iwriter Review : Make Money Online Writing Articles

Sunday, 26 February 2017

iwriter Review : Make Money Online Writing Articles

Posted by Samba Siva
Do you have unique writing style ?

Want to make money by writing articles ?

Are you tired of bidding projects in Freelancer ?

If yes, The answer is iwriter. In this article, i am going to take a look at iwriter review and Tutorial.

Writing articles is one of the best way to make money online. But finding the projects is very hard. To get some projects, you need to have some good connections with many bloggers and employers. Even though there are many sites like Freelancer, UpWork and Guru etc to find out writing projects. But there is so much competition in those websites 👋🅸. Before you bid on a project, Many freelancers bid on the project. So winning a project is very hard. To avoid this competition, We need to find out some other websites like iwriter, Content Mart etc. In this article, I am going to write an in-depth and genuine iwriter review. 

What is iwriter ?

iwriter Review

iwriter is a content marketplace where many people like employers and writers are there. Employers give out some work like Write an article, Write an ebook etc. All the work is writing, you cannot find Designing, App development Projects here . After the employer gives an article ( Work ), You ( writer ) can write the article and get paid. The good thing is the employer will give you the topic and you can proceed towards writing the article

iwriter Review for publishers

Signup and approval

iwriter Review

Hey guys, this is not an ad network. So no need of even writing about signup and approval. But as per the formality, The process of Registration in iwriter is :

1. Go to iwriter through this link and fill out all the details and verify your email to get instant access to login into your account.

How to make money with iwriter

1. Go to your account by logging in with your credentials

2. Click on write content

3. Select an article. As a new writer, you can only write Standard level articles. I am going to explain these things later.
4. Click on + and click on write article. Then you need to pass an examination. This is not a long exam. This is just a simple 15 questions grammar test and you need at least 13 score to get the eligibility to write article. After the completion of Grammar test, start writing the article. After the completion of writing the article, click on submit and if the employer approves your article, you will get paid.

Writer Levels

iwriter works on the writer levels. The highest level you have, the more you get paid. These are the levels of iwriter:

Standard: This is the basic level. Every new writer will be on this level. And the payouts are very low. Even though you write a 500 word article, you can only get $1. These are the lowest rates ever for a writer. To unlock the next level, you need to write more articles and get good ratings from the employer.

Premium : The name suggests that this is a good level. Actually, premium refers to Paid version. But iwriter don't have a paid version. Premium refers to high pay rates. As a premium writer, you can get $5 per 500 word article. This is good rate and would be suitable for medium writers. Hey hold on ! Do You have more and more talent ? , Do you think that you can get more rates, do you have unique writing style ? . If yes, you can get more, by going to next level.

Elite: This is only for people who have unique and good writing style and talent. The payments are higher and the projects are bigger. So you must have the capability to write for any topic, Category. According to me you can $15 per 500 word article. Not only that, they have even better, High paying and bigger level. To achieve the level, you must be a master of writing, Seo etc.

Elite Plus : Elite Plus is the highest level of iwriter. Reaching this level is almost impossible for small writers. Elite plus writers must be good at Seo, Have unique grammar skills, Have unique writing skills and have the capability to write at least 10 articles a day. But wait, there are very low amount of Elite Plus projects. Actually, an Elite plus writer can get $50 per 500 words. Yes, you heard it right. You can make $50 for a 500 word article, making this iwriter review more sweet to read.


The minimum payout of iwriter is $20 and can be easily reached, if you reach the premium level. As a premium writer, you can get $5 per 500 words. And if you write 4 articles as a premium writer, You can reach the minimum payout and they pay via Paypal, Cheque and Bank wire too. But i prefer Paypal as primary payment method, as it is more trusted and used by all internet marketers across the world.

That's all for writers and with this section, iwriter review is complete for writers and now the review for employers will start. I suggest you to read this article, it may help you later, if you need content for your blog.

iwriter review for Employers

How to get Content with iwriter

iwriter is a very good marketplace in which many writers write unqiue articles. To get special and unique content, you need to place the request in marketplace. Here is the way to get content with iwriter.

 Adding money to your account

1. There is no need of signing up for an employer account. Because, you have two roles with one account. There is no need of any account. Login with your normal iwriter account.

2. Click on Get content

3. Click on add money

4. Select your amount. For example, if you want only one article, you can add $10 to your account. You can add how much you need.

5. Click on add money and it will be redirected to Paypal. Login with your Paypal account and pay the money.

Adding your request in marketplace

1. Click on Get Content

2. Type what type of article you need, at how much budget etc. I mean to say, fill out all the details.

3. Click on submit.

4. And your request will bs accepted and your article will be added into marketplace and a writer will write the article for you. Don't forgot, you have the right to reject an article.

Now, the iwriter review for employers is complete. And we can proceed towards other things.

Scam Or Legit

There is no doubt, iwriter is one of the best content marketplace for both Writers and employers. Iwriter is not a scam and it is fully genuine, so you can proceed towards signing up with this network and start making money.


This iwriter review is written for both writers and employers. I suggest you to join this network and write article and start making money and build your online presence.

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