MGID Review: Scam Or Legit , Rates, Payment Proof

Thursday, 1 December 2016

MGID Review: Scam Or Legit , Rates, Payment Proof

Posted by Samba Siva
Native ads are getting developed day by day. It looks like, they are going to beat display and text ads. But there is a problem with Native advertising, because the networks are very less. In a hundred ad networks, Only 1-3 are Native ad networks. So finding a high paying native ads network like Adnow, outbrain and Taboola is very hard. Today we are going to write MGID review. You will came to know that is this scam or Legit. Let's watch each and every aspect.

What is MGID ?


Mgid is a native ad network which is an USA based ad network. Almost all the USA based networks are considered as legit. MGID offers cost per click ( CPC ) ads. They said that they have an average RPM of $1-3. It is really a fair price. If you got an RPM of $3 and you got 3 cicks, you will make $9 per day. So let's see MGID review for publishers. 

MGID Review

Sign up and approval

Unlike adsense, MGID has an easy approval process. All you need to do is just signing up and verifying the mail and add a website. They don't have any traffic requirements. So small publisers can easily make money of it. But publishers blog/website must be clean. If your website have some illegal content, you won't get approved. Adult blogs, you don't have chance to work with MGID.

Mgid has no ttraffic requirements, so it is very easy for small publishers 
To get started with Mgid.

Ad formats


I cleanly mentioned that MGID is a native ad network and a good alternative to Outbrain and Taboola. This network only offers native ads. There are no other formats. They pay on CPC basis. That means you will get paid for clicks not for impressions.

If you have a blog that gets so much traffic, I suggest you to go on with a CPM network like Tribal Fusion to make more money and monetize each and every visit.

Average CPC ( Rates )

As MGID only offers CPC, they must give good prices for ads to attract the publishers. But don't expect an income like Adsense. No other network can beat Adsense CPC. 

According to a comment from adswiki. They pay decent rates. He said that they are paying $0.38 for Australian clicks and $0.9 for USA clicks. Isn't it good ? . 

Scam or Legit

According to me and some other users, MGID is legit and paying on time. Even though i heard some negative reviews, i am satisfied with them. Because they were providing good rates, Paying On time. So there is no doubt, you can join, try, And can get paid from this native ad network.


This is a section which is bad for small publisers who get low amount of clicks. Because MGID has a huge minimum payout of $100. They pay via paypal, bank wire etc. This is very hard to reach, if you have a low traffic blog like me. 
But, if you are a big publisher who gets thousands of visits a day, you can reach the payout easily.
Pros : 

100% Fill rate
Decent rates per click
No traffic requirements


$100 minimum payout
Sometimes unrelated ads to the blog or website. 

Payment proof :



MGID is a network which you must try. Don't miss this network. I have a good belief, that this network will never turn into a scam. What i say, go with this network.