Minimum Requirements To Get Buysellads Approval In 2017

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Minimum Requirements To Get Buysellads Approval In 2017

Posted by Samba Siva
Want to know, What are the minimum requirements to get Buysellads approval ?

 Wanna sell your ad space directly, without any ad network, who takes some money from your monthly income ?

 In this blog post, we are going to write a review on the best direct ad network, BuysellAds. Let's see.

BuysellAds requirements

Direct ad selling is one of the most used and very good ways to monetize a blog. With Direct advertising, Bloggers can get huge amount by fixing a contract with advertiser and selling the ad space in the blog. Bloggers will place an advertise page in their blog. When an advertiser visited your blog and watched the advertise with us page. He will contact you, But it is a very rare thing. In this way, only big blogs can make money. Small bloggera cannot make money by using this way. So buysellads will help us. But every blogger won't get an approval. Because, there are many requirements for Buysellads approval . First we will learn more about buysellads

what is buysellads

Buysellads is a direct advertising network. It is an alternative for Advertise with us page. First, bloggers sign up for this network. They approve blog and then you can fix own rates. For example, you want to sell sidebar ad space. So you will demand $1- $1000 depending upon the blog traffic. But small blogs cannot use this method. When an advertiser visited the page in buysellads, They will contact you. They will pay the amount and you place ths ad code in your blog. Now we will see how to get buysellads approval to make money.

BuysellAds requirements


Quality is the first and foremost necessity for a blog. High quality ad networks will give first preference to the high quality blogs. Adsense also loves quality blogs. quality is not only depends upon content. It also has many other aspects. Buysellads review all blogs manually. That means, a human review your blog. So quality gives a good impression to the ad network employee. So to get approved by buysellads, Bloggers must concentrate on quality.


Traffic is the main important thing in blogging. Traffic is needed for blog to get approved by any ad network. Even though there are some networks, who give out instant approval like Popads,Traffic is needed to make money using ads. It is a main policy, because advertisers want to promote their product. To promote a product, visitors are must have. Visitors will watch the ad and if they are intrested they will click on it and buy the product. In this way, advertisers will select a blog with good traffic to advertise. Buysellads also offers cpm for publishers. You can set $1-$10 cpm. More visitors=more cpm=more money. So traffic is the main Buysellads requirement and to get buysellads approval.


backlinks reveals the authority of a blog. Backlinks are must have to make money using direct ads. Buysellads will review backlinks of your blog and decide to approve or reject it. Backlinks also gives page rank which tells about the authority and quality of a website. Backlinks plays an important role in buysellads.

Top level domain name

If you are also blogging on a free .blogspot domain, you are not eligible for buysellads. Buysellads won't allow free domains. So you must apply with a top level domain name for buysellads. Top level domain's like .com, .org, .in will increase the chances of getting approved by buysellads. Top level domain is must have to get buysellads approval and one of the main BuysellAds requirements


language plays an important role in buysellads. Buysellads only approve English blogs. If you are using any other language, buysellads won't approve your blog. Language also plays an important role in buysellads

No Objectionable content

Buysellads won't approve pornographic blogs. They also won't approve illegal and drugs blogs. Because it is a very big risk in advertising with such a type if blogs. To get buysellads approval, avoid these type of content in your blog


Buysellads is a very good way to sell ad space. Use the above tips and enjoy. Buysellads requirements are not so large. They are small, but for small blogers, they are large. Never think about getting rejected, If rejected, try again and again and learn from your mistakes.
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