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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

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How to setup a Custom domain on Blogger blog with Godaddy

Blogger is a free blogging platform comes with the nice features for small bloggers. Wordpress, which is created by the Matt mullenweg, Is the long time rival of Blogger platform. Here is a post which compares the best blogging platforms Wordpress vs Blogger. But i'm not here to praise Wordpress or talk about it's advantages. Instead i'm gonna give you a tutorial on How to setup a custom domain on Blogger with Godaddy. 

Note : This tutorial is not only for Godaddy users. This is the universal method to setup a custom domain on blogger blogs. Even, you are you using other Domain Providers like NameCheap, Bigrock or other provider, This method works for you. But the UI of Godaddy and Others have some difference. If you know, How to edit DNS with your domain provider, you can easily setup a custom domain.

How to setup a Custom Domain on Blogger with Godaddy

Setting up CName's

1. Register your desired domain name with any domain name provider. In my case, it is Godaddy. I also recommend you to check out Godaddy. If you don't wanna signup with Godaddy, you can use Godaddy alternatives like Namecheap or Bigrock. 

2. After you pay and register, wait for 10-30 minutes and you will get a e-mail with a subject called " Your domain is activated now ". To test your domain, Go to a browser and type the domain which you registered. You will see that " This is a parked domain ". That means your domain is successfully activated.

3. Login to your account ( In my case, it is Godaddy ) .
4. Click on my Domains

setup a Custom domain on Blogger blog with Godaddy

5. Click on Manage DNS

6. Open a new tab and Go to blogger.com and login with your account.

setup a Custom domain on Blogger blog with Godaddy

7. Select your blog and Click on Settings > Basic settings
setup a Custom domain on Blogger blog with Godaddy

8. Click on Setup a third party URL.
setup a Custom domain on Blogger blog with Godaddy

9. Type your domain name. Don't forget to type your domain with www . Because, Blogger never accepts domains without WWW. Non- WWW domains are also called Naked domains. Blogger won't accept Naked domains. 

setup a Custom domain on Blogger blog with Godaddy

10. You will see an error. The error would be like shown in the abbove image 
setup a Custom domain on Blogger blog with Godaddy

11. You will see two CName records below the error. Copy the first code which is situated below Host ( Don't close this tab )

12. Go back to the first tab which you was in the step-5. 

setup a Custom domain on Blogger blog with Godaddy

13. Click on Add 

14. Select CName record. Paste the copied Host name in the Host ( Alias name ) which you copied in step- 11.  ( Don't close this tab )

15. Go back to blogger tab and copy the code which was right to the first copied code ( destination )

16. Go back to Godaddy domain and paste the code in " Points To box ". Click on save. 

17. Click on Add , Select CName

18. Like you copied codes in Blogger to Godaddy. Copy the second codes to Godaddy and click on save. 

19. After adding Cname's coorecttly, Your DNS management Cname's would be like showwn in the above image. Not as same like that, because blogger provides different code to bloggers

19. Hooray, you completed Setting up DNS settings. 

Setting up A records :

1. Go to DNS management by logging into your Domain name provider. 

2. Click on Add

3. Select  " A record "

4. In the Host section, Add @ 

add A records

5. In the Points to section, Type 

6. Click on save

7. You'll need to add three more A records, Host section is always @ and the three Ip address are :

DNS dashboard

7. After adding all A records, your DNS management of A records should look like :

8. Hooray, this setup is over and :

Now, you can add custom domain on blogger blog. Just go to Blogger blog's settings > Basic . Again type your domain name with www. This time you don't see any errors. If you see any errors, You'll have to make sure that You did everything Correctly. If you see any errors, Repeat this procedure again. 

Benefits of adding custom domain on Blogger

Branding : Have you ever seen a Shopping site or a service blog with a sub-domain like shopping.blogspot.com . According to me, you have never watched any branded blog with a sub-domain. This is because, Setting up a custom domain gives you some branding and people start liking you and your blog.

Seo : A custom domain gives you some more power to reach the first page of Google easily. Actually, it is almost impossible to rank on first page with a Sub-domain.

At the same time, With a custom domain, You can get backlinks easily. Because no one likes to give a link to Blogspot blog with a sub-domain where as they give links to Blogs with custom domain

At the same time, People start sharing your blog posts on social networks which gives you some more power to reach First page of Google.

Subscribers : We can get more subscribers by setting up custom domain on Blogger. More subscribers = More Traffic = More Money $$$

Approval from Ad networks

With a sub-domain, it ia almost impossible to get approved by quality networks like BuySellAds and Media.net . If you setup custom domain on Blogger, you can get an approval from Quality ad networks like BuysellAds and make more money $$$.

Wrapping Up

This is the universal method to setup custom domain on Blogger with Godaddy or any other Domain name provider. All you need is some patience and Knowing " How to edit DNS with your Domain name provider " .

Domain name providers provide support to their customers. You can even ask them, How to edit DNS of my domain ? . They will help you to setup custom domain on blogger

If you need some help, you can use the contact form to contact me and i'm gonna help you in setting up a custom domain.