4 Best Buysellads Alternatives : Similar To Buysellads

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

4 Best Buysellads Alternatives : Similar To Buysellads

Posted by Samba Siva
Want sone best Buysellads alternatives ?

Rejected by Buysellads ?

Don't be sad. Buysellads is not only the thing. There are many ad network similar to Buysellads. We can use them to replace Buysellads.

Direct Advertisements are the one of the best way to sell your unsold ad space in your blog. With, direct advertising, we can easily monetize our blog without any middle-men who take up some Revenue from our earnings. For example, Adsense never share 100% revenue with you, they have some share on your earnings.Adsense shares 56/44 ratio . To resolve this issue, we can use direct advertisements. Finding an advertiser for your blog is really hard. For small bloggers like me, it is really an impossible event. To find advertisers, There are many direct ad networks like Buysellads.

But, you must understand that no service is free, Buysellads also take up some revenue from your earnings. But if you don't use any network like BuysellAds, you can enjoy 100% revenue. Anyway, this article is only written for those who are looking for high quality and best BuysellAds alternatives. We never post rubbish content here on Pro Blogger How.

What is BuysellAds ?

BuySellAds is an ad network founded in 2004 and it is different from others. It is a direct ad network in which your blog is listed in marketplace and if an advertiser is willing to buy your ad space, he will buy it. In this network, you have the capability to select your rates. Yes, you can even put a price tag of $1000/month, if you have a good blog which receives tons and tons of traffic. For now, it is over about this network and if you are interested in reading more, Here is a detailed review about BuySellAds from Harsh Agarwal. Now we are going to inform you about 4 best buysellAds alternatives and in the end of the post, i am also going to tell you why you need alternatives for BuySellAds.

Best BuySellAds Alternatives for small bloggers

1. Forums like Digital Point

Forums are the best way to get answers from experts and share knowledge with others. But forums can help you in finding advertisers who are willing to advertise. I know that you guys can't get me, To explain clearly, Every forum has its own Buy and Sell category in which you can easily buy and sell ad space in your blog. For example, if an advertiser wants to advertise on a tech blog and your blog is related to the advertiser category, you can ping him and send him the details like Rates, Image Formats and bla bla ! . Then if he accept your request, he/she will pay you and you can add the advertisement to your blog. In this way, forums can act as an buysellads alternative and it is suitable for small bloggers too. 


1. No need of paying comission


1. Finding opportunities is very hard as there are no guys to support you ( MiddleMen )

2. Adclerks ( Publicity clerks )

A direct ad network for medium bloggers. Actually i applied for this network with my blogspot blog and they rejected my blog and i understood that they won't approval all blogs submitted to their network. With publicity clerks, you can easily sell ad space in your blog. We can choose our own rates, there is no one to decide our blog's ad space rates. The minimum traffic requirement is 100K and sometimes they will approve blogs with low traffic too. They pay via Paypal for their publishers


Large pool of advertisers

Highly dedicated support

Paypal support


We need a minimum of 100K visitors which is very catchy for small bloggers like me. Yes, it is a best Buysellads alternative, But only for some big bloggers.

3. Blogads

Blogads is one of the oldest buysellads alternative, Because it was founded on 2002 ( I'm also born on 2002 ). Like Buysellads, Blogads has its own marketplace in which publisher's websites get listed and advertisers purchase the ad space. Being an older network, it has a good reputation and more than 4000 Advertisers in the pool. According to many bloggers, This network only accept blogs with a minimum of 30,000 monthly impressions, making it an ad network for Medium traffic blogs. But according to me, there are no minimum traffic requirements. Give it a try once. Blogads uses NET30 payment terms. They pay via PayPal, cheque and
Wire transfer. The minimum
payout is only $75 via PayPal

4. Adsella

Adsella was founded in 2010, it is one of the fastest growing direct ad network and a very good buysellads alternative. It is really good for small bloggers who are looking to sell their ad space. But when compared to BuySellAds, this network has lesser advertiser which means it is very rare to find a quality advertiser who are willing to advertise on your blog for high cost. In this network, Sometimes you need to sell your ad space for low cost. Adsella take up 20% of your earnings as commission. Hey, you don't need to give them a commssion, they will take it automatically from your account. Adsella allows you to withdrawl your earnings through Paypal, Payza and Bank wire too.


1. Easy approval ( even your blog gets low pageviews )

2. Many payment proofs available


1. Less number of advertisers when compared to BuySellads. But alternatives always lacks something.

5. Advertise with us page

The best way to sell ad space is directly putting a price tag in your blog. Even here at pro Blogger How, we have an advertise with us page. If an advertiser visit your blog and he/she likes it. He will look out for an advertise with us page and start contacting you for advertising their product. The best part is, no one takes away earnings from you. Anyway, an advertise with us works like a charm and can be declared one of the best Buysellads alternatives.

Why choosing alternatives

Undoubtedly, BuySellAds is very good and it must be the first option to go with. But here are some reasons to choose alternatives leaving a top brand :

1. Approval is not easy. Buysellads is looking only for high quality blogs having good content, Alexa, Backlinks to name a few. Approval is very tough for small blogger but if you follow this guide to Get buysellads approval, it is very easy. Never submit a site which is in Developing or under-construction situation.

2. High competition : Yes you heard it right. There are many big blogs in buysellads marketplace which means it is very rare for the advertiser to find your blog.

these are some aspects which irritates us and makes us looking for some best Buysellads alternatives.

Some other networks might be listed in future :

1. OIO publisher Plugin

2. Matomy Seo ( Text link ad network )

If i missed any best Buysellads alternative, Please remind me, Using comments.


These are the 4 best buysellads alternatives to sell your ad space. I recommend you to check out BuySellAds first, If you won't gor an approval, never lose hope. Try it again and again. But if you are tired with BuySellAds, try one of these alternatives and sell your ad space.