How to Embed Youtube Videos in Blogger blog Posts

Friday, 10 February 2017

How to Embed Youtube Videos in Blogger blog Posts

Posted by Samba Siva

Images are very good way to write tutorials in an understanding manner. But there are some people won't easily understand anything. For those guys, We can use videos and explain a tutorial in good way. In wordpress, We can get unlimited power to access plugins, even though for a simple permalink optimization, There are plugins for Wordpress. But Blogger is different from others. We need to write coding to add anything in Blogger. Blogger uses HTML, which can be easily written and understood by newbies too. HTML is very easy when compared to PHP. But today, i am not gonna talk about Web Languages, Today i am gonna explain you " How to Embed Youtube Videos in Blogger.

How to embed youtube videos in blogger

1. Go to and search for the video tutorial, you want to insert in your blog post. ( The video you select must be good in quality, Must have good voice quality, And the tutorial must be clear ) . Because no one likes low quality tutorials, Everyone check out for high quality videos. Watch the video properly and then make a decision

2. Look out for Share, click on it.The Arrow icon is Share.

3. Click on embed, And you will get a HTML code which you can use it to embed a youtube video in blogger.

5. Come back to, Write a post

6. Click on HTML

7. Look for the right place to insert a video. If you are writing a tutorial, Never add video in the middle of the content, try to add it below or above the tutorial.

For example, If you want to add the video below the heading. And the heading is example-1

After clicking on HTML, Look out for Example-1 and right after it, Paste the code, which we extracted in the step-3.

Advantages of embed videos

1. Your visitors can easily understand what are you trying to tell them. Tutorials can be easily understood by people by watching it in a video.

2. When a visitor, watch the video, He/she gets a good impression on your blog. And whenever they watch your blog in search engines, They will click on your blog

3. Visitors will stick out for your blog and helps you in increasing alexa rank, Decreasing bounce rate, Increasing Adsense earnings etc. All the above things are advantages right and good for any blog.


With this simple way, you can embed youtube videos in blogger blog posts. And that helps you in improving the user experience of your visitor. Subscribe for our blog and get latest blogspot tricks.