4 Best And Cheap Wordpress hosting companies in India

Thursday, 12 January 2017

4 Best And Cheap Wordpress hosting companies in India

Posted by Samba Siva
Recently we published an article on Blogger vs Wordpress and it has been proved that Wordpress is the best blogging platform. But wordpress is a self-hosted CMS which needs an own hosting and domain. All the databases, Images, And articles of your wordpress blog must be hosted on a hosting server. So today we compiled a list of best and cheap wordpress hosting companies.

There are many hosting companies which promote that they offer unlimited hosting for as low as $1.99 . They really provide good hosting, but the problem with these companies is security. They are not good and won't provide good security for your blog. Anyone can easily hack your blog. Here is a guide published by Anil Agarwal about Tips to secure wordpress blogs from hackers. So selecting a reliable and trusted hosting company is a must. All the companies listed here are trusted and provide a decent security for their users blog's.

Cheap wordpress hosting companies


Cheap Wordpress Hosting Companies

Ipage is one of the oldest hosting company and it is one of the trusted network. They are very popular for their decent rates. Actually one can easily say that Ipage is one of the best and cheap wordpress hosting companies. Ipage provides a free domain for one year which is very good and it is an encouraging for small bloggers. You can easily pay ipage with Paypal, Credit and Debit cards. Some bloggers won't recommend this company, because it will go down for sometimes. But recently i have seen that they are doing well.

Plans :

Ipage offers two wp plans called Wp starter and Wp essential.
best and cheap wordpress hosting

Wp starter : Wp starter plan starts from $3.95 per month without any coupon and with coupons you can save alot. They offer unlimited storage and bandwidth. They provide pre-installed themes which helps the blogger to make their blog super fast. They offer free search engine credits which helps you in promoting your blog in Google, Bing etc for free.

Wp essential : The name suggest that it is good for big wordpress blogs. This plan starts from $6.75 per month. They offer a free domain, Unlimited storage and bandwidth, Pre-preinstalled themes. They offer WP expert suggestions, Enchanced security and Speed for their users.


According to Ipage, They offer 24/7 support. A hosting company must offer good support to get more customers and to be more reliable.

ipage is a good solution for those who who are looking for reliable hosting for low cost. They are very good at support and cost too.

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2. Bluehost

Bluehost is founded in 1997 and it is one of the oldest living hosting company in the home of internet. They are successfully empowering many blog with their top hosting. Many pro bloggers like Anil Agarwal are using bluehost for many years and have good experience with it. Here is a detailed review on bluehost. Anyone can pay using Paypal, Credut and Debit cards to Bluehost. Bluehost also offers indian hosting call bluehost.in . But i recommend you to go with their original world wide hosting bluehost.com.

Plans :

Bluehost have 3 hosting plans call Normal, Plus and Prime.

Normal : The normal plan has a good rate of $3.49. They offer 50 GB of storage and unlimited traffic ( also called as bandwidth ) . They offer a free domain for life and you can use it for your wordpress blog. They offer 1 free email account in the name of your domain. Each email has storage of 100 mb

Plus : The plus plan has rate if $ 5.45 and it is the most popular plan of bluehost. With this plan, you can get unlimited storage and traffic. They offer free domain for life. They offer unlimited email accounts and unlimited storage of email.

Prime : This plan really costs $14.99, but now they are offering a good rate of $5.45 and they provide unlimited hosting and traffic. Unlimited email accounts and you can include unlimited number of websites in your blog.

Bluehost is one of the oldest and cheap wordpress hosting companies which offer good hosting for good price.

3. Inmotion Hosting

Started in 2001, inmotion is one of the fastest growing hosting network. One of the famous blog AllBloggingTips is hosted on Inmotion since 2012. And the founder Ammar Ali, recommends inmotion hosting in his blog. I don't like theur outdated design, but outdated design doesn't means that it is worst, they offer one of the best and cheap wordpress hosting.

Plans : 

Launch : The cost of this plugin is $ 3.50 per month. This plan helps you in hosting 2 blogs, because they offer unlimited hosting and traffic.

Power : The plan costs $ 4.49 per month and with this plan, you can easily host 4 websites. This plan offers unlimited hosting and traffic and you can get a free domain. This plan offers 4x performance.

Pro : The plan costs $ 7.49 and you can host unlimited no.of websites with this plan. They offer unlimited hosting and traffic. It can deliver 6x performance for your blog.

Inmotion stands as an authoritive hosting company and it is used by many wordpress experts.

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4. Dreamhost

Dreamhost is one of the trusted hosting provider and the famous Indian blogger harsh agarwal started his journey with this hosting, and now you can understand that this is a good option that worth every penny. Dreamhost is using ssd drives for all their hosting plans and they told me that their hosting speed has been increased upto 200% and it improves your blog load time.

plans: i don't know more about the plans of dreamhost but all i can say is it will cost you $119 per year with dreamhost. But if you buy hosting with this banner, you will get hosting for $69 per year only. Buy now

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These are the best and cheap wordpress hosting companies by us. If you know any other hosting company, just let us know by commenting on our blog.