How to get adsense approval for small blogs: updated 2016

Monday, 14 March 2016

How to get adsense approval for small blogs: updated 2016

Posted by Samba Siva
get adsense approval for small blogs
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Every blogger must hear a word called adsense especially if the blogger searching to make money. Blogging is a great way to make money. Everyone cannot make money. Only some bloggers make money from their blog. Every blogger must give first priority to adsense. But small bloggers won't get an approval for adsense. First we will see about adsense, then about how to adsense approval for small blogs.

what is Adsense

Adsense is the largest ad network of all. It provide highest rates in the industry. The cpc ( cost per click ) of adsense is very high. Even adsense pay $50 per click for some high paying keywords. But finding them is hard. Google is the company behind adsense. Adsense is owned by google. But they have some strict rules which publishers afraid of. Adsense ban any account for invalid activity such as fraud clicks. So bloggers must be so careful while using adsense. Small blogs won't get approved by adsense. So a blig must have some popularity and quality to make money using adsense. Now we will see how to get an adsense approval for small blogs

how to get adsense approval

1. quality content


Google Gives priority to quality not for quantity. The best example for this is some blogs have more than 150 posts, but they won't get approved whereas small blogs which contain 5-10 posts are getting approved. So you must understand that quality matters here on adsense. Every blog must have 5-10 quality posts which are lengthy ( more than 800 words) . So every blog must have some quality content to get approved by adsense

An About us & privacy policy page

About us page will notify adsense that the blog owner is real. So every blogger must add an about us page. That page must contain necessary information about the blog and the blog admin. Secondly, a privacy policy page. It will notify google that the blogger is giving privacy to the visitors. The privacy policy must contain the information about adsense. These two pages make a blog look like professional. So bloggers must add an about page and privacy policy page to get an adsense approval for small blog.


This is not an important factor for the adsense. But traffic is needed to make money from it. At the same time I will recommend you to apply for adsense after you got some traffic. This will improve the chances to get approved by adsense. My survey and experiment concluded that a blog doesn't need traffic to get an adsense approval. But traffic is needed to make money from adsense

domain age

Indian blogs must be active for 6 months. This will give adsense a clarity that the admin is real and passionate. There are many spammers who try to cheat google by uploading 1-10 posts and apply for adsense. So google taken this seriously and made domain age an important thing. Every blogger blog must need 6 months of domain age to get an adsense approval for small or big blog. This is not applicable pn non-host adsense accounts

good domain

your blog must be on a .com, .net, .org etc to get approved by adsense. Subdomains like .blogspot will not be approved. Yes they will be approved, but adsense approves .blogspot domain very rarely. so getting a custom domain is needed before applying for adsense. this is also an important factor to get adsense approval


We got an adsense approval by using the above techniques. So I strongly recommend you to start writing quality content and get approved by adsense. Thanks and comment if you have any doubts