How To Add A Plugin To Wordpress Blog - 3 Ways

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

How To Add A Plugin To Wordpress Blog - 3 Ways

Posted by Samba Siva
Hey guys i am back with a new post call How to add a plugin to Wordpress . All the posts i've written at Pro Blogger How, are about Blogspot. All the guides are like How to add meta tags to blogspot. As you can see that there is a word Blogspot. So i want to change my niche. And wanna write about WP. So this is the simple and starting point of this new niche of my blog.

Wordpress is a very good and suitable CMS for beginners. I have already used Wordpress and have a very good experience. But i've stopped that blog, because i am a student and i don't have good amount of money to Buy hosting. So started this blog. And got a good result with 100 visits daily. But everyday i dream to build a wordpress blog. Because i love it and world also love it. 12% of blogs around the world are powered by Wordpress. Wordpress comes with 1000's of plugins which helps bloggers in many things. So today i am going to show you how to add a plugin to Wordpress

How to add a plugin to Wordpress

Installing through plugins tab

Wordpress offers a plugin tab which helps you in checking the installed plugins and also helps you in activating and uninstalling plugins from your blog. We all know that wordpress store have more than 1 lakh plugins but half of them are dumb and buggy. So only install a plugin with high popularity.

At the same time, you can see a tab named Add New. Click on that.

Search a plugin or browse the recommended plugins. Don't install worst plugins which has many bugs. Because bugs are the vulnerabilities which helps hackers to hack you wordpress blog. I recommend you to only install a plugin which has more downloads. It is better to install a plugin with 10,000 downloads than 100 downloads plugin. Here is a list of must have plugins for wordpress plugins.

After finding your desired plugin, click on install.

Then go to plugins tab and click on plugins

Then activate the newly installed plugin by clicking on Activate.

Installing through Uploading

This method is very good for adding 3rd party plugins in your blog. There are many plugins which aren't available in wordpress store, To add those plugins, you need to use this method. Even you are a beginner, you can use this method because it is not involved in FTP ( file transfer protocol ).

Go to Wp dashboard

Click on plugins

Then select add new

Click on Upload

To upload a plugin, download a desired plugin from wordpress store in your browser. It comes with a zip format, never uncompress it. Select the zip file you downloaded and click on upload.

Then go to plugins tab and click on activate

Installing through FTP

This is also a very good way to install plugins in WP. But it is very hard for beginners, because it needs a FTP Username and Password and some knowledge.

Many web hosts provide storage and they also gives you a free FTP account which helps you in uploading a theme or plugin or a file directly from your computer. To use this method, you need a FTP application, i recommend you to use FileZilla which is a free software and supports Windows and Mac OS. At the same time, you need to get your FTP login credentials. To get FTP details, go to your hosting and click on FTP accounts and get your login credits.

Download and Install FTP software.

Login with your credits

Go to Wp-content/plugins

image source : wpbeginner

To upload a plugin, you need to download the plugin in .zip format and extract the plugin. You will get an extracted folder of plugin and you need the folder.

Upload the extracted plugin folder.

Go to your wordpress blog plugins tab

And activate the installed plugin


These are the 3 ways to add a plugin to wordpress. All the three methods are best. But i recommend you to try the first two methods. Because they were easy methods, but if you are advanved go on with the third method. If you like this article with your friends.