review: legit or scam

Tuesday, 15 March 2016 review: legit or scam

Posted by Samba Siva
Link sharing is a very good way to start making money online. But everybody must be aware of scam sites. Because scams and cheats are more in internet. They take the details of your credit card and then BOOM. All link sharing websites are not scam. Some of them are real. First we will see review and conclude the website as a scam or real. But now we will learn more about link sharing

link sharing

Link sharing is a very good way to make money without a blog. Link sharing pays you for sharing links and getting visitos. The above website is also the same. The process of link sharing is so simple. Link sharing sites have advertisers and when you share a link, the link is converted into ad link with a skip button. The ad appears when a visitor click on the link and visitor will skip the ad and reach the destination. Now we will see review: legit or scam review

1. The rates of is so high. Even we don't get that rates for adsense. They pay $5 for sharing a link.

2. The site is so new. We cannot believe new as they may turn into scan websites.

3. The minimum payout is $100 which is hard to reach. Even we reach the minimum payout they won't allow us to payout the money.

conclusion review finally concluded one thing. This is a scam site. Stay away from this site.