RevenueHits Review : Scam or Legit, Earnings and payment proofs

Saturday, 24 December 2016

RevenueHits Review : Scam or Legit, Earnings and payment proofs

Posted by Samba Siva
RevenueHits review

There are many ad networks in the industry and some of them are high paying and legit. Today we are going to write Revenuehits review. In this post, we are going to review it deeply. We are going to share some aspects like Reports, Payment Proofs, Rates and other things.

Revenuehits is the best CPA ad network. It is founded in 2008, but it is legit and high paying. Unlike CPC and CPM networks like Adsense, revenuehits uses CPA format which means you will not get paid for impressions or clicks, they pay for Actions. Some actions are related to downloads, signup, subscribe etc. If anyone clicks on your ad and download a software, you will get paid.

So if you get high amount of traffic, i will suggest you to go on with high paying CPM ad networks. If you get low amount of traffic, go on with RevenueHits and make a good amount of money.

Revenuehits Review CPA ad network

Signup and Approval

To get approved by Adsense, you need a blog with high amount of traffic, quality content and some other aspects. But Revenuehits don't have any minimum traffic requirements. The funny thing is they don't even review blogs and approve the publishers account. But they will offer instant account activation. Even though your blog get 20 pageviews daily, that is enough. There are no requirements to join RevenueHits.


Are you a beginner and want to use Revenuehits in your blog.

Are you having some problems in using some other ad networks because of their worst UI.

But with RevenueHits, you will don't face any errors with UI. The design is bug free. And the navigation is very simple. It is not like some other networks which has advanced features. It is very simple in design and you can use it without any problem.


Revenuehits pays very high than Adsense. Because it is a CPA network. At the same time they don't pay for any impressions or clicks. Then only pay when clicks turns into conversions. So there is no gaurantee that you will earn something with this network. The Rates starts from $1 and can reach upto $30. The rates are attractive, but keep in mind that, converting a click into conversion is one of the hard thing. It is very rare.


Some networks like bidvertiser takes more than 24 hours to update the impressions and clicks ( called as reports ) . But revenuehits is a real time reporting ad network. They update all the stats within minutes. This is the best part in revenuehits network

Scam or Legit

This review is all about this section. Because many publishers want to hear the stories about the networks before joining. So the straight and Simple answer for this question is They are Legit. Just sign up with them and without any doubt they will pay you.


All the ads of RevenueHits arr virus free and involve no spam or malware. As it is a top CPA network, Revenuehits review all the ads of advertisers before it will be shown in the publisher's blog.

Ad formats

RevenueHits offer a huge range of ad formats which helps you in making most of it. These are the ad formats of Revenuehits

Banner ads : Banner ads are offered by all the ad networks including Adsense. Because banners are the best advertising methods. Revenuehits also offers banner ads. The banner ads are offered in many sizes. Select the size and get the code and add it to your blog.

Popup ads : This format is like popads. Because it is a format which pops up an ad. But it will affect the bounce rate of your blog and disturb ( irritate ) your visitors. I won't recommend this format

Intestrital ads : A list of ads in the list like a popup. You have more chances to get more clicks and if it turns into a conversion, you will get paid.

Slider ads : This is one of the best format which attracts the visitors to click on it. Because this format is like an ad, which appear in the left or right of your blog.

Footer ads : An ad which appears in the footer of your blog is called footer ad. But i don't use this because it looks like spam.

How to add RevenueHits ads

To add revenuehits ads,

Go to revenuehits and click on placement.

Click on New desktop placement or New mobile placement

Desktop placement : This format works with both mobile and pc. If your blog recieves traffic from PC, use desktop placements. Because those are well optimized for PC. Actually i used, Desktop placement in this blog because 80% of my traffic is from PC.

Mobile Placemets : The name gives us the information. The ad s in this format are well optimized and loaded with fresh mobile ads which helps you in converting your mobile visitors into cash. If you have mobile blog, use this format ads.

After selecting desktop or mobile placement, click on them.

Then name the ad

Write a description and keywords ( These helps you in showing related ads to your niche. So be careful don't write unrelated keywords to your blog) .

Click save and then click on </>
To get the ad code.

Then go to layout and add html/javascript gadget.

And that's it, you successfully added revenuehits ads to your blog. This is the long sectiom in RevenueHits review.


RevenueHits has a minimum payout of $20 and they pay via paypal, payoneer and bank wire. Use paypal to recieve payments faster and safer.

Plus points

Good rates

Legit network

Many payment proofs available

Many ad formats

Timely payouts

Minus points

Sometimes unrelated ads are shown. Give them some time to optimize the ads for your blog. The first day you will only see download play ads. Wait for 3 days and you can see related optimized ads.

Making a conversion is almost impossible with low traffic blogs


This revenuehits review is only written for publishers. If you are an advertiser, this post wouldn't suit you. If you like this post share it with your friends