Broken Link Building Technique: Step By Step Guide

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Broken Link Building Technique: Step By Step Guide

Posted by Samba Siva
broken link building

There are many link building techniques to build backlinks. We all know that building backlinks is not an easy task. It takes so much time. If you got so many backlinks in less time, just watch them carefully. Because those must be low quality backlinks. Low quality backlinks always do harm than good. So we must be careful while building backlinks. If you won't take care of low quality backlinks, your blog may penalized by Google panda and penguin effect. So broken link building is a very effective and old broken link building technique. So in this post, we are going to learn more and more about this technique and also learn how to use this method effectively.

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Broken link building technique

Broken link building is one of the old and effective method which is used by many and many bloggers. Because it is the way to get high quality backlinks. In this technique, we are going to use the 404 error links of a blog. For example, you found a broken link in my blog. So you tell me to replace the link. As I know that 404 links are dead links, I always thank you and offer you a backlink by replacing the broken link. In this technique, both bloggers will get some benfit. The webmaster, saves hia blog from dead links and the blogger used the broken link to get a high quality backlink.

How to use this technique : step by step

1. finding broken links
2. Is the broken link good or bad
3. Contacting the admin
4. Getting a dofollow backlink

1. Finding broken links

Credit: Shoutmeloud

Broken link building technique is very hard due to this step. Because no webmaster will leave 404 links. Because 404 links are responsible for dropping search ranking. Everyone likes 1st position. For the first position in google, we must check each and every aspect of our blog. So finding broken links is very hard task. But there is a shortcut for this thing.

Checkmylinks plugin:

Chrome is the fast and most used browser. So we can use chrome to find these links. Google chrome also support extensions. Checkmylinks is a plugin to find broken links.

1. First, we will install this plugin in chrome. Then enable this plugin.

2. Then visit a blog post, then click on check my links which is located in the top right of chrome.

3. Then it will start checking the links in the webpage. If a link is broken, it will give warning. then copy the link. Thia plugin plays important role In broken link building technique

2. Is that a good or bad link

We must check all the incoming links of our blog. We check some aspects to tell a link is good or bad. Google is updating their algorithms because of these links. If the link is bad, Your blog will surely get out ( penalized ) from google. So here are some aspects to tell a link is good or bad for our blog.

first aspect: Relevancy

All the backlinks for our blog must be relevant . Because now a days relevancy became an important thing in building backlinks. If you check our blog backlinks, all the links are related to our niche. For example, your niche is blogging. So you must check 404 links in a blogging niche blog like shoutmeloud, maintainablog etc.

Second aspect : Page rank

Page rank is not an important algorithm of google. We already written an article on is page rank still matters in 2016 . So the answer is no . But page rank tells a website is good or bad. Even some blogs have no page rank, those are good. But we must check page rank of the blog.

The above are the main things in checking a blog is good or bad. We must check links in broken link building technique

3. Contacting the admin

Notify the admin about broken link

Image credit: by neli patel

After finding a broken link and classifying it as good or bad link. It is the time to contact the admin and telling about the dead link of their blog. Sometimes contacting the admin is very easy, but sometimes it is very hard. So I recommend you the below ways to find the gmail of a blogger.

For example, you found a broken link in shoutmeloud. So the administrator of shoutmeloud is Harsh Agarwal. So to find the mail of harsh Agarwal. Use the below ways.

1. Go to . Replace the domain name with the domain in which you found broken link. Alexa also provide the contact information of a webmaster. So you can use the info to contact the admin. Sometimes Alexa won't provide contact information. Then use the below way

2. Many of the blogs have an contact us page or contact form. You can use the contact form and notify the admin about the broken link.

find contact iformation of blogger

3. Many bloggers have an google  account. The gmail of the admin is also located in the contact information.

Getting the backlink

Some webmasters accept your request. When he accept your request, he replace the broken link with your blog link. So you will get an high quality backlink. Hey you successfully conquered the broken link building technique. But sometimes webmasters won't accept your request. Because they won't like giving a link to your blog. In that case, you must find another link and start the process again.


In this way, broken link building technique is used. Many techniques won't give us quality backlinks. But this technique only gives high quality backlinks which improve our serp ranking.