Popads.net Review : Legit Or Scam, Rates, Earnings And Detailed Review

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Popads.net Review : Legit Or Scam, Rates, Earnings And Detailed Review

Posted by Samba Siva
Want to know that popads.net is a scam or legit pop ad network. What about the rates and payments?  So today we written popads.net review which is about a good pop ad network. 

Popads is a guaranteed way to make money from a blog. Popads are not visibile to your visitors. Popups are very annoying for visitors whereas pop unders are very good. Popunders are not visibile to users. So it gives the user a good experience surfing the site and also helps the bloggers to monetize their blog. So there are many pop ad networks.

Popads.net is a pop ad network which was introduced in 2011. It is the fastest growing pop ad network in the industry. Popads is launched with 100% fill rate promise. They also said that they will give maximum cpm for their publishers. So publishers are intrested in joining this network. But now we will move towards the article and see detailed review. We are also using Popads.net to monetize our blog.


Quality is the one of the main factor while checking out an ad network. Espicially, Pop ad networks. Because virus, malware ads only appear in Pop ad networks. Because with Popads click is not needed at all. The tabs automatically open in background and it can easily start a download in background. And if it is a virus, you are done. But popads is not like that. They are very strict in approving ads by advertisers. They won't approve any malware ads, so you can go with them.


While joining an ad network, we must checkout the rates. Answer me, who loves to join a network with low rates ? Popads provides 100% fill rates which is a very good sign. With popads maximum CPM is assured and publishers can easily add their code without being worried about their rates. Because Popads pay an average CPM of $ 0.1 - $ 6, Which i consider the best rates in the industry. They pay more for US, UK traffic and if you have good amount of US visits, you can make so much with this network


support is also a advantage for popads.net. Because it is probably the best ad network in giving the support for its both publishers and advertisers. In their homepage, they promised that they will provide 24/7 support for it's publishers. I tried it for my self and satisfied with their support. I mailed them when I am in a problem. And they replied me within 12 hours which is a wonderful thing. I think popads.net is going to be a super one in support. This is popads.net review about their support.


Payments are also an interesting part in popads. Because I am pleased with this network. I also earned more than $50 in month from my another unpopular blog which has very low amount of articles . The minimum payout of popads is just $5 which can be easily reached. If you are a big publisher, you can easily reach this minimum payout in one day. But for small publishers it takes some time. They pay via paypal. If you don't have a paypal account, just create one. It is free and many bloggers like me use paypal to send and receive payments online.

Trustful or Not

Popads is a very good and trusted ad network. There are thousands of publishers who use popads on their blogs. Popads.net review will not be written here, if it is a scam network. As I said that there are many satisfied users with this network, this is a trusted ad network. They never delay payments. At the same time, All the ads by popads are very neat and clean. They won't contain any malware or virus in them. They also won't irritate users. So popads is a trusted and legit ad network in the industry.

Payment proof:

I forgotten taking a screenshot when I paid via paypal. Before a month, I stopped using it. Because I got an adsense approval for my blog. So sorry, if I hurt you. If you have a payment proof, please mail me to this mail with attachment. sivasrocky [at] gmail.com . If you send us the attachment, you will get a backlink for your blog from credits. So kindly submit us the payment proof.


Popads.net is a very good ad network. Some users asked me to write popads.net review. So I am writing this review. I think this would be useful for them. Howevern one can say it perfect, if he tried it. So give it a shot.