How to Add Commentluv plugin In Blogger Blogspot

Thursday, 24 March 2016

How to Add Commentluv plugin In Blogger Blogspot

Posted by Samba Siva

add commentluv plugin in blogger blogspot
Commenting is the best way to build backlinks. Everyone knows that Every blog cannot give backlinks. The give, but they give nofollow backlinks which have no value in search engines. Bloggers need dofollow backlinks to get page rank. Bloggers who need more comments must add commentluv plugin to their blogs. Really, commentluv is created for better WordPress commenting system. It is also officially launched for blogger. We all know that default blogspot commenting system is not fine. It is not optimized for mobiles. So mobile users cannot comment on your blog. Now we will see how to add commentluv plugin in blogger blogspot and remove the hell lot blogger commenting system.

pros of commentluv

1. Commentluv is a great plugin to attract more commentars. We will get tons and tons of comments, if our blog has a good page rank and domain authority. There are many guys like me, i am the best example for blog commenting. To get some backlinks, i will start commenting on blogs

2. Commentluv also provides a subscribe to comment widget. Some bloggers subscribe for your blog. So you can get many subscribers. More subscribers means more popularity and traffic.

3. Commentluv also provides social sharing buttons. With the help of these modern buttons, Visitors can easily share your posts.

4. Commentars ask many doubts. so you can get many new ideas to write. For example a visitor asked Which is the best commenting system . Then you write about it.

cons of commentluv

1. Many spammers would try to cheat you. They spam your blog by writing words like Nice post and Good post. Those spammers try to link your blog with a worst blog. So your blog will be affected for linking to low quality blogs.

2. Commentluv is not an optimized plugin for mobiles. When I added commentluv to this blog. I tested in mobile device. Commentluv checkbox is not visible. So I understood that commentluv is not optimized for mobile devices. So mobile users will be irritated when commenting.

why commentluv

The default blogger commenting system is not an optimized one. Mobile device users cannot comment on your blog. So we need to optimize it. We all use alternatives. So we must use an blogger commenting alternative. There are many third-party commenting systems. Commentluv is also a third party commenting system. It is developed by Automattic. It is a top plugin which is used by many blogs. Bloggers can give some link juice to his commentars by using this plugin. In WordPress, we will just install plugin and done. But blogger need some html editing. Do not worry. it is legal and officially launched by intense debate. The official site of commentluv is intense debate. Now we will see how to add commentluv plugin in blogger blogspot

Add commentluv plugin in blogger

add commentluv plugin in blogger blogspot
1. Go to intense

2. sign up or login with your account. Bloggers must sign up with WordPress to use many services like Gravatar.

3. Now go to

4. go to template and backup the template.

add a blog in intense debate
5. Again go to intense debate and click on Add a blog/site

write url of blog

6. Then write the url of your blog and click on next.

select blogger
7. Then select the platform. My blogging platform is blogger. As this tutorial is for blogger, select blogger.

upload the blogger template
 then upload the template (we already downloaded template in step 4). click on next

8. Then intense debate will give you some code. Copy the code and Be sure you copied full code. If any small code is missing blogger would not accept it.

9. Go to and go to template section

10. Then click on edit html and select all the code and click on paste. Then click on save template. If there are no errors, you are successful. If there are any errors, you missed something. so review all the steps.

11. then click on customize these in intense debate

activate commentluv
12. click on activate in commentluv. there are many other plugins like Add this, commentluv etc. Now there is no HTML editing. you can just add plugins from intense debate

13. then you are done


Using the above way, you can add commentluv plugin in blogger blogspot. After installing this plugin, your blog get many comments. But they are not visible in your blogger admin panel. So you must regularly check the comments, by logging into intense debate. It has many other plugins which make your blogger blog very good. So I hope you enjoyed this article and thank you