Proper Settings For All In One Seo Plugin For Beginners ( Updated )

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Proper Settings For All In One Seo Plugin For Beginners ( Updated )

Posted by Samba Siva
Are you a new blogger ?

Don't know, How to setup a Seo plugin in your wordpress blog ?

In this blog post, we will teach you, Proper settings for All in One seo plugin for beginners

We have already learned about Must have plugins for wordpress blogs and understood that Seo plugins are very important for wordpress blogs. Bloggers can't live without A seo plugin which helps them to rank higher in Google. With the help of Seo plugins, you can save so much time. Because, analyzing content manually is really a time taking task for bloggers. Seo plugins automate these process and helps you in saving time and ranking on the first page of Google.

We can find 100's of Seo plugins in Wordpress plugin store. But, only two of them are popular and widely used by Beginner, Intermediate and Expert bloggers too. One of the plugins is Yoast Seo and the second one is All in one Seo plugin.

Choosing the right plugin is very difficult, As they both offer awesome features. I recommend you to check out All in one Seo ( If you are a beginner ) and Yoast seo ( If you are an expert ).

Setting up Seo plugins is noy so easy nor so hard. It would take some time to setup seo plugins Properly, especially for beginners. In this tutorial, I am going tell you about the Proper settings for All in One seo plugin for beginners

Proper settings for All in One seo plugin for beginners

This is a tutorial written for beginners. I already told you to use Yoast seo, if you are an expert.

Installing the Plugin

Login to your admin panel and go to Plugins > Add new

Search for All in one Seo

Click on Install

Go to Dashboard > Plugins

Activate All in one Seo plugin

Now, you've installed All in one Seo plugin in your blog. Now, you will learn about proper settings for All in one seo plugin.

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General Settings

Check out, Canonical Url's ( It is already checked by default )

Check out, No Pagination for Canonical URLs ( It isn't checked by default, you'll need to check it )

Don't Check, Custom Canonical URL's

Disable, Use original titles setting

Check, Use Markup

Your General Settings tab, Should look like this :

If your general settings tab is different, you have missed something, Check it now.

Homepage Settings

This contains settings like Blog titles and Meta descriptions. It is very easy to configure these settings.

Home Title : Write your blog name in the box along with your tagline or keyword. ( ex : BloggerWpHacks - Learn Wordpress ). Keep in mind that, your Blog title shouldn't exceed the limit of 57 characters.

Home description : Write something about your blog in 160 characters. ( ex : Blogger Wp Hacks is a blog that gives you tutorials about Wordpress and Blogger platforms ).

Title Settings

These are the settings for your Post, Page and category title formats. This is also very easy to setup.

Enable, Rewrite Titles

Check, Capitalize titles

Check, capitalize category titles

Change Post title format from %post_title% | %blog_title% to %post_title%

After setting up all the settings correctly. Your title settings should look like :

If your Title settings tab is looking different, you have made a mistake, now check out all the options again

Custom Post type Settings

Seo for custom post types : Enabled

Seo on only these posts : Check out Posts, Pages and Media.

Enable Advanced Options : Enable

Custom titles : Check it

Media Title format : %post_title%

After setting up, your Custom Post type settings should look like :

If there is something different with your settings, Check them again.

Webmaster verification

With this, you can easily verify Google webmaster tools ( Google search console ) and Bing webmaster tools.

Can't get me ?

To verify your blog with Google webmaster tools, you must add a verification meta tag and this can be easily done by pasting the meta tag into Webmaster verification box.

Noindex Settings

Noindex settings are a must for every blog. But, You must be careful while using Noindex settings, as incorrect configuration may result in Prevention of search engines of indexing of your blog. Here are the noindex settings :

Use Noindex for categories : Check it

Use Noindex for date archives : Check it

Use Noindex for Author archives : Check it

Use Noindex for tag archives : Check it

Use Noindex for the search page : Check it

Use Noindex for the 404 page : Check it

Use Noindex for paginated Pages/ Posts : Check It

Leave all the other options/settings. Don't touch them, They may result in Prevention of Indexing from search engines.

Your Noindex settings should look like :

In Advanced settings, Uncheck Auto Generate Descriptions.

Keyword settings

These are the meta keywords for your blog. According to Google, Meta keywords are not used as a ranking factor. But Yahoo and Bing still use Meta keywords. That's why, we need to enable them.

Meta keywords : Enabled

Leave all the other settings like that.

Now these are the proper settings for All in one Seo plugin for Beginners. Now, let's make some small tweaks to optimize your wordpress blog.

Feature Manager settings

These are the settings to enable/disable some features of All in One Seo Plugin .

Sitemaps :

Go to All in one Seo > feature manager

Click on Activate on Sitemap generator.

This feature will automatically generates sitemap for your blog which helps in proper indexing of your blog.

The proper settings for All in one seo plugin for beginners is completed and your wordpress blog is now optimized for Search engines.

To make your blog posts optimized, You need to add Meta titles and descriptions.

Go and click on edit a blog post

On scrolling, you will find All in one seo tab.

Just type the title of your blog post in the meta title box.

Now, write a meta description for your blog post and never forget to include your keyword in the description.

You can see the preview of your blog post in Google
You have optimized both Blog and blog posts for search engines.


These are the proper settings for All in One Seo plugin for beginners. If you are confused with this guide, you can contact me to help.

I will setup All in one seo plugin in your blog. But, this service isn't free. You need to pay me a small $10 for setup and i will make your blog optimized for search engines.

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