How To Add Adsense Ads In Blogger/Blogspot Blog Without Editing Template

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

How To Add Adsense Ads In Blogger/Blogspot Blog Without Editing Template

Posted by Samba Siva
 Every blogger loves adsense. Because it is high paying in the industry. We already talked about getting an adsense approval for small blog. This is the time to learn How to add Adsense ads in blogger blogs. Adsense has very easy UI which is best for beginners. But beginners will be confused with adsense. So we written this article for beginners. Now let's see the article.

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 Add Adsense in blogger blogs

we written 3 ways to add Adsense ad code in your blog. These 3 ways are very easy and you can add Adsense code in 1 minute using this article.

1. Using the adsense tab

 Blogger blogs admin panel have an inbuilt adsense tab. Because blogspot is a hosted partner of Google Adsense. Bloggers can easily place adsense ads using this tab. To add Adsense using this tab follow this tutorial:

1. Go to

2. Go to earnings tab

Add Adsense Ads in Blogger

3. If you are already got an adsense approval, just seletct ads position. Select place ads in posts and sidebar. If you won't applied for adsense, apply using these tips to get approval from Adsense.

Using layout:

Blogger offers a layout tab in which you can add many gadgets in your blogger blog. There is also a Adsense gadget in layout. We use that gadget to add Adsense in blogger blog.

1. Go to

2. Go to layout tab

3. Select the ad place ( i recommend sidebar). Click on edit

4. Select the Adsense gadget. This gadget is located in the first position.

5. customize the colours and sizes and click save. We recommend you to select the automatic size. Automatic ads are responsive, You can get more clicks from mobile visitors also. Select automatic colours. If colours are not matching to your blog template, You won't get any click.

6. You successfully placed Adsense ads in blogger blogs.


1. Go to layout tab

2. Select blog posts and click on edit

Add Adsense Ads in Blogspot

3. Select Show ads between posts. This will add adsense ads in blogger posts resulting more clicks. Because adsense ads are highly keyword targeted. For example, If you written about SEO, SEO ads will appear between the post and visitor will attracted towards the ad. This is very easy way to add Adsense ads in blogger blog


1. Go to and login with your account.

2. copy the ad code using my ads section or create an ad unit by visiting my ads tab.

Creating an Ad unit:

1. Go to Adsense dashboard and go to my ads tab.

2. Click on create new ad .

3. Do not edit anything, because Adsense ads are already optimized for blogs. Adsense offers responsive ads which is suitable for many blogs. Edit colours if you want and click on save.

3. Adsense will give you a piece of Html code. Copy the code

Adding adsense code :

1. go to

2. Go to Layout tab

3. Click on add new gadget

4. Select Html/JavaScript gadget

5. Paste the Ad code in the box and give it a name like on save

6. Click on save arrangement and visit your blog once to test ads. Do not click an ad for testing. Because it result you a permanent ban from Adsense.


Adsense is a very good network. Beginners will be confused with adsense Ad code. They don't know how to add Adsense ads in blogger. They think that they must need template editing. All the above ways are safe, They won't give you a template error. Thank you for visiting our blog and subscribe for us to get latest updates