8 Best CPM Ad Networks For Indian Traffic Blogs To Make More Money

Saturday, 3 June 2017

8 Best CPM Ad Networks For Indian Traffic Blogs To Make More Money

Posted by Samba Siva
Want some Best CPM ad networks for Indian traffic blogs ?

Are you an Indian publisher like me ?

Monetizing a blog is not so difficult, But it need so much traffic and Content because CPM, CPC ad networks like Adsense won't give an approval for low traffic blogs. Even though, you will get a approval, you will not able to make more money with Indian traffic. So the topic is with Indian traffic. Indian bloggers get a very low CPM and CPC. Even though there are some ways to improve the CPC of adsense, They won't work sometimes. So bloggers must check some other and high paying ad networks. But they have to be genuine and give good support for their publishers.

 But we won't guarantee you that you will be approved for all ad networks listed here. But give them a try. Because all of these are real and high paying ad networks for publishers. So, Today we compiled a list of Best Cpm ad networks for Indian traffic blogs.

Best CPM ad networks for Indian traffic blogs


1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the undefeated streak in the category of Ad networks. Google Adsense has the best rates in the industry. But getting an adsense approval is very hard. Adsense pays good rates for Indian traffic. Because there are so many advertisers who are looking for Indian visitors. Here at Pro Blogger How, we get 90% of Indian traffic and for a single click we have made $0.3. It is very low if we compare it with US, UK clicks but it is the best CPC rate for India blogs. Here we get a average CPM of $ 1, But there are some blogs which are getting $ 10 per 1000 visitors. Anyhow Adsense will remain undefeated when it comes to CPC and CPM ads.

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2. Tribal Fusion

Have you ever heard of this network. There are some bloggers who told me about this network. They said that they got an CPM of $30 which i consider the best Cpm for any blogger. But it is US traffic. For Indian blogs, they pay an average of $1-$10 which is the maximum rate.

But why they are paying that much ?

Because they reject more than 99% of blogs. To get approved, the blogs must have quality content and huge traffic. There are many stories of rejection.

But they pay very good rates for their publishers. They are also the best CPM ad network for Indian traffic

3. Infolinks

Infolinks is the best intext ad network. We written a detailed review about this network.

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Infolinks has the best CPM rates in intext ad networks. There are many bloggers who use infolinks to monetize their blogs. Because it pays a good CPM for any traffic. The approval is not so tough, just you need some good content and medium number of visitors. Even though there are some people who complain this network that they pay very low rates, i won't agree with it. Based on my experience, this is very good CPM ad network for Indian traffic.

4. Popads

Popads is a best pop ad network ever. I have a very good experience with them. Even though popads irritates users, you have the right to lower the amount of pop's on your pages. We written a detailed review of popads.

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Popads pays a rate of $1 - $5 for indian traffic which is very decent and they don't have so much restrictions like Adsense. The approval is very easy. Just add a blog with good content and you are done. They approve blogs within 48 hours of submission. Popads is a best CPM ad network for indian traffic.

5. Propeller ads

Propeller ads network has many ad formats which help you in earning more and more from your blog. Their video ads are the best and they pay very high if you get traffic from UK, US and Australia. According to propeller ads they have lowest rates for indian traffic. But it isn't low. It is very good. They have an average of $ 0.01 - $5 which i consider as very good rate in the industry. We don't written a detailed review on Propeller ads, but we will write about it in future. It is a legit and paying sincerly for its publishers.

6. Adsoptimal


Adsoptimal is one of the best Ad network and Adsense alternative. I used them in this blog and got very good results. It is one of the best CPM ad network for Indian traffic. they pay very decent rates. But they are fully mobile optimized, if your blog receives a good amount of mobile page views, Go with this network. And get a good CPM for each impression. They support their publishers by offering a signup bonus  of $10 . But the problem arises when we see the minimum payout. Because they have a long minimum payout of $50. Otherwise this network is the best.

7. RevenueHits

RevenueHits is one of the best CPM ad network for indian traffic blogs. They pay on CPA basis. To get paid, the person who clicks on your ad, needs to do a action. Actions include Signing up, Download, Watching etc. They pay $1 - $30 per action. Revenuehits is the best CPA network ever. 

8. Ad-Maven

Ad-Maven is one of the best ad network with 15 years of experience in the industry and pays higher CPM rates for their publishers. Ad-Maven is a Popunder ad network. That's why, it pays high CPM rates for any country traffic. That's why, it is considered as one of the best CPM ad network for Indian publishers. It pays an average CPM rates of $1-$7 for their publishers. The minimum payout of Ad-Maven is $50 and they pay via Paypal


These are the best CPM ad networks for Indian traffic blogs. In the above networks, i have tried Google adsense, Infolinks, Popads and Propeller ads. But i didn't personally tried Tribal Fusion, but it has very good amount of positive feedbacks in the internet. Do you know some more ad networks which pay more rates, please share with our readers.