How to Create a Blog with Blogger For Free in 5 minutes

Sunday, 12 February 2017

How to Create a Blog with Blogger For Free in 5 minutes

Posted by Samba Siva

Starting a blog is not so difficult, But maintaining the blog is very difficult. Many people, have an enthusiasm to start a website, But they don't know that it is called a blog. There is so much difference between a blog and website. But i'm not talking about that. I'm gonna give you a good clarity and tutorial on How to create a blog with blogger.

How to create a  blog with blogger

1. Go to and sign in with your Google account ( The one which you use to login into your Gmail account ).

2. Click on create blog.

3. Type a name, Url and click on create blog.

If the URL you selected is already taken, It is not possible to take it from them. So change the URL with another URL and try again. Never put spaces in the URL, because it would not get accepted by Blogger.  Yes, You created a blog with blogger.

Advantages of Blogger

No Need of domain and hosting :

Hosting and domain costs so much ranging from $3-$9 per month. For new bloggers, it is very big. I am also waiting to buy domain name in future. For example, if you want to go with wordpress, You must buy hosting and domain to get started.

But, you can easily create a blog with blogger. It will give you a free domain like,

Yeah, it looks unprofessional, but for starters it is good. And Blogger will give you free hosting for life.

Ease of Use

Blogger is also drag and drop website builder. But it is different from others like WIX and Weebly. Even with zero coding experience, you can easily maintain your blog.

Tons of themes and Widgets

There are many widgets and Templates for blogger. But they ask you for some footer credits, If you give them, You are done. I'm also using a custom template for my blog.

Disadvantages of Blogger

SEO: Blogger is also an Seo friendly platform. But it lack of some main and must have Seo features. Even though blogger added many things like Meta tags, Robots and Sitemaps, still blogger is not an Seo friendly platform like Wordpress. Because of lack of Seo, Your posts cannot appears in the first page of Google, resulting in low page views

Low control : Google is the one behind Blogger and it has the right to delete your blog permanently. They won't delete your blog for some silly reasons. Instead, they will delete your blog, if your blog has copyright issues. So you must take care of copyrights.


In this way, you can create a blog with blogger in 5 minutes. This is free and risk free method. I started this blog by this tutorial. Wanna learn more about blogger, subscribe for us