Top 5 One click Rooting apps for android without pc

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Top 5 One click Rooting apps for android without pc

Posted by Samba Siva
Rooting is the word which we hear when we are looking for some extraordinary apps. Root apps won't work on normal devices. Because they need root permissions. Everyone don't know what is rooting. So they google it and finally search for some "one click rooting apps for android". Some people have a pc, they can easily root their device. But some users don't have pc, So it is difficult to root those devices. Now we will see what is rooting.

what is rooting

Rooting is a process to break the limitations of your android. The manufacturer of your device will place some limitations. Because, some users don't know more about android. If there are no limits, they will surely try to install a new rom ( if they failed, device will be bricked or any other things might happen ). So removing these limits is called rooting. Manual rooting is a very tough way. It is used by professionals. It is guaranteed way to root any abdroid. But requires alot of commands. So here we made a list of Top 5 one click rooting apps for android. These apps don't requires pc.


Framaroot is a very good one click root app. It supports alot of devices. It has more than 4 exploits to root your device. Some low end devices may not be compatible with Framaroot. It is a very safe way to root devices. Even incompatible devices won't bricked for using this app. It don't need internet to root. I successfully rooted my micromax mobile using framaroot. Download Framaroot or check supported devices list. This is not developed by me. Credits goes to the xda developer:


Iroot is a very popular rooting app. It is now officially launched for android. Before it is launched for android, we must require a pc to root android device. This tool offers many other tools like speed up, battery saver, system app remover etc. All you need is just Iroot apk and a working internet connection. Because Iroot requires internet to root androud devices. This app supports many devices. This is a best and fastest growing one click rooting app for android.

Root master

Root master is a Chinese application which can root many popular and low end devices. It also requires an internet connection to root any android device. The language is very difficult for us especially if you are an INDIAN or USA person. But this is also one click rooting app. To root your device, you just need to open tge app and click on mulai root and again a pop up appear and contain a root button. Just click on it and your phone will be rebooted. Hey you successfully rooted your android device.

towel root

Towel root is a very good one click rooting app for android. This is very good for rooting Samsung devices. The above apps may fail to root Samsung devices. But towel root gives a guaranteed rooting solution for your android. Just you need towel root app and a android device with working internet connection. Open the app and click on Make it ra1n. Then your are done. your phone will be rooted. Use this app if you are failed with framaroot.


Many people will be confused with this app. They download kingroot which is a good app. But not as good as kingroot. Kingroot is launched for PC. Now it is officially launched for android. It is one click rooting app for android. This app also need internet connection to root. Kingoroot provides a alternative app for superuser. The app is kinguser which is officially developed by kingoroot. With this final app, the list is over.

Pre- Requirements

1. Please charge your phone fully before rooting. If your device switched off during the process of rooting. It will make your phone bricked permanently.

2. Make sure you have an working internet connection. Because some apps listed above requires internet to root any android device. Some apps use cloud root to provide guaranteed rooting solution for your android phone.

3. Root your device only, if you know what are you doing. Sone people try to root their devices, but they don't know what they are doing.


1. Rooting your device will void warranty. So you must leave the warranty, if you want to break the limits ( root the device ).

2. Rooting your device in incorrect way can brick your phone. We are not responsible for bricking your device.


One click rooting apps for android will help you in rooting your phone without pc. Using the above apps, your phone would not bricked. First try all the above apps and if the apps not working for you. Then try to root your android with a pc. Do not root , if you don't know more about rooting. You can learn more about Android here on my friends blog GrabUpdates Have any doubts, ask me in comments