$50 Dreamhost Coupon 2016 To Get A Free Domain

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

$50 Dreamhost Coupon 2016 To Get A Free Domain

Posted by Samba Siva

Dreamhost is considered as one of the best hosting provider and it is also recommended by wordpress. Dreamhost offers Unlimited Web hosting for a low price They will also provide you a free domain name which normally costs you $10-$15. So you can save some dollars with the help of free domain. But there is a minus point for Dreamhost, it is nothing other than their prices. It will costs you more than $95.4 for a year. But today we will give you a $50 Dreamhost coupon 2016 which helps you in saving $50 on 1st year.

Why Dreamhost

Oldest and trusted : Dreamhost is powering many websites since 1997. It is one of the oldest hosting company in the industry. There are many users reviews in many blogs, which gives us a positive impression on this company.

Recommended by Wordpress : Even though there are many hosting providers, Dreamhost is a best hosting for wordpress. If you are planning to install wordpress, Just go on with Dreamhost.

Free domain : Dreamhost offers you a free domain for 1 year which helps you in saving $10 per year. Small bloggers who are not able to buy an additional domain can use this domain.

Unlimited : Dreamhost offers you unlimited Hosting and Bandwidth. Their servers can easily handle websites with 10/lakh pageviews per day. And it will offer unlimited hosting, you can store many images or other things in your blog

Script installer : Don't know how to install wordpress manually, or do you confused in installng wordpress. Dreamhost can help you in setting up your wordpress blog within 5 minutes with tyeur famous script installer. This is very helpful for those who don't have enough knowledge and enough money to hire an expert for wordpress installation.

Normal pricing

Normally, you will have to pay more than $95.4/ year on a simple web hosting plan which gives you

Unlimited hosting

Unlimited bandwidth

Free domain for 1 year like .com , .net

Script installer

One click google app integration,

Custom Cpanel ( which is different from all other hosting companies )

Free $75 worth adwords credits

Latest PhpMYAdmin

$50 Dreamhost coupon 2016

Below is the link and a banner of Dreamhost. Just click on the link, you will be redirected to Dreamhost landing page, Buy hosting.

Coupon code : signup to save $50

Banner :

dreamhost affiliate

  Let's do a simple math

1 month hosting$ 7.95

 12 months= $7.95*12= $ 95.4

with this coupon, you can save $50 :

  $ 95.4- $50 = $ 45.4  ( The payable money )

Here you saved $50 per year. Use the $50 to buy good theme for your blog

But what about the coupon

The coupon is linked up with the Dreamhost banner and link.
All you need to do is click, Buy and enjoy $50 saving with the coupon.


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