Tips To Get More Comments In Your Blog

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Tips To Get More Comments In Your Blog

Posted by Samba Siva

Commenting is the best way to interact with the visitors and users of your blog. We all know that blog commenting is also a best way to build some high quality backlinks. Blogging is not only writing content and SEO. The content you write must be good and liked by the visitors. For example, you written an low quality article and it is not good. If there are no one to comment, You are not able to develop your site and continue the mistakes. In this post, i am going to share some tips to get more comments in your blog. Now let's see the article and learn some new things.

How to get more comments in your blog

1. Write good posts

Writing good post is the best way to get more comments in your blog. At the same time, you will get some appreciation from your blog readers. Some blogger take the appreciations seriously and take their blog to the next level. Ok leave it. As we are talking about comments in this post. We will talk about it. Writing quality posts make your blog readers start liking you and they will surely comment on your blog. Thus you can improve commentars in your blog. This helps in the communication between the admin and the readers.

2. Responding to comments

All blogggers must use this tip. Because people won't like a blogger, if he doesn't respond to their comments. This is one of the biggest mistake ever done by the blogger. If you really serious and passionate blogger, you must respond to your readers. I also don't like some bloggers, because they won't respond in time. This is a very important step to remeber and start this thing right away. I suggest you to take care of this aspect and it would also make your blog get some more comments.

3. Use Third party commenting system

By default, Blogger commenting system is not optimized. It is a dumb. No one likes to comment on your blogger blog,if you use default commenting system. So use a third party commenting system like disqus, Intensedebate etc. In this blog, i use intensedebate for comments. For this reason, my blog get more comments. I also published an article about installing intense debate in blogger blogs. I also warn you that your blog get some more spam comments. So using third party commenting system will make your blog more comments for better communication.

4. Ask a question

Last but not least, This is a simple method to get more comments in your blog. After writing all the content, ask a question. For example, You written a review about, at last you have to write like this:

Do you love popads or not ?. Share with our community.

By writing the above line, your readers start liking you and write a comment. I use this trick in all the posts, i write . So always ask a question at the end of the post.


These are the best tips and tricks to get more and more comments in any blog. But make sure that you are ready to defend against spam. Because there are many spammers in the community. All they need is backlinks. So they might spam you to get a free backlink. So before approving any comment read it. If the commentar use his brand name instead of his real name, he was a spammer. Never approve comments like that. Thank you for reading this.