SemRush Review For Bloggers: Is This Tool Right For You

Do you wan’t to be in top of Google ?

Do you wan’t to rank for high traffic and high paying keywords ?

Do you want to beat your competitors in Google ?

If you wan’t answers to all the above questions, you must read this SemRush review.

SemRush review

What is SemRush ?

SemRush is one of the best and largest Seo tool available in the world. we all know that keyword research is main thing in writing Seo optimized content, So we must do it right. To find high paying keywords, We must use a good keyword research tool. So SemRush is a keyword research tool which is used by many Seo experts of the world. There are many people who recommended SemRush. Personally i love SenRush because it helps me to rank higher and to find high paying keywords to make more income from your approved Google Adsense account. So let’s see how SemRush works and how to make more of it.

SemRush review for bloggers



SemRush provides their Seo tool for low cost. Their plans starts from $69 to $145 per month. For small bloggers, it is a large price But for experts and professional bloggers, it is a good price. There are many blogs like shoutmeloud( Harsh Agarwal’s blog ) which provide a 14 day trail account of SemRush. Small bloggers can use it and decide whether to use it or not. The pricing of SemRush is decent because they can provide good results for your investment by giving you good and high paying keywords.


SemRush has the largest database of keywords. According to Shoutmeloud, they have a more than 46,000,000 domains and
more than 120,000,000
keywords in their database. When you search for keywords in SemRush, you will get results about :

Position in Google : For example, if you select Google India, you will get keywords of India. If you use these keywords, you can rank higher in google India and get tons and tons of traffic from India. This would be helpful if you are targeting traffic from a specific country like US. Because US traffic has more eCpm and Cpc.

Cpc :

Google Adsense and all other ad networks use keywords for displaying banners and ads in your site. So your Cpc and Cpn depends on your keywords. With SemRush, you can find high paying keywords. Some blogs told that you can get $50 from a single click by using SemRush keyword research tool.

Competiton :

Do you know which is the best way to beat your competitors in search engines like Google ? . You can beat anyone, by selecting keywords. The ranking depends on keywords, if you select a keyword with higher competition, it would be very hard for you to rank on google. But if you select a keyword with lower competition, you can rank higher and get tons and tons of traffic.

With all the above aspects, bloggers can get good results.

Site audit tool :

Why your blog posts don’t rank higher even you select a good keyword. Is there any mistake with your blog ? . SemRush can aldo help you in this thing. SemRush detailed site audit helps you to figure our the problem of your blog. SemRush review your blog. For example, if your blog’s speed is low ( speed is also a factor of Google after the penguin and panda updates ), SemRush detects the problem and inform you to speed up your blog. Or your blog don’t have meta tags, SemRush informs you to add meta tags for your blog. This site audit tool is special for new blogs, because they need many Seo aspects

Backlinks checker

Do you know how to build high quality backlinks ? . After building them we need to analyze them. We need a good analyzer to get a record of all your backlinks. Recently SemRush has added a backlink analyzer in which you can get all the available backlinks of your blog. It is a very accurate tool to find your backlinks.

Keyword difficulty

Every keyword has some competition. But how can you rank higher when there are so many competitors. And how can you select a keyword. For this, SemRush has added a keyword difficulty tool. This tool is very useful to predict the ranking. For example, if there are strong competitors for your keyword, it will show you that, it was hard to rank in google. But if the keyword has weak competitors and if your website Seo is good, it will show you that it was easy to rank for the keyword.

Why SemRush

SemRush is the only keyword research tool which gives you access to all the expert tools for just $69 per month. Using SemRush is very easy, because the design of SemRush. Small bloggers can use it to find good keywords. There are many alternatives to SemRush, but it is the only popular and world wide tool. So i recommend you to go for it.


If you are able to invest some money for your blogging career, SemRush is best for you. I written SemRush review for those who are in confusion to decide ” which tool to use ? . Do you love SemRush or not ? . Comment and share with our blog community.

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Samba Siva

Samba Siva is the founder of Blogger WP Hacks. Being a 16 year old guy,He loves to write about Blogging and technology. Heis a fan of Harsh Agarwal
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Samba Siva

Samba Siva is the founder of Blogger WP Hacks. Being a 16 year old guy, He loves to write about Blogging and technology. He is a fan of Harsh Agarwal

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