9 Tips and Tricks To Improve Adsense CPC Rates For More Earnings

Saturday, 24 December 2016

9 Tips and Tricks To Improve Adsense CPC Rates For More Earnings

Posted by Samba Siva

Google Adsense is one of the largest ad network in the industry. According to all bloggers, Adsense has the best CPM and CPC rates of all ad networks. Here at Pro Blogger How, We are using Adsense and Affiliate Marketing Together to monetize our blog. I am not making thousands of dollars from this blog like these top Indian bloggers, but earning some few bucks from this blog. Many Indian bloggers get a very Low CPC from Google Adsense, so they will try some other CPM ad networks like these. But all of them know that No other network will pay you more than Adsense. In this post We are going to give you some tips to improve Adsense CPC rates quickly.

Even though we know that Adsense is the leading ad network, sometimes they pay very low. There are many factors that affect Adsense earnings. In this post, we are going to share you the answer for Why My Adsense Earnings Are Low ? . 

Tips To Improve Adsense CPC 

1. Get The Right Keywords

Keywords plays a vital role in Search engine Optimization and In Adsense too. Adsense is a keyword based ad network. To show related ads to your content, Adsense watches the keywords in the post and then display ads in your blog. Keyword Research tools helps you to find the best and highest CPC Adsense Keywords

Why Do you Need Keywords ? 

Keywords are the main priority for search engines. We all know that Seo is divided into two types. One is Off page seo and On page seo. The on-page seo is all about keywords. Keywords helps you in driving more traffic with the help of SEO. To earn something from Adsense, we need some traffic. And keywords helps us in getting traffic ( for free ) . 

At the same time, Adsense CPC depends on Keywords. Here is a simple tutorial to Improve Adsense CPC with the help of SemRush.

Improve Adsense CPC

1. Go to semrush.com

2. Just type the keyword and click on Go. 

3. Then SemRush will display detailed information about the keyword.

Keyword CPC

4. You can also see the CPC information. This is the important section in this post. This is the estimated CPC of Adsense. For example, in the above keyword, The Adsense CPC average $ 1.6 . That means you will get $ 1.6 per one click. This is a very good rate. 

Here is a detailed guide and a proof on getting $50 per click from Adsense

2. Niche and Category

Niche plays a important role in Adsense. There are only some niches which are competitive. For example, Health Niche has the best CPC rates ever. Whereas some niches like Romance have a very low CPC. 

Why niche is important ? 

In the above thing, I said that keywords helps us to improve Adsense CPC Rates, but the keyword needs to be in a good niche.

Think like this,

For example, A blog is a tech blog and they were writing about health. It would be very embarrassing for the writer, visitor and for Adsense too. The niche plays a major role in Adsense CPC, because the keywords depend on Niche. 

3. Ad placements and Sizes

Placement of Ads in correct position is a good thing to Maximize the earnings from Google Adsense. Here at Pro Blogger How, we are using a 728* 90 in the header and 300 * 250 at the sidebar. Based on my experience, these are the exact positions and sizes to get maximum CPC from Adsense. 

Where to place Ads ? 

The best places to add Adsense ads are header, sidebar, and after the post. Because those are the places which helps you in getting more clicks and CTR ( Click Through Rate ) of Adsense. More clicks = More Earnings.

Is this a recommended technique : Placing Ads in the middle of Content

This is the most made advertisement mistake ever. Because adding ads in middle of content, avoids the reading of content. Because the Ads are colourful when compared to content. So bloggers only click on Ads, but don't read the content and you won't get any subscribers for your blog. 

That's why Ad placement plays a major role in Adsense Earnings and I am the one who has better experience in it. Because at first, I have added an ad in the middle of content, and later I came to know that I am losing the readership from the readers. So please don't do that simple mistake.

4. Ad Categories

Want to get more clicks from your blog ? 

Even though I chooses the best niche and keywords, why Adsense is showing other Unrelated Ads to my blog ?

The simple answer for the long question is Categories. Just remove the unrelated categories of ads in your blog which automatically improve Adsense CPC rates. In other networks, you don't have the capability to block the ad categories ( even they offer an as filter, they won't work ) which affects your blog revenue. But adsense has a free Category blocker which helps you in blocking the unrelated ads.

Think like an advertiser

If you are a founder of Keyword Research tool and want to develop your tools with the help of advertising through Google Adsense. But what will happen, if your ad ( which is related to Seo ) showing up on a food niche blog. Will anyone click or watch the ad ? 

Think like a publisher

Will anyone click on a unrelated Food Ad in a Tech blog. Here is a simple guide to block Ad categories

1. Go to Google Adsense and click on allow block ads

2. block unrelated categories.

So blocking some categories helps you in making more money from your blog.

5. Country

Hey wait !

I don't mean the native place of a publisher. But the place and location of the vsitors. We all know that Adsense pays a very high CPC of $1 - $3 for US clicks whereas they are only paying $ 0.01 - $0.2 for Indian clicks. 

This is because the target location of the advertiser. If a advertiser wants to promote his blog in USA, why he need other country members. So they pay very low for other country clicks. There is no solution for solving this problem. Because traffic is not in our hands, may the visitor access your blog from anywhere around tr world. But here is a simple trick:

While doing keyword research, select the location as USA. For example, with SemRush you can target more than 150 country keywords. 

6. Ad formats and products

Do you know ? 

Adsense offers many ad products like banners, Link units, Text ads etc. All these ads are high paying. But here is a big recommendation from us : 

Never use Link Ads : Because link ads won't get any clicks. Even they provide high CTR, The CPC is very low and that means you cannot get more out of it. 

Use both text and image Ads : Use both Text and Image Ads on your blog. Because sometimes text ads are colourful and they pay higher than image ads.

7. Responsive Template

Templates plays a good role in advertisements. Because the coulour combination must be good to get enough clicks. Here we are using a template called ATB template which is a responsive template and i am able to get clicks from mobile devices. 

Now a days, many blogs are getting many page views from mobile, but because of their mistakes with templates, they are not able to generate clicks and impressions from mobiles. So change your template now and start using a mobile responsive template.

8. Use Ezoic Ad tester

improve Adsense  CPC

A new Google Adsense Certified program for increasing the revenue of Adsense. Many bloggers shared their proofs over the internet about ezoic that they made over 330% more earnings after using this tool. Ezoic is a free tool which helps you to improve Adsense CPC rates. All they do is helps ypu in setting up the correct ad placements, sizes, And formats in your blog. With the help of them, you can make more money fron your Adsense Account.

Here is a detailed guide in setting up ezoic from ShoutMeLoud. Read this guide setup ezoic and enjoy the revenue. 

9. Experiment more

Experiment more with your Adsense account. Try out all the formats and sizes and placements and go on with one which helped you in making more money. After experimenting, i will add many other tips in this post and share them with you. But be careful while experimenting with your Adsense Account, because they will ban you without any reason. Once you are banned, you must get approval once again and all your earnings will be lost. 


These are the 9 tips to improve Adsense CPC rates. If you have some other tips, please share with us. And if you want to tell your friends about this post, please share it through the sharing buttons below.