5 Best Free and Paid SemRush Alternatives For Better Keyword Research

Saturday, 25 February 2017

5 Best Free and Paid SemRush Alternatives For Better Keyword Research

Posted by Samba Siva
Want to rank higher in search engines ?

Want to beat all your competitors and steal their traffic ?

 Using Semrush, But tired of paying charges ?

If yes, you are in a very good place today. Because, in this article we are going to take a look at 5 Best Free and Paid SemRush alternatives As a blogger, you must know, what is Keyword Research and How to do keyword research ?
Because, search engines like Google, Only look out of keywords while ranking a blog post while crawling them. So you must optimize your blog posts and you can optimize your blog post for search engines with this free guide on Writing Seo optimized content. Even in that guide, i've added keyword research, Because picking out best keywords is a must.

To pick out best keywords, you need a keyword research tool like SemRush. SemRush is one of the leading keyword research tool in the world and it is used by many Seo experts. Here is a in-depth SemRush review from my side, to give you some more information about it. But there are some guys, who are not satisfied with SemRush. For those, this is going to be a very good day, as they are able to learn more about Best free and Paid SemRush alternatives to find better keywords for their blog posts.

1. LongTail Pro- Paid SemRush Alternative

LongTail Pro can also be defined as the best and longest rival of SemRush. Actually, LongTail Pro is not an online keyword research tool, you need a Windows or Mac PC to install and use LongTail pro, making it a very good Paid Semrush alternative for PC.This software costs you $47 per month an the maximum feature version costs 67$ per month. To use LongTailPro, you must install adobe air software in your PC. Without adobe air, this software won't work.

LongTailPro is really good for those who are looking to start a Micro-niche blog ( A blog that only concentrates and writes about only one niche and make money from advertisements by getting an Adsense approval ) .

Because LongTailPro is very accurate when it comes to showing up the real competition. This makes it a real SemRush alternative. For example, if a keyword has 0-40 competition means low competition and you can easily rank for it and if the keyword has more than 50 competition, it is hard to rank for the keyword and it needs so much time, Hard Work, Backlinks, Social shares.

At the same time, you can even check out the average CPC of a keyword. For example, if a keyword has $5 CPC, you can approximately get $5 per click using Adsense. So if you are planning to launch a micro niche blog, it is better to signup with LongTailPro and find out high paying, Low competitive keywords and start making money.

2. Google Keyword Planner - Free SemRush alternative

Any list about " free SemRush Alternatives " wouldn't be completed without this tool. It provides you accurate data and CPC of the keyword.

But why it is so accurate ?

Because, it is a keyword research tool provided by Google. This is actually designed for Advertisers. Can't get me ?

Google earns a lot from search engine advertisements called Adwords. When you search for something, you can see some listings with a green label called ads. Those are Adword ads and when you click on them, the advertiser has to pay something to Google. Here keywords matter. For example, if the advertiser is targeting a high traffic keyword, he/she has to pay more. So they only look out for low CPC keywords and pay lesser to Google.

But bloggers has to check out the high CPC keywords and when anybody clicks on the ad on the page which has the keyword, you will get more and more earnings from Adsense.

With these statistics, you have to understand that Google keyword planner is a very good free SemRush alternative. Bloggers can easily use this tool to find Seo keywords and get high amount of traffic from search engines

3. Keywordtool.io- Both Free and Paid

The simple and best keyword research tool based on Google keyword planner. Keywordtool.io have their own keyword database and to improve the accuracy, they are also using Adwords Database. And this makes keywordtool.io, a best free and paid SemRush alternative. This tool helps you jn getting keywords in Bing, Google and Youtube too. This means, you can even use this tool for youtube Seo optimization. With free version, you can only get a list of huge keywords which helps you in generating many content ideas for your blog. But you won't get any other things like Competition, CPC with free version. But, if you purchase the full version, you can get more than 500 related keywords with CPC, Competition and other things.

4. Google Suggest Tool

When you type something on the Google search bar, you will find related topics to your keyword. For example, if you type something like Youtube, you will get many suggestions like Youtube Seo, Make Money from Youtube and many other keywords. And this makes, Google suggest one of the best and free Semrush alternatives. At the same time, you don't need to spend, so much time, Even you don't need to visit a website ( If your homepage is Google ). But this will not provide you any other details like Volume, CPC, Competition etc. But you must keep in mind that it is not a keyword research tool just some set of suggestions to improve Google Search, But we can use if for Blogging to. And this can be easily considered as the simple SemRush alternative.

5. KWfinder- Free and Paid

My all time favourite keyword research tool. According to me, it is not a SemRush alternative, it is the biggest rival of both SemRush and LongTail Pro. It is very easy to use KWfinder to find long-tail keywords for Seo. At the same time, you can check out many things like CPC, Competition for the specific keyword. I think this tool is perfect for finding the competition of keyword. It really helps me in ranking some of my keywords in the first page of Google.

The free version helps you in checking 3 keywords per 24 hours. The medium pack which costs $12/month, helps you in checking 100 keywords in 24 hours. And the maximum pack which costs $25 per month helps you in checking out 500 keywords per 24 hours.

I recommend you to check out the second pack which costs you only $12 per month.


These are some best free and paid SemRush alternatives. With these alternatives, you can easily cut down the high price tag of SemRush. It would be helpful, even you wanna try out some more keyword research tools.