7 Common Seo mistakes and How to avoid them

Saturday, 11 February 2017

7 Common Seo mistakes and How to avoid them

Posted by Samba Siva

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) plays a viral role in increasing traffic of a blog. Without proper Seo, You cannot achieve success in your blogging career. Without proper Seo, your blog can't get enough traffic. Without enough traffic, you cannot get good alexa rank. Without traffic, you cannot make money from your blog. So to get traffic, We need the help of Seo. Today i am going to tell you about 5 common Seo mistakes and how to avoid them.

5 common Seo mistakes and How to avoid them

1. Not doing proper keyword research

Keyword research is a time taking task in On-page Seo. To rank higher, Bloggers must select good keywords. But some bloggers never select good keywords. They always check out the CPC of keywords, But not the competition. To get a good position in search engines, you must select keywords with low competition and high CPC. Here is a guide from Neil Patel on selecting the right keywords.

To do keyword research properly, you need to take the help of a good seo tool like SemRush. Here is a detailed Semrush review for bloggers. According to me, SemRush is very good but charges very high like $69. Here is a very good alternative to SemRush and that is LongTailPro. And a free alternative is Google Keyword Planner.

2. Maintaining very high keyword density

Keyword density helps the search engines to pick up your keyword and helps you in ranking higher for the keyword. But maintaining a high keyword density is very bad. It is also called Keyword Stuffing. Generally you must maintain a good keyword density of less than 2%. Personally, we maintain a keyword density of 0.5-1% and it helps me to rank higher for my desired keyword.

To check out the keyword density, you can use a Seo plugin like Yoast Seo. Yoast Seo has a content analyzer which analyze the keyword density of a keyword.

3. Not Optimizing Permalinks

Permalinks are like silencers of a gun. Because it can easily kill your blog by making your posts rank very lower. Optimizing permalinks is not a hard or time taking task. To optimize permalinks, All you need to do is removing stop words like is, to, and etc. Here is a huge list of stop words. Remove those keywords from your permalinks and make it seo optimized. Permalinks are one of the common seo mistakes which can easily drop your rankings, so never neglect them. Using blogger, Here is a guide to optimize permalinks in your blog

4. Neglecting Meta descriptions

Meta descriptions helps search engines in picking up the right keyword. By writing a good and optimized meta description, you can even rank for multiple keywords. For example, If you are writing about 5 common Seo mistakes, You can even rank for simple seo mistakes by writing a good meta description.

How to write meta description in Blogger

1. Go to blogger.com and write a post

2. On the right side, Click on search description.

3. Write a good description in a very short length like 120 characters. You must include your desired keyword in the description.

5. Building low quality backlinks

After the Penguin and Panda updates, Bloggers must maintain a good link profile which helps them in ranking higher. Even though you are very good at on-page Seo optimization, We must take the help of off-page seo to rank on the 1st page of Google. Google won't like Low quality links. So you must concentrate on the quality of backlinks. Here are some tips to build high quality backlinks:

1. Write Guest posts in high quality blogs. Never write guest posts in a low quality and spammy blog for backlinks. They will surely affect your blog. Instead spend your valuable time on writing a good post and publishing them on high quality blog like ShoutMeLoud.

2. Comment on dofollow blogs. Before commenting check out many factors like DA and PA of the blog.

3. Avoid footer credit links. They might be unrevealant

This is not a common seo mistake, But this is one of the huge mistake. Never build low quality links in hurry. Slowly build up links, Only high quality links.

6. Neglecting Image Optimization

Optimization of images for search engines helps us to drive more traffic. To optimize images, You need to add alt tag which can be easily added by writing a piece of HTML code. In wordpress, You can easily take care of Image optimization of your blog. All you need to do is name the image correctly and alt tag would automatically added to your image. Image optimization is only neglected by newbies like me and one of the most common Seo mistakes ever.

7. Using too many Javascript code and Plugins

Too much Javascript coding can hurt down the speed of your blog. Even Google insights recommend us to use less javascript tags and we can improve speed of our blog. In Wordpress, We can use plugins to optimize our blog. But too many plugins increase blog load time. So you must use low amount of plugins. Try to make your blog load within 2 seconds. This is one of the most common Seo mistakes by newbies.

Wrapping Up

These are the most common Seo mistakes and you must avoid them to get better rankings. All the things and tricks listed above are very important in search engine optimization. So you must take care of all Seo aspects to rank on the first page of Google. Subscribe for our blog and get latest Seo tips and tricks