Propeller ads review: Scam or legit, CPM rates and Earnings

Friday, 13 January 2017

Propeller ads review: Scam or legit, CPM rates and Earnings

Posted by Samba Siva

Any blogger can easily say that Adsense had worked for them. But when they watch an email called Adsense ban, Their hearts were simply broken because all their earnings and future earnings from Adsense were stopped bevause of banning. But we all know that nothing in the world ends with one thing, When Adsense ends there are other monetizing methods to make money from a blog and there are many CPM ad networks to replace the position of Adsense. So today we are going to write an article on Propeller ads review ( An Adsense alternative ). At the same time we conclude this network with the features like Scam or Legit, Rates, Approvals and Ad formats. Let's see it.

What is Propeller Ads

Propeller ads is one of the best CPM ad network. It was one of the fastest growing ad network. It was a UK based ad network. That means they pay very higher for UK teaffic. CPM refers to Cost per mile. That means you will get paid for views not for clicks. They pay a Cpm rate for 1000 views ( mile refers to 1000). They pays a very good CPM ranging from $1 - $10. This is one of the good and best rates in the industry. There are many ad networks like Tribal Fusion which pays more than $ 20 per 1000 views. But never expect 20 dollars with a small network like Propeller ads.

Propeller Ads Review

Signup and Approval

This is not an easy appoval network like Popads, they are very strict at approving blogs and they rejected my blog ( Pro Blogger How ) too. Like every network, the bloggers who need to join Propeller Ads can visit their website and fill up the sign up form. Within 24 - 78 hours they send an email with the subject of approval or rejection. If you are approved, you are lucky and you can start impleting it on your blog. But if you are not approved for this network, then follow these requirements and reapply to this netwok to get approved :

1. There are no minimum traffic requirements

2. You need so many visits from UK, Canada and USA to get approved by propeller ads.

3. Your blog's layout and template must be good.

4. The blog must be live, blogs under construction won't get approval.

5. Quality content is needed for an approval.

6. Your blog must not host any objectionable content like Illegal drugs etc. Blog's in illegal niche wonn't get an approval. Propeller ads network is very strict and Propeller Ads review all the blogs and then approve them.

Ad formats

Propeller ads offer a huge range of ad formats and they are suitable for all blogs. These are some ad formats they offer

1. On click popunders
These are one of the best ad formats offered by propeller ads. Because according to them this is the highest paying ad format in their network. With this format, CPM can rise upto $7 -  $ 10. This is not a banner format. These ads trigger when someone clicks on your blog. For example, a visitor needs to jump to another article and he clicks on the article and them a popunder triggers and the blogger get paid. Anyway this is one of the best ad format.

2. Banner Ads
These are normal ads which appear like Adsense ads. All the adsense adsense ads are banner ads. The banner sizes include 728/90 , 300/250 etc. They pay very high for banner ads when a publisher place the ads in the best places like Header, Sidebar and in the middle of the content etc.

3. Layer ad
These are the layers that cover the content and if the visitor doesn't like the ad, he/she will close the ad and surfs your content. These types of ads get more clicks, even though you won't get many clicks, you will get paid. Remember this is a CPM network and you will get paid even the user click it or not.

4. Slider ads

Slider ads are also banners but appear in the footer of the bloggers website. When the user scrolls it, the ads will remain there and attracts more clicks and clicks increase CPM rates.

5. Video ads

They provide a script and when you paste it in the template of your blog, then you can easily monetize all the videos hostes on your blog. Video ads include Pre roll ads ( appear at the starting of the video ) and Ads in the middle of the ad.

6. Mobile ads

If you have a mobile targeted blog, you can still monetize your blog with the help of this format. Mobile ads include interstital ads which appear as a page and covers the content and the visitor has the option to close it and surf your blog.

These are the ad formats offered by Propeller ads.


Propeller ads pays a very decent rates of $ 0.01 to $10. I started with $0.01 because some bloggers report that this network pays very low rates. But what i recommend is try this network only when you get high UK, Canada traffic. Because they pay very high for UK, Canada traffic. Propeller axs pays very high rates in the industry. Propeller ads review the traffic sources and then pays a good CPM rates.


The minimum payout of propreller ads is $100 and the largest minus point for them is they won't pay using Paypal. That's why many publishers won't join them. They pay via checks and the minimum payout for checks is $100 anz $500 is the minimum payout for bank wire transfers.

Scam or legit

Propeller ads is one of the best and legit ad network. This is not a scam ad network. There are many publishers who got paid by them. I'm not one of them, but one of my online friend got paid by them.


High competitive rates

Good layout

A large range of formats

A genuine and legit ad network

Approval is not so hard.


Low CPM rates for countries ither than UK, Canada and USA.

Paypal is not a payment method of propeller ads. They only pay via cheques.

Popunders are sometime worst for user satisfaction. Your blog visitors will be annoyed after seeing popunders in your blog and it will decrease your blog's bounce rates too.


This is the Propeller Ads review and it is purely written for publishers. Please recommend this article with your friends and family in Facebook and Twitter too.

Reviewed by Samba Siva on Feb 17 2017
Rating: 5