How to Monetize your Youtube Channel With Adsense and Affiliate Marketing

Thursday, 9 February 2017

How to Monetize your Youtube Channel With Adsense and Affiliate Marketing

Posted by Samba Siva

Youtube, The largest video hosting platform. Youtube was created by three paypal workers and then Google, The giant search engine, Owned it by buying it from those Paypal workers. After that, Google redesigned Youtube in their own style. Many Google products like Blogger has an option to monetize. Google is very best and money minded, They give all the users option to monetize their blogs, but listen what !

They get a very good revenue from your blog. Because they won't share 100% revenue. They share 54% with you and they will get the remaining revenue. Like Blogger, You can monetize your youtube channel with Adsense. But Google is always tricky. You need some requirements to monetize your youtube channel. So let's see what are them and how to do it.

Method-1 : How to monetize your Youtube channel with Adsense

1. Go to and go to your Youtube channel

Monetize your Youtube Channel

2. Click on channel and status and features

3. Check for copyright issues, if copyright has red colour sign, you are in danger and you are not eligible for making money. If it is in green, yes, you made it.
i have already applied for Adsense

4. Go to channel and click on monetization

5. Click on apply for Adsense

6. Sign in with your mail, Follow the steps and fill up all the details.

7. Wait for atleast 12 hours and sometimes 2 days to get an approval from Adsense.

8. After getting Adsense approval, Go to youtube video manager.
Monetize your Youtube Channel

9. Check all the videos and in the actions drop down box select monetize. Or you can manually monetize selected videos by clicking on Green dollars icon right to the video.

Video tutorial to add Adsense ads in your Youtube channel

What are the advantages of Youtube monetization

Passive income: After monetizing your videos, you can start earning from the day one ๐Ÿ˜œ. Because, youtube don't need any special Seo skills, all you need to do is uploading videos, writing good descriptions and sharing it with your fruends on Facebook and Twitter and then getting views for your video and what next ! , You can see earning flow in your Adsense dashboard.

Approval is very easy : For blogger, there are many requirements to get an approval from Adsense. Everybody is not good at optimizing like this guy who got an Adsense approval for his blogspot blog. But, With youtube approval is easy. By uploading 3-5 high quality videos, you can get approval. And there are no restrictions.

No investment : For blogging, you need to invest so much on hosting, domains and some Seo tools. But with youtube, There is no need of spending even a penny from your pocket. If you want a professional channel, you can take the help of freelancers by paying them. But it is not mandatory. Youtube is one the best way to make money without investment.

Method 2 : Monetize your youtube channel with Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money from everything. With Affiliate marketing, it is possible to monetize a twitter and Facebook page too. At the same time, you can monetize your youtube channel with Affiliate marketing. Here is a small tutorial

1. Signup for a high paying affiliate program. It must be related to your vlogging niche. If your channel is about Seo, Sign up with Berush, A semrush affiliate program. When a viewer click on your product, And make a sale you can make money.

2. Place the link in description.

3. Wait for some time, to make your first affiliate sale and enjoy large income.

Adsense and Affiliate marketing are the two best ways to make money. But many people get confusion on which is better, Adsense or Affiliate marketing. So i published a video on adsense vs affiliate marketing, but that is not applicable in Youtube, Just for bloggers.

Method-3 : Monetize your Youtube channel with Url Shortners and surveys

Monetize your Youtube Channel

If your youtube channel is about downloading and offering pro version softwares for free this methid works for you. You can sign up with a url shortner like LinkBucks and then shorten it and if the software is really paid, lock it with a survey and make money when a visitor complete it. You can easily make $10 by simple survey unlocking.

Or if the software is free, monetize it with url shortner.

Method-4 : Monetize your youtube channel with sponsered reviews

Sponsered reviews are very different and they can easily beat both Adsense and Affiliate marketing if correctly done. Because you can easily earn $200-$500 by writing up a sponsered post ๐Ÿ˜œ.

But the youtube channel must be popular with huge number of subscribers and daily visitors.

Then you can apply for sponsered reviews and make a huge amount every month by writing a small and simple review.


These are the 4 best methods to monetize your youtube channel. All these tips are based on my experience except Sponsered Reviews, because we can't use it unless you have a big and popular channel. And mine has a small no.of videos. Subscribe for my and get latest tips and money making methods for free.