Drive/target Traffic From a Specific Country { Working Techniques }

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Drive/target Traffic From a Specific Country { Working Techniques }

Posted by Samba Siva
Need a guide to drive traffic from a specific country ?

Do you want to drive more USA or UK traffic for your blog ?

Frustrated with the low CPC of Adsense ?

It has been proved that traffic from USA is powerful when compared to all the other countries.

Well, there are many reasons to consider it more powerful. This topic will be discussed after the main topic, so read the article completely.

Traffic is really important for every blog. There are many factors to judge the quality of traffic like " Desktop or mobile ", " Search traffic or Social media traffic ". But, the main thing would be " From which country does the visitor surfing your blog ".

Because, Country matters the most. For example, If you take ( An advertising network powered by Yahoo Bing ), They will consider, US and UK traffic of your blog as many advertisers looking for the traffic from those countries.

But, Why all those guys, Looking for US, UK traffic and How can you drive traffic from a specific country ?

In this blog post, The two questions will be answered, So be prepared to read this article.

Drive traffic from a specific country

1. Pick hosting server based on the country you are targeting

If you need more traffic from USA, you should optimize your blog according to the needs.

No one likes slow blogs which runs like a tortoise.

But, This is not only the thing.

If you pick hosting from US based server, Your blog will load as fast as it can for US visitors. Not only that, Your server location can help you to drive traffic from that country.

If your server is located in India, You can drive more traffic from India and If your server is located in US, you can drive more US traffic for your blog.

2. Pick a country level domain extension ( Not possible for US traffic )

Country level domains

A country level domain extension helps you to drive traffic from that specific country.

Because, search engines will consider your domain extension to only rank your blog higher on that country which you are targeting on domain using extension.

If you are targeting each and every country or need global traffic, You can select a domain extension .com or .org.

For example, If you need visits from India, You can select a .in domain for your blog.

If you need UK visits, Try .CO.UK domain.

But, this is not possible, If you are targeting US traffic as there is no .US domain extension.

But, it can be helpful, If you are targeting traffic from a specific country

3. Keyword research

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Any blog post named ' Drive more US traffic or Drive traffic from a specific country ' should contain this section.

Because keyword research can help you to target country-specific traffic.

We all know, keyword research is the vital step to drive organic traffic from Google or any other search engine.

Wait, If you are a beginner to keyword research and don't know the aspects of keyword research, You can get my Free keyword research EBook from this link.

To target US ( Or any other ) traffic using keyword research:

1. Go to

2. Enter your keyword

3. After you get the results, Select your targeted country ( US or any other ) from the country tab which is located on the upper side of search bar.

4. Then Semrush will show you the list of keywords based on your selected country.

Now, using those keywords, write an Seo friendly article for ranking and then you will be able to drive traffic from USA or any country, you have targeted.

4. Backlinks

What ?

How backlinks helps us to drive country specific traffic ?

Well, they can. I don't know whether experts consider it or not as a factor. But, I will consider this one too.

For example, If you need traffic from UK, try building links from domains which are using .CO.UK as their extension.

5. Google search console Geo-Location settings

Google search console ( Webmaster tools ) helps you to rank higher in a country which you need traffic from.

But, the rankings aren't guaranteed. All the search console does is, Notifying GoogleBot to give some more ranking priority in that specific country only.

To set Geo-Location in search console:

1. Go to Search traffic

2. Select international targeting and click country
Google search console geo location

3. Check the targeting country checkbox and select your desired country from the drop-down selection menu.

4. You are done.

Why Targeting traffic from a specific traffic ?

Good CPC rates:

Ad networks like Google Adsense and some of the Adsense alternatives pays higher CPC and CPM rates for some countries like US, UK and Canada.

That's why, It is really essential for us to drive traffic from those countries, If you want to improve your Adsense CPC rates

Event blogging:

Let's consider an example

You have started a blog about Indian Indepence day speech. So, It is really vital for you to rank in India on that day.

Actually, You don't need traffic from other countries. That's why, it is important for you to drive target from that specific country.

So, you should use the above listed techniques to rank in India.

So, Have you understand that. The answer might be yes. So we will jump on to the next part.

Wrapping up

These are my techniques or tactics ( which one sounds great for you ) to drive traffic from a specific country.

I think, It would be really helpful for event bloggers who target specific country traffic.

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