ATB blogger template download-most responsive template

Saturday, 19 March 2016

ATB blogger template download-most responsive template

Posted by Samba Siva
ATB template is the most responsive template for blogger It is founded by the alltechbuzz admin ( imran uddin). He provided this template for free, when he is moving from blogger to WordPress. This is a valuable template for small bloggers. This is worth of some dollars, but imran gave this template for small bloggers like me. This website is also using ATB template. Templates will give good impression on our blogs. Now we will see AllTechBuzz blogger template download

why use AllTechBuzz blogger template

1. AllTechBuzz is the most responsive blogger template which is used by many bloggers who are using blogger as their blogging platform.

2. Responsive ads by adsense will increase cpc rates of adsense. Responsive templates will make the Adsense ads more responsive, resulting more clicks.

3. It is seo optimized, By default blogspot is not so SEO optimized when compared to other CMS like WordPress. This template will make your blog more seo -friendly.

4. It will show related posts below every posts. this will make easier to navigate your site. It will increase the traffic of your site.

5. It has a contact form in footer. It will make easier to contact you. This will also hide your mail adress from spammers.

6. It has an about the admin widget below every post. Now a days bloggers must need some popularity. So this widget will make you so popular by displaying about you and displaying an image of the bloggers below every post

7. Ads ready: This template is optimized for adsense. It will increase the rates of adsense. Some templates are not optimized, so they won't get clicks from mobile devices.

Now we will review ATB blogger template download

ATB blogger template download