. But don’t worry, you can recover from the rankings drop using this guide on improving website rankings on Google. But, it takes so much time. That’s why, Prevention is always better than cure. That’s why, in this blog post, I’m going to give you some idea on ” How to generate blog content when you are out of ideas

Generate Blog content when you are out of ideas


 generate blog content

    1. Know Your Readers:

It is important for any blogger or writer to know the taste and interest of the readers. Once, the writer comes to know about the interest of the viewers, then the writer can identify the focus area of the writing. 

You can read the reviews of the people or you can even see the maximum shared or liked posts to identify the trending topic. For this, you have to follow some of the popular bloggers in your niche.

The writer can, thus, make the list of the topics that are trending among the readers and then gradually can start writing on the same. You can even target the specific audience and accordingly create the content for them. 

But, be sure not to be a copy-cat. At the same time, add some more points to your article. If readers find that you are just writing the same things that are already published, you will lose brand.

    Connect with your audience through your own story

The audience always gets connected with the writer, when they feel that the writer is among them. You can mention your own story or your own personal experiences and describe the way you have dealt with the situation. 

You can even provide the suggestion and recommendation to overcome the described situation. However, you have to ensure the relevance and honesty in your writing. The situation should be described in such a manner that your audience takes it as a learning. You can turn your blog into the inspirational stories through your struggles. 

For this, You can take Harsh Agrawal as an inspiration. He always shares his personal experiences in his blog post to make it more inspiring for the readers

Start a discussion thread

This is one of the most effective tools to engage your readers. In such a discussion thread, you can welcome the opinions of the viewers and even you can respond to their comments. The personalized touch always works in a magical way. If you find any suggestion useful, you must try to accommodate it. Such a gesture shall always motivate your audience to get even more connected to you. You can start a discussion thread easily on Facebook groups with your followers and get content ideas 

    Offer solutions to the problems through the blog

If a writer offers the solutions to the common problems faced by the common man, then it can be proven as one of the efficient tools in getting connected with the audience.

Contentmart always encourages such solution offering blogs to its valuable clients. Make your blog informative and provide the advices that can be helpful for the viewers. Your piece of advice can improve someones life.

    Keep yourself updated

The writer must ensure to be updated with various information. Thus, it is needed that the writer stays in touch with the latest news time to time. You can watch television news, read newspapers, magazines & books, etc. to be updated.

In addition, the interaction with experts can also improvise the knowledge. Such information helps to create the new content of the blog time-to-time.

For example, as a founder of a Blogging related blog, I always follow Moz, Search engine journal, Seo round table, Shoutmeloud like blogs for keeping myself updated.


These are the best ways to generate blog content when you’re out of ideas. I usually use all the above tips for updating my blog frequently and  maintaining my website rankings

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Samba Siva

Samba Siva is the founder of Blogger WP Hacks. Being a 16 year old guy,He loves to write about Blogging and technology. Heis a fan of Harsh Agarwal
Follow him

Samba Siva

Samba Siva is the founder of Blogger WP Hacks. Being a 16 year old guy, He loves to write about Blogging and technology. He is a fan of Harsh Agarwal

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