Best Free High Quality Backlink Generators To Build Links In No Time

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Best Free High Quality Backlink Generators To Build Links In No Time

Posted by Samba Siva
We all know that Backlinks plays a vital role in ranking higher in search engines like Google. But building backlinks is a very hard task. No one likes to build backlinks in a natural way. It is a big headache for bloggers and webmasters. There is a fantasctic way to build high quality backlinks. That is nothing other than Generating. Generating Backlinks is a very good way to increase the number of backlinks to your blog. So today we prepared a list of free high quality backlink generators to build backlinks. 

Note: i can't assure that using backlink generators are safe. Because some nasty sites will build low quality backlinks. And it will result in a very serious action in search engines. In normal words, it is called a ban. So never try all link generators. Even the generators in this list aren't really good. This is sometimes a black hat technique which is not recommended by search engines. I suggest you to build links manually. Or first try these generators with a free blog. And then try it with your real blog. 

What are backlinks ?

Linking of one blog to another blog is called link building. For example, there is blog A and blog B. Blog A admin writes good content and blog B owner needs some backlinks. So the blog B owner will build a link by commenting, writing a guest post, Broken link building on blog A . Thus a backlink was generated. 

Why high quality backlinks only

We all know that search engines are nothing other than a set of algorithms. But those algorithms are very serious in ranking a blog. They look at more than 250 factors to give a rank in the first page. But algorithms become more serious when it comes to link building. Unnatural and Low quality links will result in a ban from search engines. Here are some factors to decide whether a backlink is good or bad ( i mean High Or Low quality backlinks ) : 

Page Rank : Page rank is a rank given to all blogs which have a decent number of good and high quality backlinks. Hey who likes building links. So page rank is the first factor to decide backlinks.

Domain and Page Authority : DA and PA are the two factors which are created by SeoMoz. This is also a factor that decide backlinks. 

After checking all the above factors this is the time to show our list of free high quality backlink generators

Free High Quality Backlink Generators

1. SmallSeoTools Backlink Maker ( Free 30 backlinks )


SmallSeoTools offer a set of small seo tools. These are very good for small bloggers. I use all the seo tools of smallseotools. Because all of them are really good. They also provide a free backlink maker. They officially said that they will provide quality backlinks. That's why they are offering a low amount of backlinks. But all of them boost your SERP rankings. To build some links through this wonderful Free high quality backlinks generator, you need nothing. 

Just go to Google and Search for Backlink maker.

Visit their site and input the Url of your blog

Complete the verification by checking the i'm not a robot verifier. 

Then they will generate 30 feee backlinks.


Here comes the another decent backlinks generator. But this tool is paid. Don't worry, this comes with free tool also. With pro version, you can build 2500 backlinks. Whereas with free version, you cannot build 2500 but a small 100 backlinks. All of them are quality links. And it is also same like SmallSeotools. Just input your url and your are done. 


Build 2500 links for free using this wonderful tool. All the links generated in this tool were revelant and authoritive. Fhe best part in this tool are two things. One is the combination of links. Yes, i know what are you thinking. Who needs nofollow links ? . Here comes the real thing. Many bloggers recommend that you must build both dofollow and nofollow links too. And the second part is revelancy. It is very different to the all free backlink generators, because to get backlinks, you must input the keyword which is related ro your blog, then it will start building high quality revelant links. All the links in kalsey were good. Because all links are ranging from PR 1 to 8. 


When i visited their site, i only found one thing. That is all about quality. They said that all links were good. Here is a line from their site : 

We don't promise you that we will give 1000's of backlinks. Because many free high quality backlink generators were providing nasty and poor low quality backlinks. We only provide some backlinks but all of them high in quality.

Anyway this is a very good backlink builder. Just input your url and you are done.


These are the best free high quality backlink generators. Try one of them. But what i recommend is SmallSeoTools backlink maker. They provide high quality 30 backlinks and you must give it a try. Thank you