How To Find Dofollow Blogs, Forums and .edu and .gov sites for backlinks

Friday, 8 April 2016

How To Find Dofollow Blogs, Forums and .edu and .gov sites for backlinks

Posted by Samba Siva

Dofollow blogs are the gold mine for bloggers who need backlinks. Building backlinks improve the seo, improve alexa, page rank and more. So dofollow blogs will give a backlink for just commenting. This is very easy way. But it is a time taking task to find dofollow blogs, forums and .gov and .edu sites. So we look for some tools. Here dropmylink is the best tool for finding these blogs. Recently, My friend asked me how to find dofollow blogs. So I am writing this dropmylink review. This is a very simple tool for bloggers. so let's see

what is dropmylink

Dropmylink is a very good tool for finding blogs which give us backlinks for commenting. This tool is not only designed for these task. You can also find Dofollow forums. This is a very powerful tool for small bloggers. This is not a spam or black hat SEO method. This is completely legal and you won't banned from search engines. But be careful, because google panda and penguin updates can catch you. These two updates are about backlinks. If you have a backlink from unrelated website, you are over. Google will surely ban you. So be careful and only comment on related blogs. Now we will see " How to find dofollow blogs, forums and .edu and .gov sites".

Which blogs can be found by dropmylink

.edu Blogs and .gov Blogs: Google loves backlinks from these domains. Because they have a very high domain authority.

CommentLuv Premium Blogs:
Commentluv is a great plugin to get backlinks by commenting. It is only the plugin for backlinks.

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Do Follow Comment Blogs:
Dofollow blogs are the one which gives backlinks. Bloggers won't enable this feature, because bloggers are always selfish when it comes to backlinks. But Dropmylink will help you in finding these blogs.

KeywordLuv Blogs: you can also get the list of keywordLuv enabled blogs using this wonderful tool.

Intense Debate Blogs: Intensedebate is also lauched by commentluv. This plugin is also commentluv but It is for blogger blogs.

So As per the title, you can find Dofollow blogs, forums and .edu and .gov sites.

How to Use dropmylink

1. Go to

2. Signup for an account and verify the email.

3. Login with your account.

4. Type the keyword related to your blog amd select which blogs you need like Commentluv, Intensedebate, keywordluv etc.

5. Click on search

6.A new tab will appear and search results will be displayed according to your keyword.

7. Go to a blog, Read the post, Comment and you are done.


In this way, you can find dofollow blogs forums and .edu and .gov sites. This tool is very good for backlinks. Beginners can use this tool to build some backlinks. Hope you enjoyed the post, subscribe to get latest updates