5 Ways To Seo Optimize Blogger ( Blogspot ) Posts

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

5 Ways To Seo Optimize Blogger ( Blogspot ) Posts

Posted by Samba Siva
Many bloggers have good writing skills. Some of them have talent but they don't have good writing skills. But now in blogging content is not the king. Even you have good writing skills, You must seo optimize your post to rank higher with blogger blog.So You must improve the seo of blogger blog. Seo is not an easy task, you must spend some time on seo. So Not wasting a single second we will see 5 easy ways to Seo optimize Blogger Posts. But one thing now " content is not the king" instead quality seo content is the king. Good writing skills is not enough for search engines, quality seo content is enough for search engines. While writing a post, you must optimize your blog post seo. In WordPress, bloggers can take the help of seo plugins like yoast seo, All in one seo. But blogger don't have plugins. So we must do seo tasks on our own work. Now we will see the article.

1. Finding long tail keywords

  Seo optimize Blogger Posts
Keyword research example: rank higher with blogger blog

Keyword research is the beginning of a blog post. Every blogger recommend to do some keyword research before writing a post. It is not an easy task to find long-tail seo optimized keywords. So bloggers must spend some time ( more than 15 min ) . I recommend you to select more than one keyword. If you target only one keyword, your blog only appears when a visitor searched for the same keyword in search engines. So selecting more than one keyword will improve the seo of blogger blog and increase the chances to rank higher. So before writing a post, I highly recommend to do keyword research. Suggest read : Semrush Review

2. optimize post titles

rank higher with blogger blog

Titles play a important role in seo. Titles can change positions of posts in search engines. For example there are two bloggers named A and B. They both used same keyword, same seo strategies, blogs with equal popularity and seo optimization. A optimized post title but B not optimized his post title. Two posts are indexed by google. A ranks higher than B. Because A optimized his blog post title. In that way we can improve the seo of titles in blogger Selected keyword must be placed in post title or at the beginning of title. Suggest read : How to seo optimize titles in blogger

3 . Keyword density

After selected a long-tail keyword, it is the time to write a post. But always remember to repeat the keyword in content. The number of times you repeated the keyword is called keyword density. For example, In 100 word article only repeat the keyword for 2 times. If you repeated the keyword more than 4 times, you will be penalized for over stuffing keywords in the post. So after writing the post, use a keyword density checker tool and check the keyword density. It is very important thing to seo optimize blogger posts

4. post length

Length is very important aspect in ranking. I have observed that small length posts won't rank higher. The blogs visible in first page of google, must include mode than 800 words. The advantage of writing lengthy posts is ranking. Lengthy posts is very important to improve the seo. By writing lengthy posts, you can easily Seo optimize blogger posts This is very important. Even in some blogs, they recommend writers to write lengthy articles. So writing lengthy articles is very important in seo and it can increase rankings of your blog post in search engines. The best example for this would be bloggerspassion. It ranks very higher due to writing lenghty content. All posts in Bloggers passion are more than 2000 words.

  5. interlinking

interlinking will play a decent role in on-page seo optimization. Interlinking is a good way to navigate the blog. If you interlinked posts, visitors will also read them. So you can get more traffic to your blog. At the same time, It is very important to interlink the posts to improve seo. But I highly recommend interlink only when necessary. Unnecessary interlinking can decrease the rankings of your blog . So interlinking is necessary to prove what you are. Improve the navigation through Interlinking decrease your bounce rate. The best example for interlinking is none other than Wikipedia. Wiki is one of the competitor that cannot be beaten even in your dream. Because the interlinking strategy of wiki is the best. All the articles in Wikipedia ranks in the 1st page of Google.


These are the 5 ways to seo optimize blogger posts.Even we also use these tricks here in our website. We recommend you to start optimizing your posts to rank higher with blogger blog. Hope you enjoyed this article, please subscribe for us to get latest updates.