How To Improve Alexa Rank Quickly For Free

Friday, 13 May 2016

How To Improve Alexa Rank Quickly For Free

Posted by Samba Siva
Recently our blog got an good alexa rank. I really like alexa so much, As they update the rank every day. At first, we have an alexa rank of N/A . But got alexa recently. Alexa is a company powered by Amazon. Alexa is a very important one in advertising. Advertisers are asking alexa to advertise on a blog. But now a days, getting a good alexa rank is hard due to competition. So we need to buy traffic. But here are some proven and working methods for bloggers and you must try these tricks to improve alexa rank for free. There are many techniques to decrease alexa ( improve ) But some of them works really. So let's see the article.

improve alexa rank of a blog

improve alexa rank for free

Write high quality content

Writing high quality content is very important to develop a blog. High quality content will help you to get more and more traffic from search engines like google. we all know that alexa is fully depended upon traffic. So we can get tons and tons of targeted traffic by writing high quality content. High quality content means not only large or seo optimized, Content must be unique and engaging for visitors. So bloggers must write unique high quality content to improve alexa rank for free

Write guest posts

Writing guest posts on other blogs would really help us to make our blog so popular. Guest posting is the best way to build high quality and authority backlinks, exprosure and traffic for your blog. There are many bloggers who are popular for just writing guest posts. If you are a small blogger, just go ahead. Write a guest post on a popular and high page rank and alexa blog. So your blog can get so much traffic and you can get a good alexa rank. I am really pleased with the results after writing a guest post on shoutmeloud. After I written an article in shoutmeloud, my blog got an good alexa rank. So I recommend this trick for small bloggers like me. And if you want to improve alexa rank for free, Guest posting is a must

Encourage others to install alexa toolbar

Alexa toolbar is the main thing in alexa rank. Everyone have a doubt in their mind : How alexa counts all hits of all blogs ? The answer is alexa toolbar plugin for chrome and firefox and many other browsers. Alexa toolbar will give the statistics of visitors everyday to the alexa and alexa changes the rank daily according to the visitors. So to improve alexa rank, the visitors of your blog must install alexa toolbar on their blog. So we must recommend installing alexa toolbar in our visitors browsers. So this is a very good way to improve alexa rank for free

Install alexa widget in your blog

Everybody won't install alexa toolbar extension on their browsers. So alexa won't count those hits and the chances are very low to get an good alexa rank. So we must install alexa widget on our blog. Alexa widget is a good replacement for alexa toolbar. By installing alexa widget in your blog, you can show your blog pride and let's your visitors know what is your blog. It also helps advertiser's to advertise on your blog. But alexa officially said that " installing alexa widget won't improve your blog ". But this trick still works. So I recommend this widget for every blogger. To improve alexa rank for free, install alexa widget and hope it will work for you.

social sharing

Social sharing is a very best way to improve the seo of a blog post. By using social sharing, we can reach millions of people and get more and more exprosure and traffic. We also share all the posts in social networks. Bloggers can also get backlinks from social sharing. There are many blogs which get tons and tons of traffic. The more popular your blog is, the more visitors you can get, more visitors means more alexa rank. In this way, we can improve alexa rank for free

Build some backlinks

improve alexa rank for free

I don't really think that this trick works. Because this isn't worked for me. But there are many other bloggers who recommend building backlinks to improve alexa rank for free. But this trick really works. Because there is a hidden reason. More backlinks will improve the SERP ranking of your blog. So bloggers can get huge traffic from search engines. In this way link building can make your blog get a good alexa rank


Alexa is a very good tool for internet marketer's and bloggers with good tools. With these techniques, you can improve alexa rank for free and It is really a good one for advertiser's. It will provide good information about your blog and you have higher chances in direct advertising. So if you know some more techniques, just comment and let us know