7 Best Broken Link Checker Tools To check Dead Links

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

7 Best Broken Link Checker Tools To check Dead Links

Posted by Samba Siva
Search engines like Google won't love Dead links or 404 error pages. A blog with 404 pages will rank lower in search engines. Bloggers don't have proper indexing of their blog because of these dead links. In this blog post we are going to teach you about 5 Best free Broken link checker tools to improve rankings.

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1. Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is the best and gold mine for bloggers. It is the best free Seo tool for bloggers. It is a set of tools which helps you in improving your blog's seo. It has a best free broken link checker tool, which helps you in finding all the broken links of your blog. They also have free notifications. If your blog is getting more 404 links, they will notify you to redirect them. Many bloggers like me recommend Google Search Console for checking dead links of your blog

2. Broken Link Checker

The another free broken link checker tool for bloggers. It is used by me. I check all my broken links with the help of this tool. The main thing is this tool is free. You can scan unlimited pages in your blog. There is a small limit in scanning, It can only scan 3000 pages with free version. But all the internal and external links in the 3000 pagss are unlimited. As per the blog, it works in Windows, Mac Os etc. Anyone can use this tool. All you need to do is just enter the domain name and it will start checking all the links and display the result once the test is complete.

3. Dead Link Checker

I found this tool today. Because of this tool, i written this post. Because i am well satisfied in using this tool for checking all the links of my blog for free. Without signing up, you can check and analyze all the links of your blog and fix them to get higher rankings and to maintain proper index. To use all the other tools like Auto checking, Multi sites check, you must sign up for the account. Multi sites would be available for all who signup with their email. But Auto checking features needs an upgrade, you must pay some money to get all the features of this wonderful free broken link checker tool

4. Xenu Link Sleuth

Do you have a PC ?

If yes, this tool works good for you. Because this is a software which runs on windows operating system. Running a dead link check in browsers is a time taking task, but this software is fast. It checks each and every link of your domain which helps in accurate checking. This is the best free broken link checker tool for windows as it comes as a software.

5. W3C Validation Tool

The most used XML, CSS and HTML validation tool online. W3C validation tool is mainly a validation tool. This tool helps you in checking the coding of your blog and it warns you, if there are any problems with the coding. But Instead of being a Validation tool, Why this tool is here in Best Free broken link checker post. Because it contains a Hyperlink checker.

Do you know ?

All the 404 links even in Template makes your blog rankings drops. So with the help of this tool, you can check all the links in template, if any of them has a broken link, fix it up.

W3C validation tool is the best XML, CSS, HTML validation and broken link checking tool.

6. Broken link check plugin for Wordpress

This is the famous plugin used by many wordpress users, to find the broken links. This is a real time broken link checker for wordpress. It is more accurate than Google Webmaster Tools. A long ago, i am a wordpress user, but leaved it. I used this plugin in my blog because of recommendations from many trusted authorities like ShoutMeLoud. It checks all the links in your blog. But experts recommend you to run a full check of your blog in a simple day. If your blog is getting a huge visitors, don't run the test and go on with Real time Link checker.

7. CheckMyLinks Plugin For Chrome

Popular Browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome comes with a huge range of extensions ( also called Plugins/ Addons) . This plugins helps us to enchance browsing experience. CheckMyLinks is a popular Broken Link checker tool for Google Chrome. This plugin don't have a manual 404 link checking option,To check links, you need to go to a webpage and it will display all the broken links in Red colour. If you are a blogger like me and want to build some high quality backlinks, you need this plugin. This is my recommendation. Just install the plugin by going to Chrome Web Store and search for Check My Links and install the plugin. And you are done.


These are the best free broken link checker tools and all of these are widely used for seo purposes. As a blogger i recommend you to use all these tools to get good rankings and toimprove Seo of your blog or Building a high quality backlink. As i said all these tools are used by me except the Broken Link checker tool Of Wordpress.

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