Top 5 Free Hosting Providers With Free Domain Name

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Top 5 Free Hosting Providers With Free Domain Name

Posted by Samba Siva
Hosting is the main thing in starting a blog or website. We call storage as hosting. Hosting is like cloud storage But having some support of PHP, MYSQL etc. Now a days hosting is not cheap. It is cheap for a big blogger, But beginners like me cannot pay for hosting. So we search for Free hosting providers. Free hosting is very good for beginners. It is not used for professional blog. Because it is having some limitations. First we will see what are the pros and cons of free hosting sites.



1. Free hosting sites are like free trail. Paid hosts won't give a free trail. So new bloggers use free hosts for some experience. New bloggers won't know how to maintain a wordpress blog. So they must try free hosting. After you got some experience in blogging, then get a paid host. So free hosting sites will give you some experience.

2. Some free hosts will offer you a free subdomain. Subdomains are not good for SEO. But we are not using free host for professional blog. This is just for trail. so free hosting sites will give you a free domain


1. Free hosting sites won't give unlimited storage and bandwidth. If your bandwidth or storage limit is exceeded, your website will crash or won't open. This is a major limitation of free hosting providers.

2. Free hosting sites will take advantage of your blog. They place some Ads in youd blog to make money. Those ads are not revelant for your blog. if any visitor visited your blog, Ads are annoying and your visitor left your blog. So now we will see Top 5 free hosting providers with free domain.


Blogger is a Blogging platform which is powered by the gaint search engine google. Google is the creator of blogger and they love blogger blogs in search engine. We all know that blogger is a free blogging platform. You don't need to pay single penny for your blog. Blogger give you enough hosting and a free domain name like :

This is not a professional domain name. But you can add a custom domain for your blog to make it professional. Blogger launched many advanced SEO optimization settings to rank higher in search engines. Beginners can use blogger as their blogging platform.


Blogger is free for life

Blogger is now adding some advanced customizations to make it more better.

Blogger gives you a free domain name.

Blogger has also a large range of wonderful templates.

cons :

Blogger is not an Seo-friendly platform when compared to wordpress.

Free domain of blogspot is not good for social media

You cannot build backlinks fast. Because no one likes to give a backlink for free blog.


 Free hosting providers
Awardspace is a very good free hosting provider with good support. They also provide a free domain name which is short. They provide 1 GB of disk space and 5 GB of traffic ( bandwidth). You can install more than 10 scripts like WordPress, joomla etc. The Cpanel ofAwardspace is very good and easy. They also offer paid hosting with a free domain for life. If you are satisfied with free hosting go with paid hosting.

1 GB Disk Space
5 GB Traffic
1 Domain Hosting
3 Subdomains
1 MySQL (v.5) Database
100% NO ADS
Joomla & Wordpress Installer
1 Email(IMAP, POP3), Webmail
Email Sending (SMTP ON) is a very popular free hosting site having good trust rate. This is a must try hosting site. They provide a free domain name like This is a very short and sweet domain name. They offer 1 GB of disk space and 5 gb of traffic. They also support FTP. They also have a script installer to install popular scripts like WordPress. They also have an affiliate program.

1000 MB of web space
5000 MB of data transfer
1 POP3/ SMTP, Webmail
FTP Access, File Manager
PHP 4/5 , MySQL 5 , CGI, etc.
Easy Control Panel ( demo )
FREE Domains at .co .nf
FREE Blog & Site Builder
FREE Web Hosting No Ads
FREE Instant Account Activation


 Free hosting sites 
000webhost is another popular free hsot with thousands of users. This list won't be completed without this wonderful feee hosting provider. They also provide a free domain name. They offer 1500 MB of disk space and 100 gb of traffic per month. Their script installer is broken which is a major defect in 000webhost. We are very happy with this host and we liked it. I recommend you to go with them, if you want to try WordPress or any other self hosted blog.


1. Good amount of traffic

2. Own Cpanel

3. You can host your own domain

4. Support is good


1. Broken script installer: Beginners cannot install WordPress manually. Installing WordPress manually is a tough task fof beginners. So this is a major defect for 000webhost.

 frse hosting with domain name
This is another free host which is very decent in features. You can host your own domain name by using their Nameservers. They provide a free domain name. They offer 20 gb of disk space and 200 gb bandwidth. Cpanel is very good and latest. No ads will be placed in your blog. This is very good free hosting site.

20 GB space
200 GB traffic
3 PHP Versions
Free Site Builder
POP3 Email Account
Host Your Own Domain
Free URL like
No Forced Ads


Free hosting providers are very good for beginners. If you want to do a experiment with WordPress blog. Just install it using the above free hosts. We cannot experiment on our main blog. If anything goes wrong, our blog will be affected. If you like the content subscribe for us and get latest updates.

We recommend some paid hosting like Dreamhost. Dreamhost is a good hosting site with many features. They provide a free domain name like .com and .org etc. Dreamhost is hosting since 1997. Join now and get $50 discount in hosting. dreamhost affiliate