Infolinks Review: Legit or Scam, Rates, Infolinks vs Adsense

Monday, 4 April 2016

Infolinks Review: Legit or Scam, Rates, Infolinks vs Adsense

Posted by Samba Siva
infolinks review

Infolinks is he best text basd ad network. it is used by thousands of publishers. many ad networks like clicksor, kontera wanted to beat infolinks.I am also using infolinks in my blog and writing this infolinks review. this is the legit and one of the old ad network.this is the text based ad network and one of the best adsense we will see the infolinks review, about their payments, approval process, ad formats, compatibility etc.

Minimum requirements


1. Infolinks target traffic. Blogs need more traffic before they get an approval from them. Blogs need a minimum of 5,00,000 of traffic to get an approval from infolinks

2. Blog must bs original. If the blog has copied content they won't approve them. Infolinks respect the copyright

3. Blog posts must be written in a good language. Posts must be high quality having no more grammar mistakes.

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Ad Formats

infolinks offer cpc cpm. they have many ad formats like:

1. intext : intext ads are text ads. these are not banners.they don't need space. these ads are double underlined. for example, If you write about Top ad networks. A specific keyword will automatically turn green or any other colour based on your customization. If any one dragged the mouse into the intexr ad. An ad like popup will appear. If he clicked on it. You will make more money.

In tag Ads : In Tag ads are also text ads. A bunch of keywords appear below every post. Users will be attracted towards these ads. For example, If you write about facebook, Relative keywords appear below the post. Those keywords are ads. Th is format attract the visitors resulting more clicks.

In-fold ads:

A banner will appear below the screen when a visitor visited your blog. This is depend upon the search engine. A visitor searched for facebook and landed upon your website. A facebook ad will appear below the screen. These are the popular ad formats of infolinks.

Compatible with adsense


Infolinks is the perfect ad network to use with adsense. Adsense and infolinks gave a conclusion on it. Infolinks officially said that infolinks is compatible with adsense. Some ad networks disturb adsense, so you will get banned. Many bloggers done this mistake and get banned. My friend used an new ad network with adsense. He is banned from adsense. So infolinks is not like that one. You can freely use any ad format of infolinks along with adsense.

Minimum payout


The minimum payout of infolinks is not correct. They pay according to the payment method. They have very low payout with paypal and very high ( not very high, but high in all payment methods given by infolinks ) is bank transfer. The minimum payouts are:

Bank Wire Transfer – $25

PayPal – U.S bloggers or residents is $1 and outside of U.S is up to $10

e check: upto 6$

Western Union – $15

Payoneer – No fees



Support of infolinks is a very good. They respond to every question. They treat both publishers and advertisers equally. They give enough support. I tried it on my own. I have asked a question and they responded to the question in 16 hours. So I recommed this network for small bloggers who don't know more about ad networks. Support Of infolinks is very good.



Installation is very easy, if your blog is self-hosted WordPress blog. Because infolinks officially launched an plugin for WordPress. They provide an plugin in the installation dashboard. Download and upload the template and you are set. That plugin contains your publisher ID. Otherwise download and install the pluhin manually from WordPress store. Enter the Publishers ID. You are set. The installation of infolinks is very easy even you use blogspot. It requires some template editing. So infolinks is very good in installation.

Infolinks vs Adsense


Adsense and infolinks are big ad networks

Both networks won't give an easy approval

Minimum payout of infolinks is good and low when compared to the adsense

infolinks offer more ad formats when compared to adsense

Rates of infolinks is low when compared to adsense

Terms of infolinks is good and easy whrn compared to the terms of adsense. Infolinks won't ban users as fast as adsense

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Infolinks review is asked by many visitors. Infolinks is a very good ad network. It is old and paying since 2004. Small bloggers cannot use this. Because it is very big ad network like adsense. Every blogger must try infolinks on their blogs. If you have any queries, just ask me using the comments. Thank you