4 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Newly Started Blog

Monday, 10 April 2017

4 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Newly Started Blog

Posted by Samba Siva
Are you a new blogger, Who doesn't have any regular readers ?

Struggling to drive more traffic to your newly started blog ?

Domain age is also an important factor of ranking in Google. Google gives priority to the blogs which have more age. The older your domain is, the higher possibility to rank higher.

But that doesn't mean, New blogs can't rank on Google. But the possibility of ranking with a newly started blog is very hard. It is rarely possible. So, driving traffic to your new blog is extremely hard ( This is only applicable for traffic through search engines ). Y
That's why, we use some alternative methods to drive traffic.

At the same time, i am also covering " How to drive more traffic to your newly started blog " with/without Seo.

How to drive more traffic to your newly started blog

When, i created this blog for the first time, i used many methods to get more readers to my blog. Many of them were failed. In this blog post, i am going to tell you many things based on my small experience.

Try keywords with low competition

According to me, it is better to start with simple methods and then we can move to the complex ones.

Like that, We can try out low competitive keywords in our blog posts to rank higher on Google. This will surely help you to drive more traffic to your newly starred blog.

I've already said that ranking with a new blog is really hard. But that doesn't mean, it is impossible. With the help of low competition keywords, you can rank higher and would be able to get some new readers to your blog.

How to find keywords with low competition :

1. You need a SemRush account to find low competitive keywords. If you are not able to buy Semrush tool, you can take the help of this offer which gives you free trail of SemRush guru account for 14 days.

2. In the Semrush, type your search query. If you are writing an article on " How to increase adsense earnings " . You can type that.


3. SemRush will give out the information like CPC, Volume and competition.

4. As a new blogger, you should only check out keywords which has competition less than 0.20.

5. Keep in mind, that there is no gaurantee, you will surely rank on the first page.

After you selected a low competitive keyword, it is the time to write an unique article to reach the first page of Google.

For this, You can read these blog posts :

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On page Seo techniques for bloggers

But, it isn't enough to rank,

To add some more power to your articles, you should start building high quality backlinks to your blog. Backlink is nothing other than a hyperlink to your blog from other blog, connecting two blogs. The more backlinks you have, the more possibility to rank higher. If you want to drive more traffic to your newly started blog, you should build backlinks. For this, you must read these articles :

What is a backlink and how to build them fast ?

5 ways to create high quality backlinks

Share your blog posts on social networks

Social networks are one of the best way to drive traffic. There is no need of building backlinks, writing unique content with social bookmarking. All you need is a blog post which will attract your friends to read.

How to attract your friends to read your blog posts

It is better to write an unique title, if you wanna attract your friends. For example, we will never read a blog post which have a name like " Scientists found a new asteriod ". Because, no one is willing to learn about rocket science or space in social networks. Social networks are just for a time-pass for some people. For those people, you should write a title like, " Our earth is going to blast on 18 feb because of this asteriod. This starts an anxiety in the minds of people. They cannot stop them clicking on your blog post. Thus, you can drive more traffic to your newly started blog with the help of social networks

Asking your friends to read

It is better to ask your best friends to read your blog posts and rate them. Even though, he give out a bad rating, you can get a page view for your blog.

For this, you need nothing other than An Email or Facebook.

First of all, start a conversation with your friend. Say him a hello, Ask about his health ( A small formality ) and tell him that you have started a blog and written an article, He/she will be attracted and asks you to share link.

Share the link to him and Boom !

Use Quora and yahoo answers

Quora and yahoo answers are question and answer websites. Someome asks a question about something and all the other members start answering them.

But, How can you utilize this ?

You can utilize these websites to drive traffic to your newly started blog.

If your blog's niche is Health and sonebody asked how to Loose weight ?

You have already written a blog post about " How to loose weight "

You can start answering him on Quora or Yahoo answers. First of all, write half of the methods about lossing weight and at tye end tell him to read the full article here and link to your blog post.

He will surely visit your blog to read the full blog post.

Wrapping Up

These are the best ways to drive more traffic to your newly started blog. Whenever, we find a new method, we will surely update the article.

So what are you thinking ?

What's stopping you to share the article ?

Now share it, Care it and love it.