Yllix Media Review : Scam Or Legit, Earnings And Cpm Rates

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Yllix Media Review : Scam Or Legit, Earnings And Cpm Rates

Posted by Samba Siva
Yllix media Review is very good for those who are looking to learn more about Yllix. In this review, we are going to check out many things like Scam or Legit, Ad formats, Earnings, Payments and at last my experience with this network.

Here at Pro Blogger How, i written many articles about Ad networks. Because monetization of a blog is a must. Everybody are not lucky like this blogger, who got an Adsense approval. So you must try out dome new networks. As our world is full of those scammers, we must be careful. Think what, you earned a small amount of $30 from your blog in a month and the ad network ended up without paying you. So bloggers must take care while trying out new ad networks. Hey don't forget to check out this guy, who is using the 5 best CPM ad networks in his blog and making thousands from it.

What is Yllix ?

Yllix is an ad network founded in 2012 ( Hey very new right, but they are one of the fastest growing ad network ). They are a combination of CPM/CPC/CPA which provides the publishers a good rate when a click turned into a conversion. Let's jump into the review without wasting a single second.

Yllix Media Review

Scam or legit

Do you know, an ad network, don't get listed here if it is a scam. Because i want the satisfaction of the friendly readers. So Yllix media is not an scam network and it is completely a genuine ( legit ) and a paying ad network since 2012.

Sign up and approval

Signing up is very simple, simply fill the form and verify your mail and you are done. The very god thing about yllix is they never ask any publisher to add a website. Just you need to get the ad code and place it in your blog. And they will idenfity and approve your blog automatically and place ads in your blog. Yllix Review all sites before approving, but i think they are auto approving blogs. Here are some requirements to join them:

1. No minimum traffic is required

2. They approve all niches including Adult and Gambling too. Yllix approve blogs as long as they are legal. Illegal blogs aren't approved.

3. The publisher must tell yllix that his blog is an adult or non-adult blog. If you place an adult in a non-adult blog, it would be like crossing their restrictions .

These are the requirements to join Yllix media.

Ad formats

Yllix media is using CPM/CPC/CPA to pay for their publishers. They also offer a large amount of ad formats. You can use the ad format which you like. Here are some ad formats :

Banner ads : These are just normal banner ads like all other ad networks like Adsense.

Safe HTTPS Banner ads : These are safe ads and they do not contain any ads which are unsafe to the visitors. This avoids the displaying of malware or virus ads.

Slider ads : These ads get more clicks because they are very bif in size. They are like a large vertical billboard which are displayed in right or left side of the blog.

Mobile redirects : I don't recommend this to anyone. Because Google hates redirects. That's why i won't use them. All your traffic is redirected to the sponsers website and you lose all your traffic.

Layer ads : These are ads which are displayed as a page ( layer ) in the page and the visitor has the option to close it, if he didn't like it.

Popup ads : This format is very good but not recommended by me. Using popup's irritates users and he/she will never visit your blog again.

These are the ad formats which are offered by yllix.


Yllix is one of the best ad network which have a very low minimum payout. Because all you need is $1 to withdraw your payments to Paypal and Payza account. They also offer payments via Bank Wire and Cheque too.

My experience with Yllix

My experience with Yllix was very bad. They said that they offer good CPM. But what happened even though i sent them more than 162 impressions and 3 clicks in a single day, i didn't made a single penny or $0.001 too. But officially they said that publishers must need to wait for atleast 7 days to optimize and to provide a high CPM ads. But i dom't have that much time. So i removed it. But i don't suggest you to remove it, just wait for 7 days. Please tell me about your experience with yllix in the comments section and help all the other guys.

Name : Yllix media

Ad types : CPM/CPC/CPA

Ad formtas : Slider, Banner, Layer and Popup

Min. Payout : $1

Payment methods : Paypal

yllix media review

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This yllix media reveiew is written for publishers. Yllix is a good platform for small publishers. If you like it and wanna share it to the world, just share this article with the help of the sharing buttons and help all your friends to monetize their blogs.