Adsomi Review - Scam Or Legit, Rates, Earnings

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Adsomi Review - Scam Or Legit, Rates, Earnings

Posted by Samba Siva
Need an Adsomi review ?

Wanna try it, But fear of loosing your earnings ?

Actually, when I was a new blogger, I started monetizing my blog with many low quality networks. I have tried more than 30 ad networks. Byt none of them gave me a good result. Finally, I have got an Adsense approval and satisfied with the rates of Adsense. When, I don't have an Adsense account, It was so dificult for me to find a legit ad network in the industry. So, I started writing reviews in my blog. Because, I want to make sure that No beginner waste their time, traffic and earnings. So, let's see.

What is Adsomi ?

Adsomi is a new ad network which is based on CPM rates. Adsomi has only two traffic monetization methods like Native and Popunder ads. Adsomi, Right from the beginning, they started promoting that they have highly competitive rates. According to them, they offer $21 per 1000 impressions. If they really offer $21, It isn't competitive. Because no ad network offers $21 CPM rates.

Adsomi Review

Scam or Legit

Actually, I can't tell you. Because, there are many publishers, who are shouting that Adsomi doesn't pay. I won't belive anybody's words. But this time, I'll go with publishers. There is no one to praise this network. I am not even concluding this network a scam. But, I'll go with people who are complaining on this network. At the same time, you'll have to consider their promotion. No new ad network pays $21 CPM for their publishers. So, we can decide whether to go or leave them.

Signup and approval

To get started with Adsomi, you can directly go to their publisher signup page and fill out all the details and verify your E-mail with them. And you are approved by them. 

There are no other traffic requirements. You can easily get approved by them. 

The publisher's site must not

Host malware, Spyware and Virus on their blogs

Content must be real. Copied content won't get accepted

Adult sites are also accepted. But, if the adult site deals with illegal activites, it can't get an approval.

Ad formats

Native ads : A list of blog posts of the advertiser's website are displayed as a banner on your bloh.

Popunder : No need of introductuon. A full screen ad that opens in the new background tab of the visitors browser.


Adsomi has a minimum payout of $20 and they pay via paypal.

They use Net30 payment terms which means publishers get paid on the end of the month.


This is the Adsomi review for all the publishers. If you don't got an Adsense account, it is better to try Chitika, Bidvertiser etc. If you won't get an approval from Chitika, then try new ad networks like Adsomi etc. But, I won't recommend using it.