Top 4 Micro Job Sites To Earn Money In 2016

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Top 4 Micro Job Sites To Earn Money In 2016

Posted by Samba Siva
Want to earn money online fast and simple ?

The answer is No you cannot make money online fast and simple. There are no get rich quick schemes online. Making money in online or offline is not easy. It needs some hardwork and determination. But if you use micro job sites to earn money, It would be easy ( Not very easy ) . But these are also not so easy, it also require some time and determination. But when compared to Blogging, Surveys and captchas, Micro jobs are easy. So let's see this post and learn more about micro works.

What are micro job sites ?

Micro job sites are sites which provide easy work and some money. The process is very easy. An advertiser ( Work provider ) have some work. But he was not able to hire experts for doing this. So he/she post job in micro working sites. Workers will complete the work of advertiser and earn money through it. Here are some sample works:

Complete survey and download TXT file.

Visit my website through google and earn

Sign up and verify and earn

Download Android/IOS apps

Top 4 Micro Job Sites To Earn Money In 2016

1. Micro workers

Micro job sites to earn money

Microworkers is one of the largest money earning site. Many people might hear this word one day while they are surfing about "Micro job sites ". Because it is the best and top in our list. I tried it and got best results. I haven't withdraw my earnings. But i will surely do this one day. Microworkers have a large security in withdrawls. Like Adsense, They also send a pin to your location. The minimum payout is $10. They give you a bonus of $1. They pay via Paypal, Money booker, Transpay, Bank wire. The jobs are also very easy. They are one of the legit and genuine site which pays on time.


It is the largest micro working site

The minimum payout is $10

Sign up bonus $1

All jobs are very easy.


Some jobs only available to some specified countries.

The verification is process is a bit complex. It will take 21 days to the pin to reach you.


2. Amazon MTurk

Amazon is the largest brand of the world. It is known for their shopping site. They are also the founder of alexa rank which is important factor for bloggers. But AmazonMturk is different from all the sites of Amazon. It is one the world's largest micro job sites to earn money. In Mturk works are not called works. They are HIT's. The process is same . There is no minimum payout. They pay via Amazon gift cards, paypal and bank account ( India ) .

Pros :

Many works (HIT'S ) available

No minimum payout

Miliions of workers from worldwide.

Cons :

As they pay high, the jobs are complex


3. Rapid workers

Rapid workers is another micro job site. Personally i love this site very much. Because i use this site regularly. Rapidworkers is a very high paying site, If you are from USA. Because all high paying jobs are available to USA. The minimum payout is $4. They pay via Paypal, Payza, Skrill and bank wire. Lets see the Pros and Cons of Rapidworkers:

Pros :

1. It is free to join

2. The minimum payout $4 is very low

3. Pays via paypal ( Paypal is the huge network for bloggers and online workers. Espically if you are an indian, paypal is very good, Don't have a paypal account ? . Now sign up.

Cons :

There are very less jobs. You have to wait for some more time to get new and updated jobs.

The website looks outdated and unprofessional.

Sometimes employeers take so much time to review your work. They can take upto 2 weeks.


4. Jobboy:

Jobboy is in 3rd position in our list. Because it got equal pros and cons. In jobboy there are many categories like Writing/translation, Download, Sign Up, Surveys etc. The minimum payout is $10 and they pay via paypal and payza. The employeer must review the work in 48 hours. If the employeer did not review work within 48 hours, the job will be automatically approved. This is a very food thing for workers. Lets see the pros and cons of jobboy:

Pros :

A very good site for workers.

The minimum payout $10 is good

Very good approval process for workers.


Some people argue that they don't got their payments. Some people say that it is a scam. So you must be careful while using it.

Jobboy is a headache for employers because they won't accept jobs easily.


These are the top 4 micro job sites to earn money. I suggest you to use all the above sites to earn more money. If you want to earn more and learn blogging,please subscribe for us