Adsoptimal Review: Legit Or Scam, Rates And Payments

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Adsoptimal Review: Legit Or Scam, Rates And Payments

Posted by Samba Siva
Monetizing is an important thing to make money from the blog. Monetizing with advertisements is a better way to turn all your visitors into money. All bloggers know that getting an Adsense approval is very hard. So they look for some alternatives. As there are many alternatives to Adsense, finding the right one is tough. We must search for a network which suits the blog layout, earnings and payouts. Adsoptimal is one of them. In this review i am going to introduce AdsOptimal for bloggers.Today I will write Adsoptimal review . After reading the above lines, your mind is full of questions like these:

What is AdsOptimal ?
Is this legit or scam ?
Requirements ?
Ad formats ?
Rates and payouts ?
Pros and Cons ?
Is this recommended network ?

What is AdsOptimal ?

Adsoptimal review

AdsOptimal is an Ad network for small publishers. AdsOptimal is started in 2012 and it is partnered with Google Double Click for Publishers ( DFP ) . They started promoting that they have the best monetizing strategies and real time optimization of Ads. AdsOptimal is best for mobile advertising. Now see a detailed review of this network.

Is this legit or scam ?

Many people loves to join the networks which stay online for long time. For example bidvertiser started in 2002 and still it is paying. But this network started in 2012. This is a minus point. But i have saw many people who recommend this network. Some people don't recommend this network, they argue that it is a scam. But in my opinion it is legit and paying. This is a very good network and recommended for small publishers.. From now, i am not gonna recommend anyone to use this network. Because it stopped paying for its publishers

Requirements :

Adsoptimal is not like Adsense. The requirements are easy.

There are no traffic requirements.

Publishers must not use bots to generate traffic. Invalid clicks result in ban

The site must be illegal free, Illegal and spam sites are not accepted.


Adsoptimal takes 1-3 days to approve or reject your account. Adsoptimal review your blog and Adsoptimal approval is so fast.They won't reject blogs with food content. But if your site have less content like 1-3 articles, they won"t approve your blog. Your blog must have good layout and content which attracts the one who approves or rejects your account. After approval you can get the code and integrate it to your blog.

Ad formats

The ad formats of Adsoptimal are very good and intresting. They pay via CPC ( cost per click ) , CPM ( cost per mile or impression ), CPA ( cost per action) .Publishers can use 360° virtual real ads, page-level ads,
inline ads, smart bottom ads and video
ads. I have seen that 360 degrees ads are best and high paying. Video ads pays higher but annoying for the visitors
. All the Ads are responsive. They can be used for both desktop and mobile traffic.

Rates and payouts

As Adsoptimal is good for small publishers. They won't pay very high like Adsense and infolinks. The CPM ranges from $ 0.10 - 0.80 ( Even go upto $1 sometimes ) depending upon the visitor's country. The minimum payout is $50 which is good because they give a sign up bonus of $5 - $10 . They pay via paypal, bank wire etc.

Pros and cons


No minimum traffic requirements

Good rates for small publishers

Supports paypal

Sign up bonus of $5 - $10

Ad formats

Wordpress plugin

Referral program


The minimum payout $50 is hard to reach and pay on NET45

Is this recommended network

Yes this is a recommended network, if you are a small publisher. . Adsoptimal stopped paying payments to their publishers by saying that they haven't received payments from their advertisers. If you are not serious about minimum payout, This is a gold mine for you. Wordpress plugins helps you to easy integration of ads. This is a recommended network. You can join this. Like this Adsoptimal review share it with your friends and family.

Reviewed by Samba Siva on Feb 17 2017
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