5 ways to build high quality backlinks fast

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

5 ways to build high quality backlinks fast

Posted by Samba Siva
Build high quality backlinks

Backlinks are the main and tough task in seo. It is in the division of " off-page seo". Backlinks are very necessary to rank higher. Building backlinks is never easy. So bloggers must be patient while building backlinks. Google takes care of backlinks, so some updates are provided by google. Google rewards quality. So bloggers must build high quality backlinks. Even big ad networks like Buysellads review your blog's backlinks to approve it. As building backlinks is not easy, Bloggers will think to buy them. But buying links will affect the position of your blog in search engines and may penalize your blog. First we will see What are backlinks. Then jump to the main article.

 what are backlinks

Backlinks are the incoming links to a website. A backlink will be generated when a blog link to another blog. There are many ways to build backlinks. But all of them are not recommended. Backlinks are now an important aspect in ranking higher. Backlinks decide the blog authority and many things. Website worth can also may be increased with the help of backlinks. Now we will see " 5 ways to build high quality backlinks for your blog".

 build high quality backlinks

Guest posting

This is a very old way to build backlinks. Google said that guest posts are died, But gueat posting will never die. This is a very easy way to build backlinks fast. Because guest posts can be easily approved, If the post is in high quality. It take some time to write a quality blog post. But once post is published, We can get many backlinks for our site. But write posts only on blogs which have high page rank, domain authority, popularity eyc. Some blog ownera won't allow backlinks, so you must read all the guidlines before contributing an article for a blog. In this way, bloggers can build high quality backlinks.

 Broken link building

Broken link building is a very tough task. it takes alot and alot of time. Because now all bloggers are so active, So finding 404 pages on blogs is so tough. But if you found any blog with 404 error, you can get backlink. Make sure it is revelant to your blog. First find a 404 page and then write the same post in your blog. For example, you found a 404 page containing the name " build high quality backlinks". So you will have to write an article about that in your blog and notify the admin of the blog. Also ask to give you backlink. Many bloggers give backlinks. So using this very old way, we can build backlinks for our blogs.

 Blog commenting

build natural quality backlinks
Blog commenting is a very easy way to build backlinks. Some blogs have commentluv plugin enabled on their blogs. We will have to comment on those blogs. Commentluv blogs give backlinks for commenting. After the comment approved by the admin, The comment you written contain the link of your blog's last post. But this also includes spam, Never comment for backlinks. Comment naturally and build backlinks naturally. By usimg the method of blog commenting, we can build high quality backlinks.

 Blog directories

Blog directories are used in building backlinks. But it takes more and more time. Some websites also ask money to list your blog in their directory. Submitting your blog manually requires alot of patience. What I recommend is always submit your blog for free. Don't pay for listing. Somebody tell that submitting your blog to directories is waste of time, But not. It takes some time, but you can build high quality backlinks


Forums are the best way to drive traffic for a blog. Forums backlinks are good for seo. Every forum won't give backlinks. Some forums are dofollow and some are nofollow. At the same time, some forums won't support signatures. So building backlinks from those is tough. First answer many questions. Then post a new forum and include the blog link in forum. But forum must be natural. Then you can get backlinks. Anyway, Blogger can build high quality backlinks using forums.


Backlinks are the best way to increase page rank, Domain Authority and better indexing of your blog. Building backlinks is a tough task. So you can take the help of above things and build high quality backlinks for your blog. If you know some more ways to build backlinks, please comment and notify us.