10 Best Indian Bloggers & Their Monthly Earnings

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Blogging is one of the toughest job to choose. But who likes the regular 9 to 5 activity. All is normal, you will get salary on the 1st day of month. And there is no risk in the life. Whereas blogging is one of the risky and interesting job. There are many bloggers who are making blogging a full time business. But there is some risk involved in that. Because, in a month you will make three times more than your regular job. Where as, sometimes you will go empty handed. But i’m not discouraging any others who are passionate about blogging. But what i recommend is only leave your daily job when you have full confidence about your career. Here are some Indian bloggers who made blogging a business. Here are the Best Indian Bloggers and their blogs. They make thousands of dollars every month

Note: This list is not in an order. Never think that a blogger listed below is not good and blogger listed above is the best. All of these bloggers are very good and talented. At the same time, if you have a popular blog, just comment and we will review it and add it to the list. 

Best Indian Bloggers & Their blogs

1. Amit Agarwal

Credits: http://facebook.com

He is the India’s first pro blogger. He started blogging back in 2004, making his blog one of the oldest Indian blog. He quit his daily routine job and took blogging as a serious career. He spends most of his time in his main blog ” digital inspiration ” ( also called as Labnol.org ) . Amit is also called as the father of Indian blogging. Amit Agarwal is earning more than $60,000 from his blog. Amit is the first and Best Indian Blogger of all time. Here are a few details about this blog. 

Name : Amit Agarwal

Blog : Labnol

Earnings : more than $60,000 ( Estimated )

Revenue sources : Adsense

2. Harsh Agarwal

Credits: http://denharsh.com

Here is my all time favourite and best Indian blogger. He is none other than Harsh Agarwal. Like all the other bloggers, Harsh started his blogging journey on a blogspot platform. After 3 months, he received the best appreciation from his readers. And Harsh decided to migrate to WordPress. That”s how his famous blog ShoutMeLoud was born. He started ShoutMeLoud on December 1, 2009. He blogs under his brand ShoutDreams. At the time of thinking to become a Pro Blogger, He got a job opportunity in the top MNC of India, Accenture. But after asking many suggestions and finally listening to his heart he is very serious about his career. At the time, he is very confident of earning from his blog. Apart from ShoutMeLoud, he is managing many other blogs like Shoutmetech, Wpsutra, CallingAllGeeks, Wphostingdiscount and his personal blog where he shares his personal things call Denharsh. He is very young, but one of the main inspirational blogger of India.

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He is the best speaker, and he speaks at every event. Harsh’s ShoutMeLoud got the best blog award in 2013 and 2016. He is also one of the Best Indian Bloggers and has full eligibility to get listed in this list. Here are some details about him : 

Name : Harsh Agarwal

Blog : ShoutMeLoud

Earnings : approx. $30,000

Revenue sources : Adsense, Direct advertising, Affiliate marketing, Sponsered Posts, Consultancy, Services, Domain Business and Shout University.

3. Shradha Sharma

Here comes a one of the Best Indian bloggers. Shardha Sharma is the only Women Blogger who got a position in this list. She is really a talented blogger. She is actually from Patna, But works from Banglore, India. Her blog yourstory.in stands as an inspiration for new blogger. Her blog is about Startups, Entrepreneurs and success stories of successful bloggers.

Name : Shradha Sharma

Blog : yourstory.in

Earnings : $30,000 ( Estimated )

Earning sources : I don’t know. 

4. Ashish Sinha

Credit: http://facebook.com

Ashish Sinha from Nextbigwhat, Is one of the Best Indian Bloggers, Who writes about Enterpreneurship, Startup’s etc. His blog is a inspirational source for newbies. He earns $18000/month ( Estimated ) from his blog.

Name : Ashish Sinha

Blog : Nextbigwhat

Earnings : $18000

Revenue sources : Adsense, Affiliate sales, Sponsered posts etc.

5. Anil Agarwal

Credits: http://bloggerspassion.com

I think Anil, is the friendly blogger of all time. Anil Agarwal is the founder of Bloggers Passion. After the Seo master Neil Patel, Anil is the only guy who writes in-depth articles. Each and every article written by Anil are longer than 1800 words. These are very easy to understand. Anil write’s about SEO, Blogging and WordPress. All the tricks and tips on the homepage of bloggerspassion are based on the experience of Anil. He is earning a decent amount of 1500-3000$ from his blog, making him one of the best Indian bloggers

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Name : Anil Agarwal

Blog : Bloggerspassion

Earnings : 3000$ / Month ( Approx )

Earning sources : Affiliate income, Adsense, SEO consultancy etc. 

6. Pradeep Kumar

Credits : http://facebook.com

Pradeep kumar, The youngest blogger in this list. Being a teen, Pradeep managed to get success in blogging and internet marketing. His blog, Hell Bound Bloggers ( HBB ) is a site for learning Seo, Blogging and Social Media tricks. I think he is fully eligible to get listed here. Even though he is a teen, He got his success. That’s why, He is in this list of best Indian bloggers.

Name: S.Pradeep Kumar

Blog : Hellboundbloggers.com

Earnings : $4000-$5000

Earning sources: Sponsered posts, Adsense and Affiliate Marketing.

7. Iftekhar Ahmed

Credits: http://iftiseo.com

Iftekhar Ahmed is the founder of Iftiseo. He strated blogging in 2013 and he managed to achieve success within 3 years. Here is an article from Iftiseo ” Iftiseo turns 3 years “. Iftekhar Ahmed is the blogger with more humor. I love his writing style, He is the master of using emoji’s in the content. He written the famous Sweet Steal Technqiue. Iftekhar Ahmed is studying B.tech and He has only 1 remaining semester, After that he will become a full time internet marketer. Here are some details about him.

Name : Iftekhar Ahmed

Blog : Iftiseo.com

Earnings : $1500-$3000

Earning sources : Affiliate Marketing and Adsense 

8. Imran Uddin

Credits: http://alltechbuzz.net
Credits : http://bloggin

The only blogger from my State, Andhra Pradesh. Imran Uddin is a young Blogger ( Older than me ) who is the founder and CEO of All tech media pvt. Ltd. The main blog of Imran is alltechbuzz, which focus on Technology, PC, Android, Web and money making tips etc. He earns approx. $7500/ month ( Only estimated ). Anyway, He is one of the best Indian Bloggers and some details about him : 

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Name : Imran Uddin

Location : Andhra Pradesh

Blog : Alltechbuzz

Earnings : $7500/ month ( Estimated )

Revenue sources : Adsense, Sponsered content etc.

9. Kulwant Nagi

credits : http://bloggingcage.com

A blogger from Haryana, Who write about WordPress, Seo, Blogging and money making tricks etc. He earns an expected income of $6500 per month. His Blog Bloggingcage.com inspires new bloggers and helps them in setting up their blogs and earning a passive income from them. That’s why, He became one of the best Indian bloggers. Here a few details about him :

Name : Kulwant Nagi

Blog : Bloggingcage 

Earnings : $6500/ month

Revenue sources : Adsense, Affiliate Marketing. 

10. Ankit Singla

Credits: http://bloggertipstricks.com

Ankit Singla is the founder of bloggertipstricks. There he writes about SEO, Blogger tips and tricks. I think the main attractive thing about Ankit is selecting the monetization methods and Design of his blog. The attractive design of bloggertipstricks makes the visitor surely enables him to subscribe for this blog. And he is the master of selecting the right monetization methods. He is earning an expected income of $2000 from his blog. He writes in-depth and high quality content making him one of the best Indian bloggers of all time.

Name : Ankit Singla

Blog : Bloggertipstricks

Earnings : Approx. 2000$

Earning Sources : Adsense, Affiliate marketing


The guys listed above are the best and top Indian bloggers of all time. I know i missed many guys. If i write about all of them, This list would be endless. But surely in future, i am gonna expand this list to 20 bloggers. Until then, Keep watching our blog and subscribe for our blog.

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